Because of the difficult economic conditions, many Greek residents are uninsured, and the Greek Government has introduced a special health care voucher to enable families to get free medical services, so long as they have an AMKA number.This is available to legal Greek residents with low incomes,( < 12,000 for individuals : <25,000 for couples) who are Greek nationals or from other EU countries. Note: See AMKA registration for how to get an AMKA number

The Health Care voucher (SPD) provides free access to primary health care for the following services

• Initial examination by a EOPYY physician or primary care at health centers or hospitals
• Possible referral for assessment by a specialist for performing all diagnostic tests
• Diagnostic tests, from contracted EOPYY diagnostic centers, clinics or health units.
• For pregnant woman - monitoring throughout pregnancy

The first step is to register for a voucher: You can apply on line http://www.healthvoucher.gr/ The site is in Greek, but you only need to click on the 4th box on the right [ Κάντε αίτηση τώρα] (apply now) and the form appears, or you can visit KEP (citizens' advice centre) in Kardamyli** and they will fill in the application for you. If your application is approved, vouchers are issued for up to 8 months (originally only 4 months), apart from pregnancy care vouchers which are valid for 9 months.

During your visit to a health provider you should have your identity card or passport , and your HealthVoucher. The voucher is issued strictly for your personal use and is not transferrable.

Details needed for your application :-

Region of Residence
AMKA number
Surname, Name
Tax number (ΑΦΜ)
ID or passport
Tax return for the year 2013 or 2012
Whether application is for individual or couple

You need to declare 'I lost my insurance capacity' and 'The information provided is accurate and can be tested for correctness by the relevant departments.'

** Andriani speaks English and can help you with your application

Note: Emergency care in hospital is free for anyone with an AKMA number

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