Each winter season the Parea sti Mani plans a series of walks. These are escorted walks which enable newcomers to learn about some of the wonderful walking possibilities we have here. They are also an opportunity for people from all over the area to get together.

There were a number of photos from the walks in our old gallery, which gave the flavour of many of the walks. Unfortunately during the website crisis in March 2014, the gallery was closed down. The pictures were retrieved, but without details. You can see some of them in our new Flickr Album WALKS with PSM , but they are in no particular order. Brief notes on some of the walks are below.

........................................... PAREA STI MANI WALKS 2013-2014 .........................................

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Sunday, 23rd of February , 11 am, Meeting point: Tseria (Entrance); Circle walk round Tseria, easy; 2,5 h

Sunday, 23rd of March , 11 am, Meeting point: Stoupa (Culure Centre); Stoupa-Gonatsa-Stoupa; some parts are steep; 3 h

Sunday, 27th of April, 11 am, Meeting point: Prosilio (Platia), Circle walk round Prosilio; easy; 2,5 h - We had a wonderful walk on Sunday, about 20 walkers (from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Wales, Northern Ireland, England, Greece (!) and Germany), 4 dogs and no rain! Photos in the new Flickr Gallery -Walks 2014

Sunday, 25th of May , 11 am, Meeting point: Platsa (Platia); Platsa-Pigi-Platsa; some parts are steep; 3 h


Sunday, the 29th of September , 11 am, Square in Thalames

Sunday, the 27th of October , 11 am, Market in Areopolis

Sunday, the 29th of December , 11 am, Aggi's Bar in Ag. Nikolaos: The walk was a big success. Over 20 people started at Agi's Bar. We had wonderful rest with coffee and tea in the house of Maralyn and Bob. After the walk the group was sitting together at the sea in the sun back at Agi's Bar. The walkers came from the Netherlands, Germany, Northern Ireland, England and had a lot of fun

Wednesday, the 1st of January 2014 , 11 am, Aggi's Bar in Ag. Nikolaos : The walk on the 1st of January was only for 10 tough walkers. The small group started at Agi's Bar to Stoupa and back. We were very quick, but we could not avoid the rain during the last five minutes. Drying time was at Gregg's with coffee

.............................................. PAREA STI MANI WALKS 2012-2013 ................................................

Meeting_point_in_Kardamyli IMG_2330 lots_of_orange_trees
Pictures from last season's walks


Sunday, 27th of January
11am Start in Stoupa at the New Cultural Center. We walk through Stoupa and Lefktron up to Gonatsa and then back. It is a good road. Nearly 4 hours The rain was a threat during the Parea walk on the last Sunday in January. But as soon as we started to walk the sun came out and followed us the whole way. Because the roads up near Gonatsa had a lot of water we decided to change the route and we walked through Lefktron, Frigano and then back to Stoupa along the coast. 2 hours, 9 walkers and 3 dogs. Because the sun was so nice we decided to go to Agis bar in Ag Nikoalos for a drink after the walk. A wonderful day after many days of bad and wet weather .

Sunday, 24th of February
11 am, meeting point at the New Cultural Centre in Stoupa. We walk through Selinitsa and Riglia and than back to Stoupa. Walking time about 3 hours . We had a very nice walk. The weather was great for walking. 15 people, that includes 7 newcomers(!).

Attention: The Parea - Walk on the 1st of April is postponed to Sunday, the 7th of April. Meeting point and starting time will be the same . 11 am, meeting point at the New Cultural Centre in Stoupa. We walk through Selinitsa, up to Neohori and than back to Stoupa. Walking time about 4 hours.

Sunday, 28th of April POSTPONED until Monday May 6th : Also, as it is likely to be hot, the start will be earlier 9.00am
Owing to the Gaia event on April 28th "Josef's walk" is being postponed - We will start at 11 9.00 o'clock in Kardamyli at the Dimos. Like last year, we are offering two different difficulties, the first is a long walk, lasting about 6 hours, the second is about 4 hours and easier. The longer walk is to Ag. Sophia, down into the gorge to the monastery, up to Chora, down to Petrovouni and back. The easier walk is without the gorge and Chora.

Sunday, 26th of May -- last walk of the season
10 am Meeting in Kardamyli at the square, where the bus starts. We shall decide, If we go by bus or cars to Malta. The walk leads from Malta to Kardamyli. After the 4 hours, we should have a drink in Kardamyli because of the end of the walking season. On May 26th,14 people enjoyed a wonderful walk from Malta to Kardamyli. The weather was sunny but not too hot. The walkers represented 5 nations - Swedish, Norwegians, Germans, English and Dutsch. Instead of taking the bus to Malta we managed to go by car, which made it easier and quicker to get to the starting point in Malta. We completed the walk in around 2 hours and 15 minutes, quicker than we thought. And afterwards it was nice to chat and laugh over something to eat and drink in a taverna in Kardamyli .


Sunday, 30.09.2012
On a very hot Sunday we still managed to make the hard and long walk from Proastio to Petrovouni and Exohorio and then back to Proastio again. With more than 30 degrees we needed 4 hours and 20 minutes to do the walk and we really longed for a swim afterwords! 9 people and 2 dogs came on this hard and hot walk. We where 6 nationalities: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, English and Dutch!! And after we finished the walk we really needed a cold drink and a swim.

Sunday, 28.10.2012 (Ochi-day)
We met at new cultural centre in Stoupa. Although the weather forecast was poor, the walk was wonderful. We were a select group: Maralyn and Bob (2 dogs), Wenche and Joern, Alisee and Ursula and Walter. We had a Lot of fun. And an after-walk at Patriko, alltogether .

Sunday, 25.11.2012
We meet at the platia in Langada. We walk through the old part of Langada and then up to the Monastery Panaghias. With a picnic at the wonderful monastery we need about 3.5 hours .

Sunday, 30.12.2012
We meet at the harbour/tower in Aghios Dimitrios. We walk up to Kotroni and then back, to have a drink with Karin and Staffan in Ag Dimitrios. 16 people had a good walk in the winter sunshine, before relaxing over refreshments with Karin and Staffan

............................................... PAREA STI MANI WALKS 2011-2012 ............................................

The-beachroad-home2 walkers2 IMG_0731c
Some photos from the 2010-2011 walks


January 28th Areopolis - The annual January trek from Areopolis was a chilly experience. Down on the coast, it was calm and quiet and really beautiful. and with sunglasses on and many people with thin clothes, we stepped out of the cars after the more than three miles to Areopolis into a howling cold wind! 3 people decided it was too cold to walk for three hours . Then we were 10 people left and four dogs. The path back towards Areopolis offered calmer winds. Really pleasant and the occasional jacket un-buttoned when the ascent became steeper and the body warm .

February 25th Prosilio - On a beautiful morning 21 people and 5 dogs started the walk in Prosilio. The walk up through the village to the little chapel of Prophet Elias was steep and uneven in places, but the effort was worth it. There were wonderful views from the top, and the way down was a gentle stroll in the sunshine. The circular walk took just over 2 hours.

March 31st Langada - We were 29 walkers with 6 different nationalities and 4 dogs on today's walk. Wonderful sunshine and walkers in a good mood! We started off from the village Laghada and walked round the back of the village up to the road that leads to the monastery Agia Panagia. Easy walking, springs flowers and beautiful views over both mountains and the sea. With a break for a picnic at the monastery the whole walk took 3 hours and 20 minutes. Good exercise!

April 15 - Easter Sunday

April 17th (Tuesday) "Josef Power Walk " - 17 people and two dogs started from Kardamyli and walked up to Agia Sofia. We had to do a shorter walk than planned, because the police and the security staff from Athens with dogs had closed the Viros gorge to search for the missing marathon runner. We went from Agia Sofia to Petrovouni. From Petrovouni most of the walkers followed Joseph and Roswita up to Proastio and back down to Kardamyli. Shorter than planned, but we had a good walk!

April 28th Stoupa The last enthusiasts?! We where only 6 walkers and 1 dog on the Parea walk from Stoupa to Agios Nikolaos and up to Neohori and back again! It was a very hot day and Ed and Gunilla had prepared coffee, juice and cakes for us as a little rest point. Very nice! Back in Stoupa we felt we deserved an ouzo! Gallery

May 25th (Friday)! Milia - Stoupa A wonderful walk and a wonderful day for the last Parea walk of the season. 12 peoples and two dogs did the walk from Kato Hora down to Stoupa, going through Eleochori and Riglia on the way. 5 hours walk from the mountain down to the coast.


September 24th :Tseria circular walk . It was a glorious day for the first Parea walk of the season. 10 people and 3 dogs assembled just outside Tseria and enjoyed a gentle walk along the hillside tracks with magnificent views down to the coast, guided by Walter and Ursula. There was little sign of the torrential downpours a few days earlier, except for one large muddy pond which the 3 dogs leapt into with glee, before anyone realised it was there!

October 29th : Pigi - Platza - Pigi . On a beautiful autumn day 14 people and 4 dogs met on the main road outside Pigi at 10am. It was a wonderful easy walk which took about 2.5 hours but with one steep section (less than 500 meters). We had a break at the plateia in Platza . gallery

November 26th : Kato Doli easy circular walk The grey, damp start to the day discouraged some people from walking, so only a small group of 9 people and 1 dog assembled in Doli. Those that made the effort were rewarded with perfect weather - no rain, just a little cloud. The gentle circular route took walkers down to the old monastery Agia Paraskevi, where they had a break, before returning past many orange trees. With a small group, the walk only took 1½ hours

December 26th (Monday) :Boxing Day walk On a very windy Boxing Day 15 people and one dog had an easy walk of about 1.5 hours. We set off from Agios Nikolaos and walked uphill to Spirit of Life and followed the track to the new solar panels above Riglia. This walk was part of the charity walk FACE last May. Of course there was beautiful views of the coast and villages. From Riglia and back to Agios Nikolaos we walked through the olive groves and not along the coast because of the strong winds. Back in Ag Nikolaos it was nice to have a cup of hot coffee at Agi's bar. And we did sit outside!

December 31st : New Year's Eve walk in Stoupa . The short New Year's Eve walk was a vigorous hike from outside Patriko. 13 people and 2 dogs went on the 1.5hr circular route. On the way we were invited into Ursula and Walter's house for chocolate. Then plenty of refreshments at Patriko at the end of the walk, before a few hours relaxation and the evening's festivities!

............................................. PAREA STI MANI WALKS 2010-2011 ............................................

25 September: The first walk of the season for Parea walkers was on a day with heavy rain, the 25th of September. We thought no one would join but at 10 o'clock 17 people and 3 dogs met at the statue of Nikos Kazantzakis near Kalogria beach in Stoupa. The weather was fine during the walk! We walked up to Kazantsakis' office which is in a very green area behind the supermarket, opposite the road to Kalogria beach. This is the office that was used for the business of lignit mining in the area, for a few years. From this place "Zorba the Greek" invented and build a cable railway down to the coast, to Tsirinitsa harbor, where all the lignit was transported by boat to Kalamata and Pireaus. Many people have seen the movie "Zorba the Greek" with music from Theodorakis and based on the story written by Nikos Kazantsakis. Kazantsakis and Zorba worked together on the mining project for 2 years, and the stories are many, not only about work but also about having good fun and eating, drinking and dancing!

30 October On a beautiful morning 38 people and 3 dogs gathered for the easy "introduction walk" up in Nomitsi and Thalames. This walk gives a good introduction to Greek landscape and culture. Karin gave us interesting bits of information along the way, such as pointing out an example of the first Greek flag ( a blue cross on a white ground ) painted on a village wall, and an explanation of the shape of some church towers. And of course, wonderful views both to the sea and the mountains. The walk took about 2 hours and many of us stayed for a drink or meal at the taverna Platanos in Thalames .

27 November :The walk from Agios Nikolaos to Neochori and back is a new walk for Parea. On what became a beautiful sunny day 24 people and 6 dogs (!) made the walk. We are happy that new people come every walk, this time 5 people joined the Parea walk for the first time. The walk was not difficult but of course our legs it felt we were going both upwards and downwards. It was interesting to see the new area of Neochori. Edde told us that some years ago there was building permission given for 500 new houses outside the old village of Neochori. Today, due to the financial crisis many of the new built ones are empty or not completed. Some years ago there were 200 Albanian workers in Neochori involved with the building work and today only 5 Albanians are living there. The last part of the walk was by the sea along the beachroad between Stoupa and Ag Nikolaos. We walked for 3 hours.

26 December : On Boxing Day 21 people (with 4 nationalities) and 4 dogs made a 2 hour walk from Agios Nikolaos up to Riglia and the chapel Agia Paraskevi and then down to the coast again through the olive groves. This is the second Boxing day with the same walk so maybe it will become a tradition?! We were lucky with the weather and even got some sunshine though the forecast promised some rain! On our little stop at the chapel Claire told us the legend about Agia Paraskevi, who is the patron saint of opticians and eye doctors. Back again in Agios Nikolaos most of us stayed for a chat and a coffee at Nerides café by the harbor.

12 February "Mountain village walk". Today we made the walk from Proastio to Petrovouni that was cancelled at the end of January because of rain. But this day the sun was shining and we where 12 walkers and 3 dogs. The scenery during the walk is beautiful, with snow on prophet Elias mountain as well as spring flowers among the olives. The view from Petrovouni is fantastic overlooking the coast and Kardamyli. We walked for 2.5 hour .

26 February : Winter flower walk round Areopolis. We met at the parking place besides Nerides Café in Agios Nikolaos at 9.15am and went by car to Areopoli . The weather on the February walk around Areopolis was very windy but with blue sky. 23 walkers (9 new walkers) and 5 dogs made the beautiful flower walk down from Areopolis to the coast and up again. An easy walk mostly on cement road and kalderimis. And NO rain at all! After the walk 12 of us stayed and had lunch at a tavern in Areopolis before going back home again.

26 March : Laghada - Panaghia Monastery - Lagada. Today we had an easy walk from Laghada up to the Monastery Panaghias. 23 people and 5 dogs walked among beautiful flowers and sunshine and no wind. Perfect walking weather! The walk took around 3 hours. We had a break at the monastery for coffee and water.

Easterwalk on Tuesday 19 of April (Difficult ) We met in of Milea, (in the square on the main road by the big church) at 10.00 to do the walk up to Panaghia Giatrissa Monastery and back again. 13 people and 1 dog took on the challenge of a difficult walk in less than ideal weather. We started in sun from Milea and went into rain and clouds before the Monastery At the Monastery we sat down with our picnic inside one of the buildings. Today there are 6 monks living there, 1000 meter above the sea. Because the path was very wet and slippery we took the road back to Milea. The walk took 6 hours and we were all very proud that we managed these 16 km in this weather!

Easterwalk on Tuesday 26 of April (Easy) 23 people and 2 dogs met in Sotirianika for a 3 hour walk through olive groves to Kambos. There was a change to the original plan. Everyone drove from Kardamyli to Kambos, so cars were at Kambos, and then took the bus up to Sotirianiki. This gentle walk was very different from the walk on 19th and the warm sunshine was much kinder weather! We stopped in Kambos for drinks or food.

30 April : Mountain village walk round Tseria. 18 people and 3 dogs did the last walk in April . This wonderful walk is not on the map. Ala from Pedino found this walk some years ago and guided us along the way. Beautiful scenery down to the coast but also views of the mountains and its villages. We walked on tracks and roads, easy during 2 hours.

3 June : Afternoon walk from Saidona down to Neohori. We meet outside the Supermarket in Neohori at 14.30 to take the bus at 14.45 up to Saidona. This is a walk that has some difficult parts and takes about 3.5 hours. Back again in Neohori for drinks at the café (This last walk of the season, escorted by Edde and Gunilla, was delayed from May 27th)


........................................... PAREA STI MANI WALKS 2009-2010 ....................................

Sept. 26
"Introduction walk", circular walk Platanos - Nomitsi through the olives: This walk took us through an ancient Greek landscape to Nomitsi with its many churches and chapels. Figs, grapes and black berries on the way.

Oct. 31 "Strawberry walk" in Kambos: The walk lead us uphill through olives to the rare strawberry trees and to Ag. Marina's and Ag. Giorgio's chapel with a magnificent view over the Kambos valley. After the walk we had lunch at Miranda's tavern in Kambos.

Nov. 28 Walk Ag. Nikon - Trachila: We took the 8.30-bus to Ag. Nikon, from where we walked down through the olives to Trachila, through the village and further along the sea.

Dec. 26 Ag. Nikolaos - Riglia - Ag. Paraskevi - Ag.Nikolaos: Most of us started at 10 am by the post-office in Ag. Nikolaos and were joined by others in Riglia. It was a beautiful day, and after the walk back down to Ag Nicolaos, we relaxed over coffee by the sea

Jan. 30
Areopoli circular walk: 12 of us had a wonderful walk today. We started at the Areopoli Saturday market then walked down to near the Diros caves. The sun came out after a little while.We walked up the old kalderim from Xerapadhianika to Areopoli and after about 3 hours walking, finished with lunch in the centre of Areopoli.

Feb.27 Oitylo peninsula circular flower walk (opposite direction): 14 of us gathered for this walk. It was a grey start but the longer we walked the more the weather improved. It was beautiful scenery both towards Limeni beach and Oitylo

March 27 Proastio - Petrovouni - Exohori - Proastio, circular walk: The walk from Proastio up to Exohori and back was not the easiest one! Beautiful kalderimis but very steep, especially the last part up to Exohori. Not a walk for beginners. From Proastio up to Exohori it took more than 3 hours. In kafenion Pefkos we really needed a break for coffee and water!! The way back was different and very easy on tracks and took 1.5 hour. 21 people started the walk but some chose to turn back to Proastio before the steep kalderimi up to Exohori. It is good when a route has different options for how far one needs to walk. After the walk some of us had lunch in Proastio.

April 24 Circular walk in Kato Doloi: The day started with dark clouds and spots of rain, but it was warm, and proved to be an ideal day for a gentle 2 hour walk from Doloi towards the Ag Paraskevi monastery, and back up the other side of the gorge and through the village. 13 of us set out, and by the time we paused for coffee at the monastery, the sun was beginning to show through the cloud and we enjoyed splendid views down towards Kitries. On the way back along the gorge we passed extensive orange groves still heavy with fruit. Most of us sampled the fruit from the overhanging trees - they were delicious!

May 29 Circular walk in Kendro: For the last Parea walk of the season the weather was very hot so it was good that the walk was an easy one. Most of the way was on tracks. The scenery during all the walk was fantastic and green, much greener than down by the coast. We relaxed for a while at Prophet Elias Monastery. Half of the group stayed for lunch in Vorieo at a nice taverna. On this hot summer day we where only 9 walkers and 1 dog!

Easter Walks
April 6 Malta to Kardamili:Today's walk gathered 19 persons, some on their first walk with Parea walking. We met in Kardamili and took the 10 o clock bus to Malta (the bus came 10.30!). The walk took 3 hours and gave us a beautiful scenery all the way down to Kardamili. Most of the walk we did on kalderimis and some part on concrete road. We had very good walking weather with some clouds and not too much sun. Safe back down in Kardamili some of us had a drink or a coffee at a tavern by the beach.

April 13 Circular walk Pantazi - Kotroni - Platsa - Pigi - Pantazi: After checking how steep and stony the kalderimi from Kotroni to Platsa was, we changed the planned route and went up the road. 18 people did the Platsa walk, or part of it. After a challenging walk up from Pantazi to Platsa, we had a rest and something to drink at the newly restored plateia and then had an easy walk down back to Pantazi beach. (gallery)


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