The laboratory offers blood, urine, hormone tests etc
Morning Opening hours:  Details     27210 25520, 27210 26414 Email:


December 7th 2016:  Local residents & staff of the Ag Nikolaos Health Centre, angry and frustrated by the lack of progress in resolving the staffing issues,  have published
an OPEN LETTER OF PROTEST (English & Greek) to The Health Authorities.

Nov 6th 2016 : Health Centre will remain open 24hours. There is still  uncertainty about how the Ag Nikolaos Health Centre will be able to continue offering a 24hour service, but the Director has been told officially that doctors must work extra shifts, if necessary, to provide cover until alternative arrangements can be made. However, the protest meeting at the Health Centre on the 21st, and the publicity it received, seems to have given impetus to finding a solution, It is understood that 2 temporary doctors, perhaps trainees from Kalamata or Army medics will be transferred to Ag Nikolaos for the 4 or so months until the 2 permanent replacement doctors arrive.
** Even BEFORE the latest loss of staff,  doctors were working some extra, unpaid shifts!

From October 20th 2016, the Ag Nikolaos Health Centre may not always be open :
Due to the loss of 2 more doctors,  the Director of the centre, Dr Gioulos is planning to CLOSE the Health Centre some weekends, and only open in the mornings, on some days, as there are not enough staff to cover all shifts.

June 2014 - DENTAL APPOINTMENTS - According to a letter received from the Director of the Health Center in Ag Nikolaos Health Centre, the Dental Clinic is open. For appointments, please call phone: 27210 77210 .

Ag. Nikolaos Health Centre is open 24 hours, tel.: 27210-77210. They will help with first-aid and a variety of medical problems. If you should be unable to get to the health centre, the doctor will come to your home, but only in case of emergency . Treatment is free for all. Holding a European healthcard entitles you to reclaim 80 % of medication costs, but arrangements for collecting refunds, vary from country to country.

The Health Centre carries out blood and/or urine tests , for cholesterol, blood sugar, and about 30 other tests. You have to pay for these tests. A doctor will come to your home to take blood, if the patient is confined to bed. For an appointment please call 27210-78226


We also have other medical help in the area . We have a doctor in Kalogria(Stoupa) and Gaia volunteers.

Dr Sofia Xristofilopoulou: 27210 77771 or 6977 779 314 : Dr Sofia, takes both private and IKA patients. Opening Hours : Morning : 09.00 - 13.00 and Evening 19.00 - 20.30, but from October 2013, she will only see patients in the evening, by appointment. She is able to issue a certain number of free prescriptions at the beginning of each month, after that, she charges 5-10 euros.

Gaia volunteers: 6972 388 717 or Gaia base 27210 79199 : Gaia volunteers are trained in first aid, have an AED(defibrillator) and are available 24/7, for emergency call out. They have equipment for rescuing and transporting casualties from road, mountain or sea accidents, to the health centre or Kalamata Hospital.They may be able provide or arrange free medication for people in need, from their social store, or through their links with the Medical Social Solidarity Network based in Kalamata


May 2013 :The 121,000 euro building work project to improve the Ag. Nikolaos Health Centre was completed at the end of April. Improvements have been needed for some time as the centre is very important for providing health services for the local community especially during the summer months with the increased population. Improvemnents include upgrading the bathroom and kitchen areas, and the heating system, improving access for the disabled, new fire doors and external wooden benches. kalamata24

Agios Nikolaos Health Centre had a website, in both Greek and English, but this is no longer active.


Ambulance : The Health Centre owns an ambulance, but is not always available. Call 27210-77210 or the central number 166.


The Areopoli Health Centre is located on a small road leading off to the left (as you enter the town from the north), just past the AVIN petrol station. Its phone number is 2733 360011 . It is open 24/7 for emergencies, and otherwise Mondays to Fridays from 7.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. for non-urgent matters. It has facilities for x-ray and blood tests. X-ray services are available until 3.00 p.m. every week day, but not on weekends. For blood tests, if you go in on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7.30 and 10.00 a.m. to have the blood taken, they should normally have the results for you by 2.30 p.m. on the same day. Being in Lakonia, the AHC usually refers patients to the hospital in Sparti, but they can also refer to Kalamata. They accept patients from both Messinia and Lakonia

More information from the Sparti Hospital site:-
Areopolis Health Center (Κέντρο Υγείας Αρεόπολης )
The Health Center Areopolis a decentralized primary health care units of Sparta General Hospital, with projected three (3) beds.
Director of the Health Center Areopolis Anargyros D. Mariolis
The Areopolis Health Center operates 24 hours a day along with five (5) Regional clinics serve about 15,000 patients-citizens from the region of Municipalities Itylos and Eastern Mani.

The Areopolis Centre usually has two (2) ambulances to serve the citizens. Weekends operates permanent staffing (medical and other).

Address : AREOPOLI LACONIA, PC 23062
Tel: 2733,360,011, 27330-51242-51259
Fax.: 2733,360,025 : Email:

Kalamata hospital is situated north of Kalamata on the right hand site of Athinon Street after the airport intersection, tel.: 27210-46000.

For further information on Peloponnes' hospitals please check


Ag. Nikolaos health center
In this area you have the opportunity to give blood at the Ag. Nikolaos health centre. The blood bus from Kalamata comes twice a year, the clinic knows the date 20 days in advance.
Kalamata hospital
At other times you can donate your blood at Kalamata hospital. The blood donor centre is in the ground floor and is usually open 9 - 1 am every day, but phone to check (Tel. 27210-46000).

To give blood you have to be less than 60 years, healthy and not on any medication.


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