Marcus Schönfelder
Tel.: 27330.23902,Mobil: 6979.235997
e-mail: h-s-l\otenet


 • 24-hour emergency service
 • Reliable
 • Clean
 • Fair prices


Do you own property in Lakonia or Messinia in Greece, but are not able to care for it all the time? We can maintain your property 365 days a year comprehensively, professionally and for a fair price. We offer a tailor-made maintenance and upkeep service for your property covering all aspects such as:

* EMERGENCY SERVICES : Removal of blockages in drain pipes etc
* INSTALLATIONS/ FIXTURES: Sanitary installations, Heating systems, Installation of fireplace inserts etc.
* MAINTENANCE & REPAIR SERVICE: Repairs, Maintenance, Overhaul of buildings and technical installations etc.
* GARDEN & LANDSCAPING SERVICE: Garden design, Garden and land maintenance, Irrigation systems etc.
* HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE: Housecleaning, Laundry service, Shopping etc.

We will gladly take responsibility for the technical maintenance of your property and even in cases of emergency, we will offer a quick solution to problems and deal with damage. If we notice any damage or fault, we will first of all contact you, describe the problem and illustrate it with photos. Further on, we will propose how to repair the damage, and provide a cost estimate. We will only undertake works upon written instruction from you.
Our garden and landscaping service deals with all aspects of outdoor work in the Lakonia region and West Mani.


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