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New members and visitors welcome : Stitch 'n Bitch in Mani 

 Note: During the winter, when Patriko is closed, the SnB group meets at Gregg's Plateia in Ag Nikolaos, same day, same time.
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May 2017 : Surprise visit from knitware designer Jean Moss.  Two years ago (see below) one of her knitting tours came to Kardamyli, and while they were here, visited Stitch 'n Bitch. Unfortunately, the tour came without Jean as she had just  been diagnosed with myeloma, and her world was turned upside down, as she fought for her life.  She has only recently recovered enough to want to travel, and the Mani is her first destination.

We were surprised and delighted to see her when she turned up with Philip on our first day back at Patriko. Her first design since her illness is her 'Oriel' hat, so named as it reminded people of a stained glass window.


April 2017 Members have been busy over the winter and boosted their charity fund with sales at several local bazaars. It is not only regular members who have been keeping our charity stall supplied , several visitors have also turned up with very welcome contributions. The group is also receiving contributions from an Albanian lady who makes many things, including beautiful slipper socks, made from recycled yarn.
September 2016: We inspire each other! One member intrigued by a knitted lion another member had made, persevered with the loopy stitch needed for the mane, and went on to make her own lions. But she did not stop there - she is making an ark load of soft toys for our charity stall! Another blanket has been completed, but this time it is being donated for local flood victims - many people suffered in the storms/floods of September 6th/7th

July 2016 : SnB will continue through the summer this year. Although for many, it is a bit warm for stitching, a few people are likely to found in the leafy shade of the Patriko garden, on Thursday mornings. Our charity work continues**, and if anyone wants to donate knitted squares (5"x5") for blankets or items to sell, they would be very welcome. A recent visitor came with a couple of crochet animals, one of which was sold  to one of the group, as soon as it arrived!

March 2016: Would you like a quality hand made blanket, made to YOUR specifications, at a bargain price? Members of SnB give their stitching time for charity, so the cost to you is only the materials + a little extra for the SnB charity fund. Soft toys in a range of sizes and species can also be made to order. However, we cannot give a guarantee when an item will be completed! Here are some examples of a blanket and soft toys ' Would you like one of these?


October 2015: Christmas is coming! Once again SnBers are busy making things for Xmas Bazaars, mainly to raise money for charity. Recently we have been able to give over 200€ 's worth of supplies plus 200€ to the SOS Children's Centre in Kalamata.  But not all our work is for charity. This delightful cot blanket was made for the new grandson of one of our members!  >>

June 2015 : More charity work from SnB: In May, as there was plenty of money in the kitty, the group bought 200 euros worth of supplies for the SOS Children’s Centre in Kalamata, as well as donating a range of children’s clothing and other knitted/crocheted items. We were also able to donate 4 colourful blankets to brighten up the Old People’s home in Gytheio. Two of the blankets had been donated to SnB, the other two made locally from squares made by many of our members. Pictures in the SnB Flickr album

May 7th 2015: Jean Moss Tour visit: - It was a glorious day when the group joined us for coffee, and many were happy to have the benefit of Patriko's leafy shade. It was a very informal gathering, just a chance for people to mingle and share their their experiences of knitting and life! We were delighted that designer Nancy Marchant came too. She shared her experience with us, and inspired several people with her beautiful brioche knitting - she assured us it is easier than it looks! See our SnB Flickr album. Her website has more information NANCY MARCHANT Click to enlarge>>>

April : We are back to our regular meetings at Patriko, hopefully sitting out in the sun most days! Visitors welcome to join us.

On May 7th - A Jean Moss Tour group, of 16 knitting enthusiasts, will be joining us for coffee before going on to 'Yesterday & Today' for lunch.

March 2015: Stitching of all kinds! While knitting and crocheting continue to be the main activities, we welcome stitchers of all kinds. Recently, inspired by a couple of enthusiasts, several people have started cross-stitch, with both printed patterns and the the more demanding counted cross-stitch. Steve Bowry was particularly pleased with his first completed picture. Also Sue Beattie showned us how to make 'new fabric from old' and make use of odds and ends of fabric and yarn.

STITCH and BITCH - 2014

November 28th: Cotton and polyamide thread offer : SnB had been given a large quantity of thread in a range of colours, small and bulk rolls, including some speckled (blue on white) flat thread. For an idea of what we have, see the pics. THREAD1 and THREAD2 We have more than we can use, so if you would like some, please contact Elaine B. - all we ask is a token donation to the SnB charity fund.

November 21st: Following an appeal from the SOS Children's Villages in Greece, the group decided to spend the money in the kittly immediately, and buy supplies for SOS. On November 18th, Elaine B and Sandra bought and delivered almost 200 euros worth of supplies to the centre in Kalamata. The funds were boosted by the 50€ donated by the visiting film crew, and a further 57€ raised from SnB sales at the bazaar on 15th.

October 19th 2014: Our reputation is spreading! In early October we had a visitor from the UK. who had who had read about out charity work and had been inspired to bring us two small blankets she had made. These, along with two more single blankets, and a knee blanket made by SnB, have been taken to the SoS Childrens' centre in Kalamata.

On October 16th, we had a visit from Jean Moss and Philip Mercer. They had contacted us earlier in the year, as they are arranging a knitters tour in Mani next May KNIT GREECE , and want to bring their group to our SnB gathering. Our members were very interested to meet Jean Moss who is one of Britain's leading knitwear designers, and has published a number of books on knitting.

Many of our members are now busy making things for Christmas, both for sale at local bazaars, and donation.
<< Lin has already produced a crop of Santas ! To get an idea of the range of products made see BAZAAR STALL photo


August 26th 2014: Some Stitchers have continued to work through summer, and two more of our unique single blankets** have been completed, one with blue edging, one with brown. As we have sufficient funds in the kitty, Elaine was able to give these blankets to the SOS Children's centre in Kalamata. And we still have enough items for a stall at the next AB4C bazaar on September 6th
** we can make blankets to order, of any size, so long as there is no time deadline!

June 7th 2014 - Stitch 'n Bitch in Mani now has this permanent sign on the wall outside Patriko, and Janet sent a contibution of 15 SnB poppies to the WW1 poppy appeal (see below) .

Stitch 'n Bitch in Mani, which gives a feeling of our gathering, and Stitch 'n Bitch products.

At the beginning of June, Elaine took more supplies to the SOS Children's Centre in Kalamata, which included a number of items made by members while they were in the UK. Another blanket has been sold, and a further 42.50 € was raised at the June Bazaar in Stoupa, so we have plenty of funds to keep us stitching!

Commemorate the start of WW1 by making poppies: Woman's Weekly is working with the Royal British Legion on a project to create commemorative wreaths."...we would love YOU to get involved by knitting or crocheting poppies - either by using your own pattern or those created especially by Tina our Techinical Knitting Editor KNIT OR CROCHET A POPPY. Once we have the knitted/crocheted poppies, we will then hold reader days in the spring and summer of 2014. On these days we would ask for help to make the wreaths which we hope to place on war memorials around the nation "

At S'n B we have some wool, if anyone would like to make a poppy, perhaps in memory of someone in your family, who died in WW1. Janet Robinson will be collecting poppies at Stitch 'n Bitch , or you can join us to make some If you are not in Mani, you can send your finished poppies with your name and address, as they do try to write to everyone, to Mary Bird, Head of Marketing, Woman's Weekly, IPC Media, 110 Southwark Street. London SE1 0SU. Please feel free to include a donation for The Royal British Legion

The story of how S'n'B got started in Mani - see STITCH 'N BITCH IN MANI 2012-3

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