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Gaia receives an award - Gaia was recently recognised by the Hellenic FIre Service for the fantastic work they do in the Messinia region. Christina Constantios attended the award ceremony in Kalamata last week to collect the Award. Well done to Christina and all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication! Details (AP 1-12-17)

Nomad Parcel service - Nomad are offering customers a 10% discount on Nomad Parcels bookings between now and Christmas. This service utilises the extensive UPS network for door-to-door parcel delivery, at much cheaper prices than booking directly with UPS. It is a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to send parcels.Just enter the code "CHRISTMAS17" when you book. and you will receive 10% off. Note: The last departure for bigger removals from Greece to the UK is around 27th November Details (AP 25-11-17)

Storm Eurydice arrives in Messinia and Kalamata: caution is advised over the next few days with warnings issued for severe thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, potential flooding and strong winds. The weather is expected to improve from Monday. Tharros (AP 16-11-17)

A rally on November 9th and a strike on 12th is planned by private employees: The private sector employees of the Prefecture of Messinia continue their struggle on Sunday, November 12, with the mobilization of the union at 11.00 am. in  March 23rd Square, Kalamata, while three days earlier, on November 9th, they will participate in in rally which will also be held in the March 23rd Square for the same reason.Tharros (CP7-11-17)

Mani athletes protest about lack of sports facilities in Mani : The athletes of the two clubs of the region, the Mani Sports Association and the Sports Association of Avia made a token protest. during the meeting of the two teams in the 6th match of the A1 category. The players were photographed together in front of a banner that read "The Maniatopoulos want their own stadium". The whole area of ​​Mani does not have a single stadium, while other municipalities that have more than one, so athletes get tired of doing workouts and giving their home games to Kalamata. Tharros (CP7-11-17)

November sales period: The Novemver discount period runs from November 1st to 15th and the law allows the operation of  stores on Sunday, November 5, from 11.00 am. until 8.00 pm. During the discount period, in addition to the indication of the old and the new price of the products and services sold at a discount, advertising and commercial communication of a discount rate is permitted. Where discounts are inaccurate or misleading in respect of their percentage or accuracy of the prices quoted, or in terms of the quantity of products offered for sale or involve any form of concealment or misleading of the consumer, a fine of 1% of annual turnover will be imposed. Tharros (CP2-11-17)

Can olive oil be produced in space? The first attempt to produce olive oil in space it is being done by a group of youngsters attending the 4th and 6th Gymnasium of Kalamata, in collaboration with the US-based Blue Space aerospace company. They will ship Messinian olives to space to see how oil production evolves in zero gravity conditions. The important experiment besides its educational nature is expected to provide scientists with useful conclusions about the chemical reaction of olive oil in these conditions, but also important information on whether it could remain there for a long time to become part of the diet of astronauts.tanea  (CP27-10-17)

Kalamata Market on October Friday 27th: Due to the National Holiday on October 28th, the Kalamata Municipa Market will take place on Friday 27 October. Tharros (CP25-10-17)

Drought threatens olive harvest: With the data so far, about olive cultivation, it appears that in regions of the Peloponnese geographical districts, visual checks suggest a possible problem for olive oil and edible olives, with symptoms of small fruit formation, fruit dehydration and, in extreme cases, the appearance of tanning instead of of the normal green color for the season.The severity of the problem depends also on local soil and climatic conditions and is found in non-irrigated olive groves.
The phenomenon is based on evolving climate change and directly affects olive cultivation, which is a dominant part of economic life in the Region, and olive olive farmers affected by the drought during this olive oil period, are seeking compensation from the Government, based on comparison with production in the last 3 years . kalamatajournal (CP25-10-17)

Confusion about the tax on income from short-term rentals such as Airbnb : Back in July, the legislation to tax incomes from short-term rentals via online platforms like Airbnb was published in a circular issued by the General Secretary for Public Revenues. The legislation  imposed tax rates for incomes coming from short-term rentals via the online platform Airbnb. A 15% tax to be charged from the first euro, while there are cases where the state can grab half of the Airbnb income with a tax of 45%.Keeptalking greece. However, according to recent news, there is considerable uncertainty about the details! It is not clear when the new laws come into effect, what short-term real estate leases are included, what rental periods are included etc What IS clear is that the Greek Finance Ministry aims to raise some 48 million euros in 2018 from the Airbnb revenues. Tharros (23-10-17)

Return of Greek Capital Gains Tax: Capital gains tax, which was suspended for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, will come back from the new year (2018) on the basis of the updated Memorandum agreed. This was stated by the economist Kostas Kraniotis, who explained that  those who own property and want to sell houses, plots etc. will, from 2018, find in front of them the burden of Capital gains tax. The capital gains tax will be charged at a rate of 15% on the profit that arises between the acquisition price and the sale price of each property. The tax will be charged to the seller of the property while the buyer will owe a transfer tax of 3% on the fair value of the property Note:  the amount of the capital gain to be taxed, will depend on length of ownership Tharros  (CP23-10-17)

WARNING - A new and dangerous on line game"48-Hour Challenge" has become increasingly popular with children and adolescents.
This is a shocking new game that began on Facebook and encourages children to 'disappear' for as long as possible. The game has begun to take on dangerous dimensions and has spread across all social media, causing great concern to parents and educators. Particularly worrying, if the youngster’s family members make desperate posts online in an attempt to find them, the player will get a higher score. Tharros  (CP22-10-17)

New direct flights from Belgium to Kalamata in 2018 : Flights by Brussels Airline from Zaventem Airport to Kalamata will start on April 28 and continue to October 6, 2018. The air link will take place once a week, every Saturday, directly from Zaventem Airport in Brussels.The Peloponnese regional governor, Petros Tatoulis, stressed that the air link is the result of the Region's strategy for the continuous development of the International Airport "Captain Vassilis Konstantakopoulos" in Kalamata and the cooperation of the Region of Peloponnese with TEMES SA Tharros (CP22-10-17)

Air Mediterraneanair med lunches new flights: Air Mediterranean has recently announced the launch of seven new international flights out of Athens that will be flying to, London, Stockholm, Jeddah, Casablanca, Khartoum and Iraq (Baghdad and Erbil), starting November 1, 2017 with flights to London & Stockholm. All its flights will be scheduled and take place throughout the year.  Ticket prices for all European destinations will start from 85 euros, including airport taxes and other fees. Greek Reporter  (CP13-10-17)

E-Fresh on-line supermarket : A reliable and modern solution for online grocery in Greece has finally arrived - www.e-Fresh.gr   It is the largest and most comprehensive online supermarket serving Attica and also most of rural cities. This constitutes a major change in the field of supermarkets in the country, as until e-Fresh arrived, there hadn’t been a trustworthy and quality online service for home delivery of supermarket goods. Customers can place orders from just 25€, while free deliveries are offered for orders above 55€. For more about the service see XpatAthens. The website is in English & Greek and they offer a 'chat' service about orders E-Fresh ordering  (CP 6-10-17)

Collapse of Monarch :The airline and tour operator Monarch went into administration on 2 October 2017. All flights & Future bookings have been cancelled, but the Civil Aviation Authority is arranging for replacement flights to repatriate the 100,000 passengers currently abroad. Information on the MONARCH website. You can also find information and advice on flights, accommodation and reimbursement for expenses incurred by calling the hotline on 0300 303 2800 (if calling from the UK) or +44 1753 330 330 (if calling from outside the UK).  GOV UK.   (CP 2-10-17)



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