November 2015 : For timetable of classes in the gym/fitness centre see SPORT FOR ALL

Classes: Pilates and Aerobics*2 €/hour : Fitness 1 €/hour     There is also a membership fee for the Cultural Association
* November 2013 - eligibility rules have changed. Contact Maria Hontzea for more information 6973236185

October 2012 : Since the spring, a great deal of work has been done. The windows and shutters on the main building (B) see below , have been replaced, the inside has been cleared out and re-decorated, a full width mirror has been installed for dance classes and they now have a lot of gym equipment for the fitness centre (4) . Soon they will be announcing a programme for fitness and dance lessons. The smaller building has been in use since refurbishment was completed in the spring. LINE DANCING  is held there every Wednesday and there are many old photographs of people in Neochori, lining the walls.

They are hoping to start dance classes on November 4th 2012. If you are interested in Greek (Advanced or beginners) or European-Latin, dance classes, contact 27210 73067 or 6973236185 or 6932805153 for more information. Cost will depend on the level of interest.


January 2012 : The Cultural Assoc of Neochori got permission to develop the old school buildings in Neochori as a cultural centre

We published outline ideas last August but below is the detailed plan for everyone to comment on.

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