Breast cancer is the most common cancer of women and the leading cause of death of those in ages 45-60 years. Malignancies of the female breast, are often not noticed, and underestimated by the individuals, thus limiting the possibilities of therapeutic intervention. Characteristically in Greece, diagnosis of breast cancer at an early stage, it is low compared to the rest of Europe. In 2014, the Director of Health Centre Areopolis, Mr. Anargyros Marioli and President of "E.M.E.I.S.", Mr. Gregory Xepapadakos, pointed out changes in health behaviors caused by the economic crisis, and the increasing incidence of breast cancer. hcareopolis.blogspot

Data from the 2014 breast screening :East Mani: 76.1%, Municipality of Sparta: 10.2%, West Mani: 5.1%, Municipality Evrotas: 4.7%, Municipality of Monemvasia: 2.7%, Kalamata Municipality : 1.2%.
The average age of women was 46.3 years.
41% said they have never done mammography
23.7% were uninsured

At the Areopoloi Health Centre ( Κέντρο Υγείας Αρεόπολης) Friday 12th
& Saturday 13th
February 2016

Breast Cancer Prevention & Early Diagnosis
With early detection,
breast cancer can be curable

Doctors from ΕΜΕΙS are offering
FREE clinical examinations
to help with early diagnosis,
to all the inhabitants of Mani

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