On this page we publish details of events in the Messinian region, and sometimes further afield, from a number of sources including  kalamata gr -- Tharros -- wherevent --- peloponnese events   
The source is usually in Greek, so the details are in Google translate English!

bread wine oil exhibition

Aug 31st- Sep 3rd :  "Bread - Wine - Olive Oil" Exhibition: For the 6th year the Municipality of Kalamata organizes the  "Bread - Wine - Olive Oil" exhibition open18.00 to 23.30. The exhibition is a successful institution for the promotion of quality agro-food products, folk culture and traditions. It takes place every year in the Railway Municipal Park, which attracts residents and visitors of the city, as it also operates an open-air railway museum. In the context of the exhibition, cultural events are held daily, as well as activities related to eating habits and how to prepare food as in the past. The program of events is enriched with musical bands, etc., which attract the public every days.kalamata  gr


August 7th -13th: The13th Open Air Antiques Bazaar in Kiparissia : Thousands of antiques, old Greek furniture, antiques from France, English porcelain, paintings, vinyl records, old books, weapons and thousands of gorgeous little things will be spread out on 25 kiosks with merchants from all over Greece. From 7 to 13 August, from 10.00 am until 12.00 pm, visitors, residents and holidaymakers will have the opportunity to walk the cobbled alley, and browse the collections, to admire and buy old objects. The Megalo Kalderimi is one of the most impressive parts of the large network of cobbled paths of the Upper (Old) Town of Kyparissia (about 3 kilometers in total length) and is preserved in the heart of the old commercial center of Stavropasaros. At the same time, in the area of ​​the bazaar, in a lush green garden, music and visual events will make the evenings even more beautiful. At the end of the bazaar, high up in the foothills of the Frankish castle, there are beautiful cafes and food shops, open all day, with delicious local dishes and more. tharros    About the Antiques Bazaar

ancient messina July 31

July 31st: The Municipal Band of Kalamata with "Axion Esti" in Ancient Messina Theater
The Municipal Band of Kalamata  will give a concert  based on the prize wining poem  "Axion Esti", by Odysseus Elytis, and music by Mikis Theodorakis, in ancient Messina Theater, on Monday, July 31, 2017 at 21:00. The event will have free entry, associating the Municipality of Messina and the Association Worldwide Islanders' The "Pamisos "and has the support of Antiquities Messinia. Performers: Folk Singers: Giannis Thomopoulos. Cantor Kostas Siachos. Narrator: George Tsapogas and a choir of thirty. The ensembles directed by Kostas Nikoleas. Tharros
(YouTube 2013 with English subtitles Theodorakis - Elytis Axion esti )

crossing neda

July 29th : Crossing of the River Neda - The freshness of Neda, the unique beauty of the region, myths and history, hospitality Avloniton promise this year to those who take part in 25th crossing of the river, which is always dedicated to the memory of Sotiris Labropoulos  The crossing, organized by the Avlonites, will take place on Saturday 29 July  Hikers of different ages, from all over Greece, become a company, spend an enchanting day, enjoying the unique wonder of nature, the unique NEDA  RIVER.    
Departure from the Avlonas stadium, (North of Kiparissia)with agricultural cars, at 10.30am on Saturday for the bridge of Ancient Fialgia. (New bridge), Hiking in the canyon about 8 km., Stop at the stone bridge, around 1.30 pm, for relaxation and snack with local products (tomato-cheese-bread-watermelon), with the care of the Avlonas Local Council, offering local producers, Walk to the waterfalls, enjoyable bathe, Crossing the unique tunnel 80 m long, Walking in the river, we reach the third waterfall. End of the journey from 6.30-7.00pm. Cars will take us to Avlona (there is a shower and a change of clothest).
Participants need to know how to swim and need a shortsport, appropriate shoes and adjust to the leader's prompts  
For more information and telephone numbers, please call 6932317236 (Giannis Lampropoulos), 6977191331 (Yiannis Christopoulos), 6944285208 (Giorgos Tsakanikas).  Kalamata journal

ancient messini july 27

July 27th : Ancient Theater of Messinia - Alcestis Cantor meets Stavros Xarchakos
This summer Alcestis Cantor meets Stavros Xarchakos! A high-level meeting promising us us unforgettable moments.
Stavros Xarchakos will be on stage together with Alcestis Cantor in a program that  he himself   will direct, and during which the most beautiful songs will be heard, colored with discreet and accurate interpretation of the performer.     
With them will be nine-orchestra consisting of distinguished musicians.   Tharros        


July 14th-23rd :The 23rd Kalamata International Dance Festival, Art lovers and the dance world are invited to experience and participate in the festival’s rich artistic and educational programmes and parallel events. It will feature eight foreign and four Greek contemporary dance groups, a seminar, three workshops, two masterclasses, six parallel open competitions, and twenty four events.
Details of all the events are available in English on the Festival website kalamatadancefestival
Tickets on sale from July 5th. Ticket information & purchase by credit cards (VISA & MASTERCARD) at the Festival Ticket office,  Kalamata Municipal Cultural Centre, 33, Aristomenous st., 24 133, Kalamata  10:00 - 13:00 & 18:30 - 21:00 Monday to Saturday morning     
T: 27210 28193 & 2721096753 │F : 27210 89416


July 6-9 th: Kalamata - "Loxandra" from the Messinian Amateur Theater at Kalamata castle. 21:30 every night

Premier on July 6th - "If you love me, the world seems so small it fits in your palm" says the protagonist of the Loxandra project itself. Pericles Albanis invites theatergoers throughout the audience area to go to the castle on days of performances and sing along with the actors and the live orchestra, famous songs from the "City"  Istanbul.   The show,  is given by a total of 35 young & old amateur actors  from ΜΕΘ - Μεσσηνιακό Θέατρο, who rehearsed many times.  The press conference on July 4th ended with one of the oldest amateur actors who plays the husband of "Loxandra" saying it is a great honor for him to participate with this role in the show which coincides with the completion of 40 years of the creation of the Messinian Theatre  Tharros

  event  Θεατρική Παράσταση

camerata junior

July 2nd: Kalamata - CAMERATA JUNIOR at Kalamata Dance Megaron,  the Orchestra of Young Musicians of the Association of “THE FRIENDS OF MUSIC” of Athens, will be performing on Sunday, July 2, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. at the Kalamata Dance Megaron. With their vigour and vivacity of youth and their quality sound, CAMERATA JUNIOR will perform chamber music from their classical and contemporary repertoire - Antonio Vivaldi, Edvar Grieg, Paul Hindemith, Norman Leiden.  Soundtracks from favourite movies such as, “Game of Thrones”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”,“Cinema il Paradiso”, will also be performed.
Ticket classification consists of two categories, €10 and €12 respectively.  Tickets  from Kalamata Municipal Cultural Center, from  June 21st -  June 28th, daily 10.00 - 13.00 and 18.00 - 21.00 except Sunday.   For further information or clarification, please contact “THE FRIENDS OF MUSIC OF KALAMATA”       (19-6-17)


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