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One this page we put small items of news/information that may be of interest. They will be in order of receipt with the most recent first. If you have any news/links you would like to share, send them to

Health warning about meat products :Cases of a potentially deadly disease carried in sausages and other meat products, made with EU meat -  the so-called 'Brexit virus' - are on the rise.The strain of hepatitis E (HEV) has been linked to pig farms on the Continent after the tropical virus mutated to infect livestock. Humans can catch the disease by eating undercooked pork, sausages, pork pies and bacon. Once ingested, the virus is carried to the liver, causing people with weakened immune systems to become seriously ill. However, most people who come into contact with the disease contract a nasty, flu-like cold.This strain has been linked to pig farms in France, Holland, Germany and Denmark and is only killed in meat if people cook it for longer than usual. TheTelegraph ( 23-5-17)

Deep Mani gets publicity in the UK : An article in the Guardian newspaper (Europe’s hidden coasts: the Deep Mani, Greece)  "The Deep Mani starts at the town of Areopoli, above Itylo Bay. Its best-known attraction is on the coast just south of there, and gives you a taste of just how deep this area can get. The Diros caves are extensive and spectacular. Most people get no farther than this, but it is well worth carrying on down the coast, where the tourist coaches disappear and even other traffic is rather sparse...... " There follows an interesting review of places round the tip of the Mani Peninsular theguardian (21-5-17)

The clean swimming waters round Kalamata: Every fortnight during the bathing season (from May 10th) DEYAK checks on water quality of the marine area, from the Kart  area of West Beach Kalamata to Mikri Mantineia. According to an announcement  by the company,  findings revealed  that the bathing waters in the Municipality of Kalamata region are of excellent quality. tharros (21-5-17)

Rubbish problems continue: The waste processing plan for the Peloponnese Region seems mired in bureaucracy! Having previously scheduled to ratify an agreement by the end of April, local authorities have not agreed the management of the plan and have not signed the agreement. The government have committed to proceed with the plan and have committed that contracts will be signed by the end of May and if necessary the state will manage the contract….There is no indication when we will experience an improvement in local rubbish management.  Tharros ( HS 18/5/17) Note: We have heard that the W Mani Dimos is trying to agree a temporary (2 month) contract.CP

Mosquito spraying….From Monday the 8th of May, the department of Regional Public Health sprayed in areas of standing/stagnant water to kill mosquito larvae. This is part of a programme which has been operational since Mid March and will continue throughout the year. The programme encompasses Kalamata, Messini, Gialova and the Mani and other areas in the province of Messinia. Whilst the programme is aimed at public areas, if you have concerns or wish to understand how to prevent mosquito colony infestation, there is a toll-free help line: 80011 2444244 and a land line 2710 557058. As a general practice you should avoid leaving water to stagnate, which can create an ideal environment for mosquitoes to breed. kalamata journal (HS 15/5/17)

New Tourist Office in Kalamata :  The new Office of Tourism to Support the Municipality of Kalamata was inaugurated on May 12, 2017  in ​​the historic Town Hall, on Aristomenous road 28, on the ground floor. will be open from 9.00 until 21.00 weekdays and weekends tharros (15-5-17)

Good news from 'Ocean Cleanup' : On May 11th during, at The Next Phase event, they finally unveiled what they had been covertly working on for the past two years; an improvement to their design that will enable them to start extracting plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch within the next 12 months. This design improvement also increases the efficiency of the system; they estimate to be able to remove half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in just 5 years!  The design improvement entails making the cleanup system mobile. Rather than fixing a system to the seabed at great depths, they will use sea anchors to ensure the systems move slower than the plastic. The cleanup will be carried out by a fleet of systems, rather than one massive system. ocean cleanup  (13-5-17)

Temporary reprieve for the Taygetos! :The environment inspectorate put a stop to all work on the windfarm on the Saggia ridge until the obligatory environment study has been completed. Work will certainly not be able to recommence until the end of the breeding season (end June). However this is a delay not a cancellation of the project.Tharros HS(11-5-17)

Legal challenge to windfarm work:  On May 9th it was reported that the legal challenge to the commencement of work on the wind farm on the Saggia ridge of the Taygetos, has now been lodged with the Gytheio prosecutor, by a number of local associations. Work on the wind farms, agreed by the Ministry of the Environment, was not supposed to start until after the bird breeding season finished in June. However, the hearing of the case has been postponed  until the 21st of June.  Local associations have also appealed against the Council of State decision to proceed with building wind farms on the Taygetos which is an EU ’Natura 2000’ site. Kathimerini  HS (10-5-17)  Note: see also MayArchive

Sunday opening opposed in Kalamata: The Kalamata Commercial  Association and the Federation of Professional and Craft Trade Associations of Messinia unanimously decided to follow the decision of the EERA and GESEVE in the nationwide closure of shops to protest at the government's decision to sign the bill abolishing Sunday closing. They invite all fellow merchants to support the unanimous decision of the senior trade institutions participating in the mobilization, united to express their opposition to Sunday opening, and ensure Sunday remains a holiday.  They also ask the general public to support their decision. Tharros  (7-5-17)  

Ocean Clean up - the next step: The Ocean Cleanup team is working hard on its long-term goal to initiate the full-scale cleanup of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by 2020. To ensure optimization of their technology, they test and evaluate the barriers’ capability and survivability in multiple ways. Among others, they investigate how the the barrier reacts to multiple conditions to forecast the behavior of the barrier in the ocean. On Thursday May 11th 2017, they will be sharing a very special announcement with the world. They have covertly been working on this development for several years now, and are finally ready to talk about it openly.Ocean cleanup You can watch the presentation in Utrecht  LIVE at 8pm CET ( 9pm EET) on May 11th    (6-5-17)

Coronary angiography unit opens in Kalamata :The new coronary angiography in Kalamata hospital, has begun operation. The team of doctors and nurses are now able to offer coronary angioplasty** Note that the new coronary angiography was donated by Stavros Niarchos Foundations-Victoria and George Karelia -Kapetan Claus and Carmen Konstantakopoulou. Tharros (6-5-17)
**A coronary angioplasty is a procedure used to widen blocked or narrowed coronary arteries (the main blood vessels supplying the heart). Coronary angioplasties are also often used as an emergency treatment after a heart attack.


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