You can pay your annual subscription or make a donation to GAIA or MIAO at MANI MONEY, by cash or card     

January 2017: Packaging materials of all kinds are now available through Mani Money - Cardboard boxes, available singly or in packs, in a range of sizes and quality, including strong 'double-walled' boxes suitable for shipping goods abroad, are now available, also packing paper, bubble wrap (sheets and rolls), foam wrap, and many other packing materials.

Card Payments :  : Mani Money can process bill payments by debit/credit card from both Greek and foreign banks, for payments to Greek  businesses. (limit depends on your card and  bank)
Note: Mani Money charge 2€ for processing each card payment, and there is an additional 1% fee levied by Greek  banks, for handling payments by card, which must be added to each payment.

COURIER SERVICE: The courier company ΓΕΝΙΚΗ ΤΑΧΥΔΡΟΜΙΚΗ (English /Greek) will be collecting/delivering to Mani Money every Monday and Thursday morning. Please take items for collection to Mani Money no later than 12:00, to be sure of collection.

15 min. FREE internet then 50c. per 15min. :  available during office hours
Address: Ag Nikolaos (Near the health center) :

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