English Afternoon Tea for  Gaia


JUne 8th: Message from Val:-
I have just paid into Mani Money the total for the afternoon tea €2673 !
Breakdown is as follows
€1060        -  Tea ticket sales
€  125.10   - Table top sales.
€  759        - Raffle  [LIST OF WINNERS]
€  150         - Auction of holiday
€  862.40   - Donations including €300 from Blauel

(€283.50 ) - Expenses
€2673       - NET raised for Gaia
A very successful day enjoyed by everyone who attended,  and a lot of Money raised for a worthy cause, Gaia's VEHICLE APPEAL 2017


afternoon tea for gaia
Come and enjoy a typical English Afternoon tea at a fraction of the price you would pay in the UK, and at the same time, help Gaia raise money for their ambulance. Ticket donation minimum 10 per person.

 ☕ ☕ See the event on   Lefktron Hotel

See some examples of venues in the UK that offer afternoon tea

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