Theater Kazakos : 12th Milea Festival - Summer 2017      

Θέατρο Κ. Καζάκος Μηλέα Δυτ. Μάνης τηλ. 6945021783
July 4th: Events arranged so far - for latest information see   Θέατρο Κ. Καζάκος (Agelos Belitsakos)  Tickets on sale at Katerina's Supermarket

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aug 2 theatre kazakosAugust 2nd
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Sunday July 16 :NEW DATE Sunday July 23rd kazakos july 16th
POSTPONED due to bad weather   Λεύκιππος Χορευτικός Όμιλος
In the tradition of Greek Culture the Levkippos Dance group will open the Festival   Free admission 


Wednesday August 2  : 9:15 Agamemnon-Clytemnestra-Orestes. The dance of power.   It's a theatrical composition of Mr. Politópoulou. The faces of the atreides myth, when the poet took them, they ceased to be symbols only. They became entities, live creatures, and autonomous, in flesh and blood. The Heroes of the drama are talking to each other, but they're addressed to us
Ticket Prices: 12 €  and 10 € student, student, military, retired.   Duration of performance 80 minutes.  June 30

Thursday August 3 : The World-Famous Baritone Lewis manikas in songs of theodorakis hatzidakis Italian Kandsonetes, lorka, manuelde falls, flamenco.
With him his classical guitar, Aristotle yianakouros. Entrance 5€     June 21

Saturday August 5 : Babis Tsertos and Notis Mavroudis  Tickets 12€  Presale 10€  June 22

Monday August 7 : 9:15  The comedy "Pig in the sack"   June 27
This is a rare comedy that will be remembered by the viewers who watch it. Ticket Prices:15 €: adults12 €: Kindergarten, student, unemployed,on presentation of the necessary documentation Presale tickets:Supermarket in Stoupa.Reservations: on phone 6945-021783

Wednesday August 9 :  9:30pm  Elena Ioannou  Angel Dionisiou, Sofia Vossou  June 23   Tickets Presale 10€, Entrance  12€

Thursday August 10 : Vasilis Lekkas  Ticket 12€ Presale 10€  June 22

Sunday August 13th : Kalamata Association presents the theatrical performance   Η ΧΉΡΑ και ο ΜΠΑΚΑΒΛΙΚΟΣ" fb  June 28

 From 2016 : Message from the founder:-
" I had a dream, with a soul and I saw it becomes reality, to function. This establishment is the Theater k. Kazakos in Milea.  To have a theater and cultural events in the Mani I turned my soul into a theater, I spent my fortune to keep civilization. I spent my fortune and I became rich in feelings of love to and from my place. Thank you for the warm applause you richly giving me every August these past ten years. We have now entered the second decade of culture for the place. This year our club is hosting the 11th Festival of Mani, a breath of culture in this economic shame of materialism from the bankers of Europe sent us, with our consent, voluntarily, forgetting our culture and embracing of materialism. The Theatre was not created for my livelihood, we offered and will continue to offer free for every cultural proposal professional or amateur. Filling the bleachers in every performance to come - every year more and more gigs, more culture in order to become the top cultural center. Happy summer and enjoy the cultural show for all. Special thanks to Sotiris Sarantéa,  with the supermarket ' Katerina's, for his great help and support."   Είχα ένα όνειρο,

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