After the September 2016 storms/floods : Where to report problems

General emergency number 112

If you still have problems after the storm/floods, here are some contacts

The power company DEDDHE / Kalamata District had a great many problems which affected not only the power, supply but also water, as pumping stations were out of action, and they issued this message on Sep 9th
Consumers please communicate where you have damage to DEDDHE / Kalamata District tel. 27210-97878, 1050 24 hours a day. Please note that for operational reasons, ONLY communicate with the DEDDHE about current damage problems and not issues that can be addressed after solving natural disaster problems

The mains water supply has been restored in most places. If you still have problems/leaks see ABOUT WATER

Road access :
The Dimos is dealing with roads. Despite many roads being made impassable by the storms, in most places access was restored very quickly with temporary repairs. If you still have access problems, you can contact the Dimos either direct MESSAGE TO DIMOS or Through DIMOS<>LINK

General hardship:
Gaia have had huge demands on their services in recent days, from pumping out many flooded properties, to dealing with medical emergencies in adverse conditions, but if you, or someone you know needs help, they are still the best first contact GAIA CONTACTS

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