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July 14th 2017 : Protest  reported by George Moundrea 'Projects for culture ... without culture!' :  There was surprise about  the amount of funding approved recently by  SATA (Collegial Local Government Decision) for the  conservation of  the Cultural Center of Stoupa, ".. .given the complete lack of any cultural activity (theater group, choir, traditional dances, art workshop, sporting events etc.)... " He noted that "... .Any steps of cultural activity are based primarily on private initiative and the efforts of clubs and cultural institutions that give breath to culture in the spiritual wilderness of the Municipality of West Mani....."

The protest is because excesses are seen in projects that have little benefit to the local community, as in this case, while other projects are neglected. ** Also the work done on the Cultural Centre so far does not justify the expense. Since 2008, according to published data, a total of 205,670.66 euros has been approved for the creation of the Cultural Centre. The new project for its repair and maintenance, was announced by the Mayor of W Mani on 02/06/2017, with an estimated budget of 60,000 euros including VAT,  bringing the overall total to more than 265,000 euros!
It is understood that Stoupa's Cultural Center is being renovated   this year because it is the 60th anniversary of Kazantzakis' death, and it will be renamed the Nikos Kazantzakis Centre.

** Since July 2015 (ie three consecutive summers), the repair to the playgrounds of the Municipality of Western Mani  has been pending, although the relevant money order (only about 10,000 Euros) was approved on 09/03/2016.

Summary in GERMAN
For the full document in Greek see .... Έργα για τον πολιτισμό... χωρίς πολιτισμό

March 22nd 2017 : Update on the Stoupa Culutural Centre
Message from Lydia Ellis:-
Unfortunately, the SCC Action Group has now disbanded. We tried hard last summer to raise money to help towards the essential repairs necessary for the Cultural Centre to be a workable, safe and artistic venue for the whole community. We had a meeting with the Mayor and conversations with the Deputy Mayor regarding how we could assist them. However, the responses we received were not positive

We would like to thank all of those people who donated money towards the fund and we will return the donations to them to do as they wish. We would also like to thank the many people who signed the petition ..... more


For  a series of photos explaining just SOME of the problems that need attention, see   insidethemani  Here is one -The lower pipe comes from the toilets, the upper pipe leads to the septic tank....This chamber is unsealed at the bottom, so every "flush" just soaks away, presumably into the sea very nearby.

October 6th: Message from Lydia :- Proposal for official recognition of the fund raising committee - ' We are now aiming to put in a ticket (i.e. formal proposal)  so that the repairs to the SCC and the role of the fund raising committee can be officially noted  at a future council meeting, in order to move forward.
Following Mike Heath's Quiz on September 28th, we now have €1219.40 available for repairs' 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us. Some of the money has already been spent on outside lighting (installed by Roland) which will make a big difference to the outside venue.

2016 :Summary of fund-raising so far
June 14 - 1st 'The Wall'              €300
July 6th - The Wizard of Oz        €205
July 28th - 2nd 'The Wall'           €308
Aug 23rd - 3rd 'The Wall'            €236.40
Sep 28th - Pop music Quiz        €395   
TOTAL to October 6th            €1444.40

July: outside lighting                   €225

Message from Lydia : "...we are looking for people to be on the Events Co-ordinating - anyone interested in helping in this respect should contact me". Lydia Ellis asap

The SCC Action Group hopes to raise 5000€  to carry out maintenance work - for the detailed proposals see AIMS OF THE SCC action group

More photos in PsM Flickr GALLERY



February 2016: Message from Lydia Ellis :-
I would like you to thank everyone who has signed the Cultural Centre petition and particularly those people who also left a comment. So far we have 106 signatures on line, and approx another 80 who signed when we put on the performances of “The Wizard of Oz”, so we are getting close to 200 signatures.

I have heard that some people have not signed because "  the Dimos hasn't got any money and won't be able to do anything about it”.  Of course they have a valid point. However, the petition is really to raise consciousness about the situation and to let the Dimos know that the community wants to do something to help, and to get their support for any action we propose to put to them. In this respect signatures on the petition are important, and we would like to have a lot more, particularly from the local community..

Mat Dean (“Inside the Mani” and “The Wall”) and myself have had a long conversation and we believe we need to move forward now by forming an Action Committee. Roland Mueller (Electrician, and “The Wall”) has drawn up costings of some of  the most urgent work that needs doing, and the idea is to form a priority ladder with a schedule of works and costings beside each one so that we can organize fund raising events which will target the work one step at a time.

So far, myself, Mat, Roland, John Stratos, Kathy Joyce and Joanna Doulakis have volunteered to be part of the Action Committee to draw up an action plan. Part of this action plan would be to see if we can encourage interested supporters to be part of a Fund Raising and Publicity Committee. We would like anyone who has experience in fund raising and publicity to be part of this committee. This committee would need a Chair person and Treasurer, and their aim would be to organize fund raising events throughout the year, to raise money for each of the essential works on the costings ladder, and to bring the tourists attention to the wonderful facility that we could have here.

The Action Committee would also talk to the Dimos about their action plan, as we will obviously need their support and approval at each stage, to independently organize these works, once the funds have been raised.

We would really welcome people and supporters of the Stoupa Cultural Centre, interested in joining the Action Committee or the Fund Raising and Publicity Committee, to come forward with their skills and talents so that we  can make the Stoupa Cultural Centre a  vibrant, creative and artistic space for the whole community.   We envisage it to be a community hub for shows, art exhibitions, music events and theatre, and to be used regularly throughout the year for creative activities.

Anyone interested in being a part of this exciting initiative can contact me on .
You can still add your signature to the petition [SIGN HERE}.


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