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Practical tips for shopping :
Where do I find what I want? On this page you will find shopping tips from our readers. If you come across an interesting shop or product, you can share the information on this page

Wool/yarn shops in Kalamata : Janet Robinson ( has info about 3 shops that sell yarn/wool
1. SKia Andr, is just off the bottom end of Aristomenous : if you are standing at the traffic lights on Aristomenous, imagine you would turn left to go to the train station. Turn around, so that your back is to the lights, take the next right, then left, the shop is about 2 doors up the street on the right hand side.
2. Anagnostara, at the top of Aristomenous, near the old town, in front of you is the roundabout, approach the roundabout with, March 23rd on your left hand side, the street is the next right, before the roundabout, the shop is on the left hand side, it also has haberdashery items in the window.THEOCHARIDOU KYRIAKI 59 Anagnostara Street, 241 00 Kalamata Messinia
3. Anaploti, If you come out of shop no. 2, turn left & walk down that street until you get to Anaploti, there is a haberdashery shop on the corner, next door is a wool shop. At the end of that street you are back on Aristomenous, the Alpha bank should then be in front of you. (September 2015)

Thrift shop :Unique,second hand-Xρ.κουμαντου 8 καλαματα - A good second-hand clothing shop has opened in Kalamata. Quality brands at very low prices. Address Xr. Koumantou 8, Tel: 698043 7422 ( Elias speaks good English) Opening hours: Mon,Wed, Sat 9:00-14:30 - Tue,Thu, Fri 9:00-14:30 and 17:00-21:00 Map UNIQUE,second hand 
Recommended by Ann Richardson (September 2015)

bread and more  available at local bazaars or to order. If you would like to be kept up to date about products and availability, contact Anne Sauer email:  Text: 6974 822 842  see current  HOMEMADE BREAD  (May 2015)

Gary’s ’Taste of home’ Gary can supply a wide range of food from sausages to pate, burghers to ham joints. Deliveries to Stoupa/Kardamyli every 2 weeks on a Friday. For a full list of products, or to order, email  or tel. 27210 58557, Mobile 6934337768. (March 2015)

Cheese factory/shop, Kambos (ΤΥΡΟΚΟΜΕΙΟ) : You can buy a range of cheeses direct from the factory on the main road just north of Kambos, by the PV farm. Some available in 1kg sealed packs which will keep. H MANH Kambos, POTIS KARAVITIS and sons Ltd Cheese from pasteurized goat’s milk 27210 71574 69590 75605 69758 59812 (January 2015)

In Vitro Veritas’ - Stained glass workshop : Sally-Anne Rich and Giannis Vereses have just opened a workshop in Kalamata, making stained glass/tiffany/vitro 69879 81174 . INVITROVERITAS (July 2014)


Replica Mani Towers - Paulos Loukas has recently started making beautiful replica Mani towers as ornamental garden lights. If you would like to know more, you can contact Sue Lilley at , or see examples of his work at his home in Vassilika village ( above Pantazi beach ). His mobile is +30 69473 28124 . MANI TOWERS (July2014)

Eco-friendly cleaning : The Austrian company ENJO’s ingenious, environmentally friendly products, facilitate life, promote health and well-being and save time and money’ . These products are not available in shops, but Olga Alepodakis ( FOX products ) now has a franchise and is offering ENJO’s products in W Mani. If you are interested to know more, contact Olga to arrange for a demonstration in your own home . 27210 77091 (January 2014) ENJOHellas

How to choose olive oil : The labelling of olive oil can be very confusing . For instance what does ’refined’ olive oil mean? Is ’Light’ olive oil better than ’virgin’ ? To help you understand the meaning of the various labels, an infogram has been produced, and Bläuel have added some additional explanatory notes. OLIVES TO OIL Bläuel notes (Note: you may need to download this PDF to get a good view) (August 2013)

English dry-cure back bacon, sausages, black puddings: John Morrall makes a range of traditional UK butchery products and now sometimes comes to the Fadderfriends monthly bazaars. . If you want to order or find out when/where you can get his products you can email (Mar 2015)

IRIDA - Handmade glass & Art shop : Giorgos and Anna are making beautiful things out of glass, much of it recycled, suitable for gifts or your home. Their shop is in Kardamili. 27210 73759 or 6948 512368.6977 629006 (20-9-14)

Home made sausages, spreads, bread and more are now available at local bazaars or to order. If you would like to be kept up to date about products and availability, contact Anne Sauer email: Text: 6974 822 842

Forever Living Aloe Vera Beauty & Health Range Take a look at the products on offer, including make up. Gift Boxes, wrapping paper & gift tags available with any purchase. The Health Supplements are natural & I haven’t as yet had anyone tell me that they don’t work, from Cardio support to diabetes to allergies. If you wish to contact me either email or telephone 27210 79099, you are also welcome to visit me at the Bazaar’s. Janet Robinson (10-12-12)

EM products available in Kalamata Naturam is the official representative of the original EM-Products of the Austrian company Multikraft . "With we have opened a portal where anyone can buy EM-Products online and find lots of information on how to use them." Company is based in Kalamata, located on Byron Street and Zip Code 24100 Socrates 27. The contact numbers are 27210 86029 27210 86140 fax You can also contact us via e-mail to the email address See Archive Feb12

LIN’S home madeJams and Pickles - All produce is produced and bottled in Neochori, and sold at local bazaars. Lin 27210 79148. For details of the products see LIN’S PRODUCTS (June 12)

Homemade Natural Mani Products from Olga Alepodaki (FOX products): Vinegar from grapes, scented with herbs: marmalade and jam from organic fruits from our garden: pure olive oil soap with natural herbs, fruits and spices: balsam oil: extra virgin olive oil bio: organically grown almonds : organically grown herbs - Also hand made clothes and accessories, sculptures and icons. You can see Olga’s products at local Bazaars or at her home in Dhriopi. Contact Olga on 27210 77091 , 6977673287 or 6944634406 (24-1-12)

Tim’s guide to IKEA : Tim Millea has just successfully bought a new kitchen at IKEA(Athens). In case you are thinking of making a major purchase from IKEA, that cannot be carried by one person in one go, as he did, he thought his experiences might be of interest. This will be especially useful for people who do not have their own transport. He explains how to make the most of the bus services and do the round trip in a day, although he arranged a night in Athens. TIM’S GUIDE TO IKEA His guide includes some useful links about hotels and transport. If you find his guide useful, he would very much like to hear from you ( January 2012 )

Exchanges at JUMBO : Goods can be exchanged or you can get a refund for things that are damaged or unsuitable BUT only on a Weds or Sat afternoon ! Details on the back of your receipt, which you will need! (17-8-11)

JAR KEY This useful gadget is ingenious and very effective for opening jars without damaging the lids. For anyone who has ever had trouble opening a jar, this would be very useful. The simplest design is Scandinavian and available on line. JAR KEY

HABERDASHERY 7 Kolokotroni, Kalamata Tel 27210 95685 All kinds of useful bits and pieces including ribbon, tape, loose buttons and sewing thread (Gutermann)

Renewable energy source available locally : There is a company in Kalamata which produces briquettes from olive kernels that can be used instead of wood either in a stove or in an open fireplace. The emission of carbon dioxyde is 30% less than from wood. They cost 110 € per 1000 kg. They also supply briquettes for barbeques If you want to know more about it, see the web page KLIMISCOAL.Telephone 27210-69454. Email:

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