If you are unable to afford a doctor or treatment, the Social Solidarity network of Messinia may be able to help. Below are some extracts from their website (Note: Health care laws were changed in 2014, to enable anyone with an AMKA number to get subsidised health care. Now only people without an AMKA number will need treatment at the free clinic)

Are you without social security?
Is your child without the necessary vaccines?
Do you have dental problems?
Are you sick and embarrassed to seek help?
Are you in any way excluded from the national health system?
Are you in a difficult position and cannot find the necessary for your healthcare?
Do you know anyone in need of medical assistance, who cannot go to the doctor or pay for their medication?

In Kalamata, you can find the Social Solidarity Clinic, along with the city's volunteer doctors who compose the Network of Social Solidarity Clinics. It is found on the location of the Old General Hospital, on Athinon street, in the building of the Nursing School. Its entrance is on Agiou Dimitriou street.(see below) All volunteers, doctors, dentists, nurses, medical visitors and social workers, as well as secretary volunteers, are willing and dedicated to serving you in the best possible way within the capabilities of the clinic.

The phone number is 27210 89840 -- email

Is money required in order to get examined by a doctor?
The doctors and dentists of the clinic, with extreme willingness, examine VOLUNTARILY and FREE OF CHARGE, without any discriminations or exclusions, the patients whom our effort aims to, that is, those who are permanent or seasonal residents of our area, and are excluded from any public structure of healthcare, such as the National Health System or the Social Security Funds. The Social Solidarity Clinic was created entirely by volunteers, thanks to personal labor and small and larger donations, and is functioning due to volunteers. No one pays anything in this clinic.

For more information on departments, clinic times, financial donations see SOCIAL SOLIDARITY CLINIC -ENGLISH

Information is also available in a range of other languages

October 2014: The Municipal - Social Pharmacy is open from 9.00 to 17.00 and serves people from Kalamata, and dozens of needy people in the Messinian region and outside the Municipality of Kalamata. They are supplied with drugs from pharmacies of the city but also from individuals. Naturally, for such social structures, there are sometimes shortages in medicines for cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes. The issue of vaccines is tackled in collaboration with the Department of Welfare and the Department of Health.

The Kalamata Social Pharmacy is located at the intersection Santaroza and Papanikolis Beach Kalamata - tel. 27210 93309.Greek



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