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 W Mani : 'Rational Waste Management' - in collaboration with the 'Clean Mani' Assoc, the Dimos has published detailed advice about what and where household waste should be recycled in W Mani. There is also advice on composting, to further reduce what ends up in waste bins. Waste disposal continues to be a major problem in the region and the more rubbish that can be separated at source, the better for all.  waste management

The first Recycling Event for Children on August 2nd, organized by the 'Clean Mani' Association, was a great success and was reported as a "...small but important event ..." by Messinia Live. Youngsters learned how to reduce the plastic they use, from Sofia Philea, who stole the show. They also learnt about separating at source, by searching for recyclable items and placing them in the correct containers, as well as taking part in a painting competition News from CLEAN MANI

Gaia snippets - Gaia volunteer firefighters thanked by the Prime Minister
In mid August, some of the Gaia firefighters went to help fight the fires in Attica. Alexis Tsipras, who earlier had flown over the affected areas, expressed his gratitude to those who helped to extinguish the fire that had burned for three whole days in Northeast Attica. As soon as the Prime Minister was informed that help from Mani had arrived in Athens, he told the head of Gaia firefighters,  Kostas Xydeas: "Did you come from Mani to help? You deserve a lot of congratulations on your work. Thank you… The word thank you to a volunteer is of great importance, as well as the actions that need to be taken to upgrade this important group of volunteers in our region ...".   He also referred to the difficult terrain, on the one hand, and the adverse weather conditions on the other. Photo & video link in Gaia snippets

Forest Maps: There has been a further extension to the time allowed for appeals. Our Dimos (W Mani) is one of several local authorities in Greece who have not reviewed and agreed the forestry plan for their areas. Local authorities were required to review the plan and identify areas that were inhabited or already approved for habitation. If your land falls into the defined forestry land on the forestry maps, even if it has previously been approved for development, it is important to take advice see FOREST MAPS

Restoration of Patrick Leigh Fermor's house in Kardamyli: The long awaited work to renovate Patrick Leigh Fermor's House is now under way, funded by the Niarchos foundation. All of Paddy and Joan’s effects had been moved to Athens and the house is now empty. There is a huge amount to do to upgrade the house for its future role as an educational and  creative centre to  host intellectuals and scholars (writers, researchers, artists, poets, etc) who are looking for a quiet and hospitable place to work.The house is likely to be closed for 18 months for the work to be done. PLT house

Tango lessons: Argentinian tango dancers Valeria Buyatti and Marcelo Bottaro will be in Mani from 10th-17th September and would be delighted to give tango lessons for beginners. If anybody is interested or if a group is formed, they can get in touch with Olga Profili by email or phone : +30697 693 16 62  MESSAGES


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