A Mani Initiative for refugees in Greece

2016: March 23rd : Message from Dr Sofia:-
We are continuing to collect food, water, juices, nappies, shampoes, baby food etc(see below) for refugees and poor people. Donations can be left in supermarkets pharmacies and at my surgery in Stoupa. Pampiraiki volunteering organization announced that they will help refugees in the harbour of Piraeus until they move to a hot spot but the harbour is NOT a permanent place to stay. Unfortunately, a lot of taxi drivers and travel agents take advantage of the desperate attempts to go to Europe, and they ask a lot of money to take people to Omonoia or Eidomeni, so the volunteers are trying to inform and protect them.

Voula Kyriakea visited a solidarity net in Vironas where we are going to send of the products people have donated. This is a photo with Voula and some volunteers in Vironas, Athens. Tomorrow I'm going to Geniki Tachidromiki, to deliver some baby products from my surgery. I m grateful to people that help - thank you!.   Σοφία Χριστοφιλοπούλου

March 16th: Update on plans for supporting both refugees and Greek families in need. Σταγόνα Ανθρωπιάς  ( A drop of Compassion )   The basic needs being collected are: olive oil, olives, "paximadia", (dried bread pieces), pasta, rice, long-life milk, sugar, dried peas/beans, and biscuits...    The collection places are the Pharmacies and Supermarkets of the area and Dr Sofia's clinic  (see below items being collected until March 18th continuing)


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March 9th : Last weekend Dr Sofia visited Piraeus Harbour (GateE1), and spoke to the volunteers there, to find out what is needed most. They have asked for .....

baby wipes, nappies , food for infants like purées and milk, babies bottles, push chairs, also sanitary pads, shampoos, razors

You can take these donations to Dr Sofia's office in Stoupa  ( 09:00 am-14:00pm)
Piraeus volunteers have a lot of things for one week and they are trying to organise them. They also supply Elliniko's refugees and Eidomeni 's refugees(Greece /Macedonia border). While she was in Piraeus, Dr Sofia saw a lot of people arriving in their cars and offering boxes with food and things.
NB : If someone prepares a box with things, it is important to write on the outside what it contains.


March 9th: There was a very generous response to the appeal by Dr Sofia's for olives, oil and paximadi . Thank you everyone who contributed. Here is a message from Voula Kyriakea  who started the idea    WE TARGETED, WE PLANNED, WE DID IT

Message from Dr Sofia:-

UPDATE - You can also take donations of παξιμαδι (rusks), olive oil and olives to  my office on FRIDAY MARCH 4th 09:00 am-14:00pm
There is an initiative by Voula Kyriakea to collect and send food and other things to refugees in Athens. We are contacting some volunteer organizations, Doctors without Borders etc. to ensure supplies go to appropriate people.

As a beginning, anyone who is interested in helping could bring παξιμαδι (rusks), olive oil and olives ** to my office in Stoupa 09:00 am-14:00pm tomorrow (March 3rd), to the Pharmacy of Stoupa, again the same hours today and tomorrow, or contact Voula Kyriakea on 6972 672 908 or
** These are the products that have enabled Maniots to survive during hard times when they had little else.

This initiative is going to continue with more products. I'm going to Athens this weekend and I'm going to visit the harbour of Piraeus to see exactly the needs and find reliable organizations to send products to, like Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders.

Thank you for your support


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