If you would like to advertise your skills or services please email Please note that we take no responsibility for the quality of the work and advise readers to take references.



BEAT THE BURGLARS Arsen, a local qualified electrician, can install security lights/motion sensors. (Recommended by Christiane Morgan) 6982 436896 any time.(16-12-11)

HOME SERVICES----------------

Master stonemasons & builders: Veliu Brothers - Over 20 years building experience. "We understand the special requirements of your 'Home & Garden' in the Mani" (They built Kerry's(Spirit of Life) house. Tel 6977034004 and 973467467 email: (23-2-17)

The Real Mani - Property Finders can give you experienced advice on buying property in the Mani, as well as helping you find your ideal purchase. For examples of houses needing renovation, new houses, renovated houses and building plots, see their Property Index (23-1-17)

Washing Machine repairs/A/C maintenance : Several people recommend Themis. His wife, Maria, is English speaking, tel. 69369 09766 (8-10-15)

Local Plumber -WATER & GAS: Professional plumber Alexandros Paouris offers a full range of plumbing services all over West Mani, for old and new properties hotels, factories 27210 79189 mob 6932 220710
(October 2015)WATER&GAS

Manispark Electrician/electrical services - Roland Mueller :You can contact Roland at or 27210 74554 or +30 6973 272518 He speaks English, German and Greek (30-7-14)

Home maintenance services : Home Sevice Lakonia offers a tailor-made maintenance service. They can also provide emergency repirs and houskeeping services anywhere in Lakonia or Messinia Marcus Schönfelder Tel.: 27330.23902,Mobil: 6979.235997 ( 1-10-14)

Laundry Service : Ruth & Nigel's FLUFF 'N' FOLD - This service gives you lint free, clean, washed & dried & fluffed laundry - also steam cleaning rugs of all sizes - local pickup and delivery Details updated(6-12-17)

Heating Maintenance and chimney sweeping . The Schönfelder family business is recommended by Christina-Maria: www.home-service-lakonia.gr , Tel.: 27330 23902, Mob. 6979235997. Also recommended is Kalamata based chimney maintenance service offered by Mr. Cekrezi, www.cekrezi.gr , Tel.: 27210 97062, Mob. 6946896872 .(Jan 2013)


Transport of goods Greece < > UK : Bulgaria based Krimex Logistics arranges shared transport to and from UK, for cars, boats (on trailer), and other items that will fit in a 15sq metre van. Contact Dan Kolev (Krimex Logistics Manager) with details of what you need to transport and where in the UK you'd like to ship to, for price estimate. Other European locations may be possible by arrangement and website www.krimex.co.uk  Tel: 07479233281, UK 00359 889 53 77 92  (18-4-16)

Long-term car rental /2nd hand sales : Kardamyli based MyCar Rentals has been recommended by several readers for long term rental and second hand cars. Dionysia Trigilida is very helpful and speaks good English  27210 90900, 6936 778127 (11-3-16)

24 hour TAXI service based at Voulimeneas in Ag Nikolaos : Bus station/ airport/port  Tel:27210 77316, 27210 64065  mob: 0030 6975731351 , 0030 6986815284 Email      (20-12-15)

Removals to and from Greece : NOMAD is a UK based compny which specializes in removals to and from Greece and Italy. They offer door-to-door service in their own vehicles, and also have a special service for sending small consignments. Phone +44 1733 311 561 / +30 2111 982 711 Used by several people with Mani properties. NOMAD (1-2-15)

Delivery service based in Agios Nikolaos: serve areas: Agios Nikolaos (50 c), Stoupa (2€), Riglia(2€), Ag Dimitrios(2€) Kardamyli (5€) - 8.00 until 14.00 online, Dimis Marineas 6987076850, Facebook Has isothermal bag for hot or cold things (30-12-14)

MAN WITH A VAN for hire : Peter Newton offers door-to-door(including Scotland!) transport Greece to UK. Very reasonable rates for a full load anytime. Sometimes he can offer part loads. Pete and Maggs used to have a stall selling English food items at the Stoupa Bazaars. Tel: 6982302193 or 27220 26357 (4-9-14)


Greek lessons in Trachila. Tailor made lessons for individuals and couples. Greek language package courses. Conversation groups.  Please contact me for further information, and price list. I speak German, English and some Norwegian. Dimitris Raftelis Telephone: (+30) 6982559791 E-mail:  (AP 21/7/18)

ΠΑΡΑΔΙΔΟΝΤΑΙ ΜΑΘΗΜΑΤΑ Έμπειρη εκπαιδευτικός παραδίδει μαθήματα ελληνικής γλώσσας σε ξένους. Επίσης παραδίδονται ιδιαίτερα σε μαθητές δημοτικού και γυμνασίου για όλα ταμαθήματα. Πληροφορίες : τηλ. 693398825
LESSONS OFFERED Teacher offers Greek language lessons to foreigners in small groups. From beginners upwards. Also, she can provide tuition for primary and secondary students across a wide range of subjects. For information call: 693398825 (13-5-16)

Money and Office Services in Ag Nikolaos - Μάνη Money : SERVICES OFFERED There is a computer for customers to use for research, and where they can also print out documents. Hara(Γεννηματα Ι. Χαρουλα) speaks good English and is there to help, if needed, with such things as on-line bill paying. For more information contact Hara 27210 77616 or email or see website www.manimoney.gr (31-3-15)

Customised Greek lessons
--- with Sophia Nikolakea for English speaking residents and visitors
Whether you are a complete beginner or want to improve your written or conversational Greek, I am happy to tailor lessons to suit your needs. Classes are held during the morning at my Foreign Language Centre near the Pharmacy in Stoupa. The charge for individual tuition is 12 euros/hour, but for groups of 4 or more, it is 5 euros per person. For more information or to discuss your needs contact me on 27210 78078 and 6939 737 569 or email
--- with Sonja Grigoriadou for German speaking residents and visitors : contact her on 6948 614 380 or email

Accountancy services in Stoupa : Kelly Vavali, who has had an accountancy practice in Stoupa since 2004, has now opened an office in Stoupa, which is open from 10.00 - 14.00 on Fridays, at the moment. For more information or to make an appointment call Kelly on 6947 841714 or email (29-8-13)

Computer services: Established in the Mani since 1999, qualified engineer John Malcolm offers a full range of computer services. These include servicing and maintenance, with supply and installation of new and reconditioned equipment. Contact by email or call 27210 77013 Mobile 6983056230.(1-1-13)

OTHER ------------------------------

Brass Music lessons from Dutch professional music teacher  :Whenever there are childeren who want to learn to play the French Horn, trompet, trombone or even alpinehorn, you can contact the Dutch teacher of music in Mani, Agios Nikolaos, René Bogaarts.  He would realy like to use his skills as musicteacher of brass instruments to help anyone who wants to play music.   Please contact: (1-7-17)

Creative tailoring: 'OUT-FIT' by Emily (a skilled German seamstress) works with a wide range of materials incl. leather, for " ..... everything that I trust myself and my sewing machines to do." From clothing to accessories to interior soft furnishings (curtains, sofas, chairs or seat-coverings, etc.) and also waterproof upholstery for outdoor patios, boats, vehicles and more......... Contact Emily in Ag Nikolaos by email at or Tel. 6976717879 or visit my Facebook page (29-12-17)

Kalamata's Pet Grooming Salon :Vicky Christidi has opened a dog grooming service in Kalamata. ( Filellinon 52 see Bing map) The price, depending on the size of the dog, for washing/blowdrying and styling is 20-30€, for additional clipping and bath it is 30-35€ groomingsalon gr You can email Vicky for more information or see Facebook. Through MIAO she hopes to offer her services in Stoupa, starting on May 24th (26-4-15)

Manicure or pedicure in Stoupa : Evi is based near Kalliope hair studio (Popi's) You can phone Evi for an appointment on 69720 27960 ( 30-7-14)

Certified Masseuse: Certified Masseuse since 1984 : Based near Frigano between Stoupa and Neochori, I practice specialised and custom applications in the field of traditional massage therapy. Website www.anne-sauer.gr Tel: (+30) 6974 822 842 or email (May 2014)

Nail Bar/ Pedicure : ’Art Nails’ in Stoupa - Matina speaks good English Call 27210 77824 (1-1-18)

Guitar Lessons: For lessons in playing all types of music from classical to electric and acoustic pop, rock, and blues, contact John Forrow LLCM TD FLCM 6955 244871 or email


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