October 1st: Report on Council meeting: Johann von Krause presented the WATER NOW petition to the deputy mayor after the council meeting on September 29th, as the opposition had refused to have the matter on the agenda. He was given a committment that it will be officially treated at the next meeting and he will be invited.

According to Johann :-
The council meeting was a lengthy and acrimonious affair, and water matters were high on the agenda. Some of the issues/allegations covered were

Reports of poor water quality - many contaminants including lead
Unpaid electricity bills resulting in power cuts to the water pumps
Money from water bills missing/unaccounted for
Failure to read water meters, so water bills not available when people went to pay.

Because of the allegations and lack of documentation, the next step will be to call in external auditors to get some clarifications on the financial situation of the Municipality, and there will be investigation of water quality.

For the full report sent to people who signed the petition see COUNCIL MEETINGSept29_2014

September 28th: PLEASE USE the DIMOS◄►LINK:
A number of the recent supply problems have now been dealt with or in the process of resolution.
From now on, unless the matter is REALLY URGENT, please use the DIMOS◄►LINK email to report problems or leave a message at the Water Office 27210 73060. Messages will be checked every day at 15.00


September 22nd : MORE WATER SUPPLY PROBLEMS! Comments from some very unhappy residents:-
Vasialeika near Riglia " .............have had little or no water for the last week. Those of us who live in the lower part of the area have been lucky enough to have small amounts come in to top up storage tanks, but I know that the residents living higher up the hill have had nothing because there has been no pressure."

Platsa " ............This year, up until September, we had very few problems even in the height of the summer, but this month the supply of water has slowly deteriorated with the last 7 days being particularly bad where we have had little or no water. Our neighbours & friends who live further up the hill have had no water for over a week & their stock is extremely low. "

Poliana "..........we are about 20 inhabited houses in the area that has now been without water for 9 days by the 20th September! From 28th August we were without a drop of water for 13! days, then 2 days with normal distribution before this period started. During summer we have been without water for at least 40 days in total. I have had a house here for 8 years and it has never been as bad as this summer."


September 20th : After 5 weeks without a supply, and 3 emergency tanker deliveries of water from the Dimos, at least one household in Kardamili is now very happy to have mains water again.


September 14th : We understand that all the serious recent problems with the water supply, have now been dealt with for the time being, but the Dimos is aware that some people may still not have an adequate water supply. The new administration needs YOUR help to deal with the remaining problems.

Sometimes, when a main water delivery route is repaired, people on branches of the supply, may still have problems which the Dimos is not aware of, some of which may have been caused by the lack of water flow. eg seized valves, leaks, silt.

If YOU are still without a consistent supply, please contact Giorgos Giatrakos 697 726 4192 ( Deputy with responsibility for water) with details of the problem, and the EXACT LOCATION OF YOUR HOUSE.**

Not all properties have addresses that identify the house, so please give additional information, if needed, and if possible, your water meter number. Giorgos speaks some English, but if you need URGENT help, you can contact Christina Constantios(Gaia) 697 238 8217

**The old administration has not passed on any documentation about the water supply system, to the new W Mani Administration, and they do not know the location of many minor pipe runs.

September 2nd: PROBLEMS ARE FAR FROM OVER! - No water in Platsa and Kotroni for a week: A home owner who is supplied from Platsa said "......the supply was better over the holiday season, but all that changed a week ago when the water went off again. Despite pressure from ourselves and a Greek neighbour, no information has been forthcoming from the water office in Kardamili. and we are back to the original situation. Luckily we have a large tank, but our elderly neighbours are in a desperate situation. Currently my wife and Greek neighbour are at the water office trying to get a tanker delivery"

August 31st : THE 'WATER NOW' PETITION IS CLOSED . All names and signatures will be printed out ready to be presented to the new Mayor

August 29th : Earlier in the summer, when Johnann von Krause had suffered from lack of water for several weeks, the started a petition in English, to demand a more reliable water supply. Before he returned to Germany, this got press coverage, 438 signatures from residents/visitors from many countries, and high-lighted the threat to tourism and investment, created by inadequate infrastructure. Now Johann is back, and although he is benefiting from the improved supply in Neochori, he is continuing to be active on behalf of our community, and plans to take the petition to the new Mayor, when he takes office in September.

August 23rd: Help from the Dimos: It is good to know that the Dimos is acting promptly to supply water by tanker, when the mains supply fails. (See ABOUT WATER for advice from the Dimos on what do do when the water supply fails)

Message from an appreciative customer, first published on the Zorbas camboard (Dimos gets an A*):-

"We have had no water now for almost 2 weeks here in Kardamyli so we visited the Dimos on Tuesday as our spare water tank was getting low. It was explained clearly that our lack of water was due to the demand at this time of year and the resultant low pressure means we don't have a supply. We were told they were very busy but would endeavour to deliver water to us that same day. Within 2 hours we received a call to say 6000 Litres was on it's way, very impressive and we were very grateful. I shall call in to express our gratitude because I'm sure they don't receive a bundle at this time of year." (August 22)

July 31st: : In many places, there is only intermittent water, and cuts without warning. Even in Ag Dimitrios, which is right by the sea, we have been without water all afternoon, the last couple of days.

July 22 : Neohorio now has some water. They have fitted a new pump, but people above the village have very little, 100/200lt per night/early morning and some still haven't got any at all. Peter Rollett rang for the tanker last Friday three times but they did not ring back. Some water was delivered by tanker, but he did not get any, although where he lives, water was not on at 04.30 and was off by 08.30 this morning!


So far 387 people have signed the WATER NOW ! on-line petition for a reliable water supply.
See below, to add your support

July 20th: Water going to waste but hope for the future?

Water in the wrong place!

Unpaid water bills > inadequate maintenance > water running to waste!

July 19th: We were sent these photos which were taken near Deborah's riding school in Proastio. 'The water has been overflowing from the tank for weeks now - the olive groves are flooded and the water is just running down the street like a river - gallons and gallons a day. They turn it off sometimes to stop the water running down the road but this day it was flowing freely' !!

Hope for the future?

We have been informed that the Mayor elect, who used to be Mayor of Lefkton realizes the vital importance of establishing a reliable water supply. His goal is to get major improvements by Easter 2015. In the short-term, he can't do anything until he takes up office on September 1st, but there is a possibility that if the WATER NOW petition/ campaign keeps the pressure on, a small amount of money can be made available direct from the government. So, tell your friends about the petition! It is hoped that a Greek version will soon be circulated in the villages. The more people who join the protest, the more likely it is that water will remain a priority for the new council!

Even if your village has a good water supply, you can support the cause. Our tap water comes from many different sources through a poorly maintained, degenerate supply system. Even if you have water now, unless there are major improvements in the provision and maintenance of the water supply, there is a good possibility that you will be without water at some point in the future!


The wave of protest grows! On July 18th, a protest meeting with the Mayor was reported on BEST tv and in today's Eleftheria

For a rough translation see WATER-NOWjuly18

The Mayor's answers gave little hope of a reliable water supply in the near future , but he estimated that 'you can not solve the problem of water within 3 years when the drilling of Gonatsas will provide the solution'


The serious water problems in Neochori were reported in Eleftheria on July 16th

"The problem of water this summer, is more serious than ever in Neohori Lefktrou, Mani. People are fed up, because a big part of the tourist village that has grown dramatically in recent years with cottages and accommodation for many visitors, has had no water on consecutive days. This situation is compelling tourists to leave, rather than withstand the torment."

At a meeting yesterday in Neohori, people were complaining and harshly criticizing the municipality of West Mani. Many Greeks as well as foreigners related their experience of water woes. The failure of a major pump, and a delay in its replacement, have proved the 'last straw' for many people!

Later, comments from the Mayor offered little reassurance. Basically he was saying there IS a problem, and although there is water in Mani, they have neither funds nor staff to do much more about it. People with tap water were asked to conserve it.

A broken water pump
+ old distribution system
+ many more people and properties
+ Dimos with debts, and inadequate staff


Many angry people with an inadquate water supply
+ bad publicity
+ people leaving
+ damage to local economy

............ and no real solution in sight!




JULY 14th - Petition for WATER NOW!

Water - or rather the lack of it, is becoming a major issue and a potential threat to tourism and economic recovery in Mani!

Many of us have been suffering from inadequate water supplies, and have repeatedly asked the Dimos for help, and been frustrated by the lack of action or information. Now someone is taking a stand, and has started a petition to demand a stable water supply! You can sign below

Here is an extract from a letter this irate new Mani resident ( Johann W.von Krause) has sent to the Mayor and the Periferia :-

'.......... In June we had 5 days without one drop of water, and since nearly 4 weeks now we have water only for a maximum of 4 hours per 24 hours, often less and usually in the middle of the night. Under these circimstances it is hardly possible to lead a decent life. We cannot do our washing, we can hardly ever take a shower and we have to bring water to flush the toilet by container in our car. We have had to ask our children, with small babies, to not visit or leave us because of this water restriction, we have given friends, who were considering to move here like us, the advice that they should not consider this unless they can put up with an indequate water supply...'

THE PETITION by Johann W. von Krause :To be delivered to The Mayor, Municipality Western Mani and The Governor, Region Messinias, Greece


Municipality of Western Mani and Regional Government of Messinias: We need water! A stable water supply is the basis of decent life. Ensuring it is the main duty of local public administration. Please ensure stable water delivery NOW!


June 2014 - Once again, many people, especially those living in the hill villages of Platsa, Riglia, Exochori and Neochori, have been experiencing serious cuts in their water supply over the last few weeks.

This is not a new problem. Although in W. Mani we are still get plenty of rain in winter/spring, there is little collection and storage of winter rain, and the water distribution system is old and fragile, so it often breaks and a lot of water runs to waste. The result, some people in West Mani, especially those living in hillside properties, that are not near village springs, are without a water supply for days, even weeks at a time, in summer.

Unfortunately, the situation is particularly bad at the moment. We have heard that amongst other problems, a major supply pump broke and there was a delay in getting and installing a new one.

Ag Nikon is one village that has suffered badly, as an irate letter of protest to the Mayor points out - "....The residents of the Municipal District St. Nikon express our strong protest with the Municipal Authority and blaming it for the deliberate indifference to the issue of rehabilitation of the water supply in our village for eighteen 18 days . During this time we remain without a drop of water, and have to travel a distance of 9 kilometers to go to the adjoining and neighboring Districts to procure it in plastic containers and bottles, to address our basic needs....." THARROS

We have asked the Dimos for informaton and advice, but so far we have not had a reply. As the holiday season builds up, and there is an increasing demand for water, there are likely to be continuing supply problems. So please be aware that heavy water usage in the coastal areas, will cause pressure reduction and cuts to supply in many of the hill villages.

For those without water : If you have a water storage tank, the Dimos can arrange for a tanker to delivery water - see ABOUT WATER

The best solution would be a new water collection/distribution system, but that would be very expensive, take time, and is not something Greece can afford!

In the meantime there are things that we can ALL do, to help reduce water consumption without reducing our quality of life!

1) Report leaks to the Dimos - either hand in a message at the town hall in Kardamyli or email through the West Mani website . Here is a link to the form DIMOS MESSAGE

2) Report loss of supply to the Dimos as soon as possible. It may be an official water rationing cut off, but it may be due to a problem in the supply line or even a mistake!

3) Use water carefully, especially in summer. Here is a list of over 100 ways to conserve water WATER: USE IT WISELY, many without cost.

4) Be aware that at certain times of day there is a big demand for water so pressure may be reduced. This can result in there being inadequate pressure to supply the hillside properties with ANY water.

5) Collect water from A/C systems. Ideal for watering plants

6) Use the short flush on toilets whenever possible.

7) Fill water storage tanks at night when the pressure will be higher

8) Encourage friends and neighbours to be water aware.



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