Sofia Kostea - Professional Dietitian-Nutritionist in Neochori

Every Monday from 10.30 am, a professional Dietitian-Nutritionist will be at the Athletic Centre in Neochori where anyone can book their appointment.
A dietary programme is addressed to anyone who would like:

- to control their weight
- to improve their nutritional habits
- to receive nutritional guidance regarding any health problem (high cholesterol rates, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc)
- to increase their athletic performance and physical condition
- to follow a healthy dietary programme during pregnancy and breast feeding
- to encourage the children and teenagers of the family, through the appropriate dietary advice and instructions (using a different, spesific method only for children)

Starting to follow a dietary programme is not easy and needs a lot of help and support from an expert taking into account the psychology of the individual, aiming at their nutritional behaviour change.

To book an appointment call 27210 23622 or 69360 64647  
or email

For more about Sophia see   Διαιτολογικό γραφείο- Κωστέα Σοφία
(Sophia speaks good English)  November 2016



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