On this page we publish details of events in the Messinian region, and sometimes further afield, from a number of sources including  kalamata gr -- Tharros -- wherevent --- peloponnese events   
The source is usually in Greek, so the details are in Google translate English!

February 16th - 27th Messina Carnival - The 157th Carnival of Messina starts with the strength of the bull. With new emblem, which is to link the "present" to the "past" and the hope that "Pamisos" worshiped as a Bull in antiquity for its strength and momentum, will give the needed boost at the 157th Carnival, beginning on Pancake Day, Febrary 16th. Rough translation of the PROGRAM OF CARNIVAL EVENTS 
​At a press conference on February 15th, the Mayor of Messina invited all "Islanders" and visitors of Messina these days to catch the bull of the crisis by the horns and throw away the mask of misery and pessimism, and keep a clear vision with hope and optimism . In closing, he invited all the world to be found in Messina and celebrate together. For her part, Ms. Panagopoulos noted that this year's carnival is dedicated to Pamissos, the river that gives character to the Messinian land. He added that "the great Pamisos" worshiped in antiquity as a bull, was proof of strength and momentum. Worshiped, but as God's proven therapeutic capacity of the water and because it has created not only a beautiful landscape but also a rare wetland, like the soul of Messina itself. "The carnival of Messina is our union with our deep history, the personality of our own separate land, the blessed land of Makara Earth" Tharros

Friday February 10th: Opening event of the 5th Kalamatiano Carnival Cheerfulness, optimism, fun and will dominate this year's Carnival, the fifth in a row, starting next Friday, February 10 at 7.00 pm in the main square - King George. The opening ceremony will be presented by Chris Ferentinos, followed by a concert with the Walkman the band.
​On Saturday 18 February, at 7.00 pm srating in March 23rd Square, the night parade hosted by Sava Poumpoura will be held. The evening will close with a concert by the band «48 ores ft Lukia». Monday February 20, at 7.30 pm, at the Cultural Center, will a fancy dress contest, entitled "Deja Vu". This will be followed on Saturday 25 February at 11.00 in the morning, the final game in the central square, while at 10.00 the evening will be a disco party at Elite Hotel. Carnival will culminate on Sunday, February 26, the grand parade, which will start at 2.30 pm, leading to the central square, and will present Chris Ferentinos, followed by a concert with Myron Stratis, Isaias Matiaba and Ivi Adamou. On Friday March 3 at 9:00 pm, will be awarded the winning teams in the auditorium "Theodoros Angelopoulos." Tharros

February 3rd, 1st of 12 performances :"The sound of the gun" by Loula Anagnostaki One of the most important works of modern Greek drama, "The sound of the gun," by Loula Anagnostaki, almost thirty years after its first staging, is revived on Friday, February 3, 2017 and for 12 performances on the main stage of DI.PE .THE. Kalamata, under the directorial eye of Peter Nakos and Mina Winter in the role of Katia.
​ The show takes place in the present age, although the play was written in '85 with a background in the electoral climate and slogans of the era. One easily understands that the project is still relevant and emblematic: the same questions about life, the eternal unanswered questions. People confused, trapped in the present, with their future uncertain and friendly, their sex or family relations troubled. MAIN STAGE DI.PE.THE KALAMATA, OPENING PERFORMANCES: 03/02/2017 every FRIDAY-SATURDAY SUNDAY 21:15 and 18:15 Information / Reservations: 27210-82616 and 6,983,581,023 Ticket prices: Regular: 10 euros. Students / Unemployed / Groups: € 8 kalamata gr

February 2nd: Celebration of Candlemas The feast of the Presentation will be brightened by the participation of seven 'Philharmonics': so far the Municipal Band of Kalamata, the Philharmonics of Tripoli and Messina municipalities, the Military Music of trials (Tripoli) and the Bands of the Air Force, the Greek Police and the Fire Brigade.
Candlemas : “(On this day), the feast of Candlemas, we recall the presentation of Jesus in the temple. Forty days after His birth, Mary and Joseph went to Jerusalem to offer Him to the Lord as prescribed by the law of Moses. ....” St. John Paul II   source kalamata gr

January 30th: A tribute to Mahatma Gandhi As part of the Kalamata International Documentary Festival, in the Auditorium Th. Angelopoulos, Labor Center of Kalamata On the Anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, politician, thinker, meditator, and a defender of peace and human rights. As part of the tribute will be screened four documentaries
Finding Happiness of Ted Nicolaou, 97 '17.00 : The documentary presents another, joyous life like a distant dream for most people
The Story of Gitanjali - Reba Som, 30 ' 19.00 : A documentary about Nobel laureate Tagore Ravintranath.
Mahatma A great soul of the 20th century the Vitalbhai K. Jhaveri, 48 'at 19:30 : Biography documentary on Mahatma Gandhi with rich archival material (Closing ceremony of the festival 20.30 )
The Stranger in a Foreign land. Demetrius Galanos, 50' 21.00 : Documentary about the life of a remarkable Greek scholar (Demetrius Galanos) of the 18th century, who loved India deeply , studied Hinduism   kalamata journal

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