Aqua Pil*aer UPDATE: Message from Zefie:- "I would like to thank everyone for supporting the sessions of aqua pil*aer on Kalogria beach. From 4th August, Tuesday and Thursday mornings are postponed for the rest of August. Watch out on Parea sti Mani for new sessions, which will begin again in September. For further information, or to arrange personal training sessions, please call me +0030 693 2280064 (4-8-16)

Zefie's Aqua :Last summer a number of people enjoyed Aqua•Pilaer (Pilates/aerobics in the sea) with Zefie. She is offering 'Aqua' again this year starting on Tuesday June 14th 2016. It will be at Kalogria same time (8:30-9:20am), same price (5€/person/h).
Please contact Zefie (69322 80064) if you are interested in joining the classes or email ( 9-6-16)
Zefie Kretsi was the European champion in discus throwing in her youth. She is also a qualified Physiotherapist, and holder of many certificates and qualifications. (For more about Zefie see Physiotherapy)

Έχουμε τη τύχη να φιλοξενούμε την πρωταθλήτρια Ευρώπης (δισκοβολία νέων) γυμνάστρια ,κάτοχο διπλώματος φυσιοθεραπείας, με πλήθος διακρίσεων και τίτλων Κυρία Ζέφη Κρέτση

Please contact Zefie (69322 80064) if you are interested in joining the classes

June  2016: Message from Zefie:-
It 's 20 € per month for members
of the Neochori Youth Centre , plus 5 €euros for non members. There is no restriction on how long or how many times per week or for which classes. You simply pay per month and you can use the fitness room as long as you want , or enjoy classes anytime, as many as you like.

New timetable for JUNE 2016 ONLY



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