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Art Farm summer

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Art Farm "Marini Farm" is a place for events, entertainment, creativity and is located 15km from Kalamata in Meg. ​​Mantinia. It is one of the most traditional cultural farms where the visitor can participate in agrotourism seminars and activities, attend music concerts and theater performances as well as enjoy his coffee or drink overlooking Kalamata.

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Events organized in the beautiful park located on the road to Mani (next to Kriskios village), 10 km from Kalamata and announced at a press conference on June 16th - Details to be confirmed nearer the time

Wednesday 19 July :Alkinoos Ioannidis  will sing songs from his discs and its interests, but also tracks from his latest album YouTube "Μικρή Βαλίτσα." Accompanied by George Kaloudis cello and Cretan lyre. "An audio program that emphasizes the internal tension in the explanatory detail and spaciousness of silence."      ART FARM event

lenart cohen

Monday, July 24 Tribute to Leonard Cohen: Semeli Tagaras (vocals, guitar, loops) along with Kostas Magina (guitar, fx loops) and DavidLynch (tenor - soprano saxophone, flute, percussion) attempt a modern and innovative approach of the unforgettable singer's works, poet and writer , giving his music with an electric, expressionistic, almost experimental way.    ART FARM event

maris farantouri

Monday, July 31 Maria Farantouri. 9:30pm Set to music poetry of Fernando Pessoa, Pablo Neruda, Bertolt Brecht by Michael and Pantelis Kalogeraki, and the repertoire of the great singer in the songs of Theodorakis, Hadjidakis, etc. Orchestration and piano at the renowned jazz musician Takis Farazis.
 Ideal partners for Maria Farantouri the young songwriters Michalis and Pandelis Kaloyerakis, oriented to the quality of high poetry and having already put to their music the poetry of Fernando Pessoa, Pablo Neruda, Bertold Brecht etc., blend harmoniously with the interpreter's repertory of Theodorakis, Hadzithakis and others.
Tickets €15 Prebook € 13    Information 6932483630, 6908676277 fb   ARTFARM event

Sunday 6 August Night of authentic Andalusian flamenco, full of rhythm, passion, color and the aroma of Seville. The world famous dancer Adolfo Vega who will amaze and inspire, along with the famous Spanish singer Anna Maria Gonzalez, guitarist Salvador Guitiere and dancer Vanessa Vana Kazantzian.

Tuesday, 8th and Wednesday 9th August "A treehouse full of stories." A celebration of  the fairytale by the theatrical group "Improvised Scene", with the support of creative expression workshop and children's' Window to the sun.  Tales for children and adults, storytelling workshops, theatrical games and narrative theater, games and humorous stories. Art Direction: Lilly Triantari Director: Maria Skafida Participants: Christina Dimiza George Pavlakos, Yota Iliopoulos, Anthony Coufoudakis Spiros Tsiros, Mariliana Diamantaki, Vasiliki Papadopoulou

Sunday, August 13 Lavrentis Mahairitsas  love songs, love, pain, anger, complaint. The electric sound reconciled with the melody and lyricism. With him Panagiotis Margaris and Paulina Voulgarakis.

Saturday August 19th Concert with Peter Malama has been finalized. Songs  from life in the theater, unheard tragedies of the theater of life, chants migratory, fields, love songs, and other progenitor.  

Friday, August 25 Haig Yazdjian and Dimitris Yfantis. The two artists meet for the first time live on stage in a friendship that has lasted more than 20 years.  A world rich with experiences from previous major collaborations, orchestrations, compositions, unfolds on stage combining seemingly opposites.

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