Relax your mind and stretch your body...

At ’Spirit of Life’ in Messenian Mani

For more information about classes and private lessons

tel: 697 597 2086 or 27210 78240   or visit current class schedule


Please check with Spirit of Life before attending, as classes may be changed/cancelled at short notice

This class is a drop in class . The class will last for 90 minutes. Drop in price is 10 euros, a 10 class card is 80 euros (i.e. 8 euros a class)

Tel Spirit of Life on 27210 78240

What is Yoga Gently?

For students who may be new to yoga or coping with injury and mobility issues. Previous experience of yoga is not necessary just a willingness to explore your own body through the breath and gentle movement. The yoga studio is fully equipped with props to support each individual’s requirements.

Yoga is the ‘yoking’ of the breath body and mind; yoga is an individual practice, you and your body being present in the moment. Yoga is not the ability to wrap your legs around your neck.

Yoga can help to preserve and enhance flexibility in the joints which is particularly important as the body ages or when recovering from injury. Yoga also helps our mental health, allowing us to focus on what is happening in our bodies, be more aware of our movement patterns and accepting how we are.

Vanda Scaravelli, a major inspiration in the development of a gentle more accessible style of yoga said “Don’t kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose”

The objective is to develop for each individual a simple yoga routine that can be performed at home.

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