Internet options in Mani - Summer 2017

Local Internet options continued:  Rural VDSL

July 2017: Now, with the first ‘rural VDSL’ (Cosmote) connections being activated in this area, here is an update from Johann von Krause. 
The message is: The new contract may bring you improvements, but that depends, amongst other things, on the distance between your house and the cabinet, to which they connect you. Technically, VDSL is better than ADSL at short distance, but less good over longer distances.
Message Two: Speeds of 50 MB/sec are advertised, but your reality is likely to be a lot lower.

 VDSL is a technology to transport internet (and telephone) signals from the roadside cabinet to your house via copper cable. If that cable is bad, VDSL may not be able to improve it. Fibre-optic cables, such as those put in our roads last year, then connect the roadside cabinets to the general Cosmote network.  In principle, this type of connection can now deliver speeds of 50 MB/sec to your house(3), if you are close enough to the cabinet, but if the distance is more than 1 km, the speed you will get, will be a lot less.
However, if that is an improvement for you, it might still be worthwhile  opting for this contract.

Additional Editor's notes: Internet technology is changing all the time.  In 2013, speed/distance graphs were suggesting significantly better speeds for VDSL2, than 2 years earlier, with around 30Mbps possible at 900m, BUT as more people connect to a cabinet, 'crosstalk' (1) becomes a major problem, 

"What is particularly frustrating about crosstalk is the fact that it is essentially impossible to predict the extent to which a particular broadband user will suffer degraded performance. This is because the level of crosstalk interference depends on the position of the 'pairs'(2) carrying VDSL2 signals with respect to one another. One broadband user could experience significant degradation whereas another could be unaffected. This makes accurate predictions of broadband speeds impossible." 2014 vectoring-crosstalk-crisis

(1) Because of the higher frequencies used, broadband signals are susceptible to a particular type of interference – known as ‘crosstalk’ – from other VDSL2 broadband signals. This can largely be overcome by a technique called 'vectoring', but vectoring is not avialable in many places
(2) Users  are often connected to VDSL2 in 'pairs' to improve speeds
(3) You can check on line (in English), what services OTE are currenly offering for your particular property
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June 2017: Following an announcement that super high speed internet was being tested in Kalamata this summer, Peter Rollett, one of the many W Mani residents, frustrated and angry about the poor internet service available in this area, commented "...  Just to let you know, over this side of Neohorio we are having big problems with Internet. We pay for 4 MB but most days get down below 1 MB and it can be as low as 0.33 MB....." According to Peter, one way to cope is to call up Cosmote 13888, ask them to provide more bandwidth for the next hour in order to do some online banking - which miraculously works.  But this is not good enough for heavy internet users such as Johann von Krause, who has been finding it particularly frustrating while preparing to take over as editor of the PsM website

Cosmote suggested a Hybrid solution for Johann, installing a special router with a built-in SIM card, that provides internet access by DSL line plus, simultaneously by wireless data connection. This solution is expensive, because the wireless data option must be purchased ON TOP of an existing Home DSL 24 contract, but it provides acceptable internet speeds.

Spurred on to look for a better solution, Johann has done a lot of research, which is summarized in the table below, though there might be more options out there.. Unfortunately because local conditions vary a lot, the actual speeds you can get, can really only be determined by testing at your location.

Most local people are aware that fibre-optic cables were installed all along the local roads, some time ago, with the promise of improved internet, which only adds to the frustration. However, people living between Kalamata and Kardamyli, ARE now able to connect to the fibre-optic network, and can get the 'blue' services shown in the table below, and hopefully more of us in Mani will be able to connect later in the year.


1. The pink Cosmote Home contracts are what Peter is talking about in his message.  At locations nearer to the distribution hub in AgNik, the performance can be better than he gets - even tolerable.

2. The blue Cosmote VDSL contracts are not available beyond Kardamyli at this time. There is no reliable information, as to when the cables further into the Mani will be operational. August has been mentioned

3. The  'Rural VDSL' seems to be the secret project for remote areas. Cosmote is currently only offering it by phone marketing, the Cosmote shop in Kalamata seems to know nothing about it. It appears that this technology will be using the new fibre-optic cables, and people who buy this contract will get some form of preferred line to the nearest distribution hub (which for Neochori is next to the Minimarket).  Reviews of this technology on internet forums (eg look promising.

4. The Hybrid solution is clearly an alternative to 3, if you are not worried by the volume limitations implied by wireless data.

5. One satellite internet option,  is provided by a small local supplier Panagiotti. He is providing a service that  a good number of people seem to be quite happy with,  but of course with clear limitations regarding the available speeds.Note:He can be contacted on 697 908 4341

6. The other satellite options, available from 3 suppliers (though there may be more) are described in the table. Important differences are, whether you have to pay for equipment and activation or not.

Table of internet option

Disclaimer: The table shows information as available mid-June 2017. There is a lot of movement in the market, prices and conditions are subject to changes. kalimera-in-neochorio.blogspot gr



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