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One this page we put small items of news/information that may be of interest. They will be in order of receipt with the most recent first. If you have any news/links you would like to share, send them to

New AED (heart-attack defibrillator) to be kept at Steki Taverna: A new AED has been donated by Anne Gilbert and Kim Kilroy-Burns. It will be kept at Steki in Stoupa. If anybody would like any training  regarding this unit please do not hesitate to get in touch with Anne Gilbert email:  (AP 1/12/18)

Danish homeware retailer JYSK opening in Kalamata: JYSK is inaugurating two new outlets in the towns of Kalamata and Pyrgos in the Peloponnese on Thursday 30th August, bringing the number of stores it operates in Greece to 21. Jysk has over 2500 stores in 50 countries worldwide. According to the company’s plan, its Greek network will come to a total of 40 stores, with owner Lars Larsen pledging completion by the end of 2020. In Kalamata, the new store is located at the port (Tsamadou, Koroni and Kanari), while in Pyrgos the store is located at the 1st km of Patras - Pyrgos. www.jysk.gr (AP 28/8/18)

New post office in Stoupa: There is a new post office in Stoupa - it is located behind the Stoupa Hotel. We have no further info at the moment but will update you as soon as we know the opening hours. (AP 28/8/18)

End to undeclared income from rentals via Airbnb: The Greek governmnt is putting an end to undeclared income from renting out properties via Airbnb. There is a new framework for registering and taxing rental properties, with taxes of up to 45 percent of receipts and steep non-compliance fines of 5,000 euros.  The governor of the Independent Authority for Public Revenues (AADE, Greece’s IRS), Yorgos Pitsilis, signed a decision, effective 1 January, 2018, requiring registration of short-term rentals and an online declaration of the income at AADE’s website www.aade.gr. The AADE has already initiated cooperation with digital platforms that deal in international short-term rentals to share information.  Short-term rentals will be taxed in accordance with the tax scale for all-year rentals, based on the total annual rental income. That currently provides a 12,000 euro tax free limit. The first step is for homeowners to list their property on a special AADE registry, with each apartment or house receiving a separate registration.  The “administrator” of the property, who may be the owner or the person with the legal right to use it, must submit all data necessary in order to determine the annual rental receipts. A fine of 5,000 euros is the penalty for three categories of non-compliance with the new rules: Failure to list the property on the short-term rental registry; failure to clearly report the registration number in tax declarations; and failure of administrators to include the “Special Operation Permit” number in the advertisement on international short-term rental platforms. To Bhma (AP 2/8/18)

Urgent call to give blood - a nationwide appeal has been issued asking for blood donations to help all those injured in the Attica fires. For residents in Messinia, the nearest centre is Kalamata Hospital.Dimos facebook page (AP 26/7/18),  

Relief effort to help those affected by the firesThe mobilisation of associations started yesterday in Messinia aimed at gathering essentials to relieve the victims of the deadly fires in Attica. In particular, citizens who want to help can address the following:

The Greek Red Cross has opened a bank account for individuals or companies that want to contribute financially to relieve the people affected.
Account Information:
EUROBANK WORKING BANK A.E. No. Account 0026.0240.31.0201181388 IBAN GR6402602400000310201181388
The Greek Red Cross remains in the affected areas by working with its human resources and the rescue equipment alongside the Greek State and local authorities. At the same time, the Regional Department of the Hellenic Red Cross of Kalamata gathers essential necessities to relieve the victims of the deadly fires in Attica. At present, water, individual juices, dried food, cans, cereal bars and nuts are needed.  Tel: 27210 87737 & 2721088313   email: eeskal@otenet.gr

Action of solidarity with the victims of the fires of Attica was undertaken and implemented by the Commercial Association and the Cultural Association of Kyparissia with a collection of bottled water.  According to the announcement, "Kyparissia Commercial Association, in cooperation with the Cultural Club of Kyparissia (MESK), is collecting bottled water for our affected fellow citizens who really need it in this difficult country. The collection will include bottled drinking water that can be transported. The concentration center will be the Kyparissia Labour Center from 24 to 26 July, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and from 18.30 to 21.30. Thank you in advance for your participation. "

We are concentrating directly on dry food (rice, pasta, toast, legumes, etc.), blankets, bedding, baby diapers, old mobile devices. Our Municipality has already acted for the first dispatch of 10 boxes of clothing, 10 boxes of milk and 80 bottles of bottled water. Information: Stylianos Fotini. Municipality of Trifylia. Kyparissia, 24/07/2018. Public Relations & Communication Office: Stylianos Fotini. Tel. contact 2761360033/6942778793.

The Kalamata Workers' Center expresses its sorrow and condolences to the families who lost their family members from the fires that occurred in Attica, supporting the firefighters and gathering essentials. After contacting the EU Peripheral Department. S. Kalamata they are collecting water, individual juices, dried food, canned food, cereal bars and nuts. The items can be left until  Wednesday 1st August at  Aristomenous 95, on the 3rd floor, from 9.00 am. until 1.00 pm and afternoon from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm

The Central Administration is in constant contact with the responsible bodies and from Wednesday, July 25, have started a collection of essential items and foodstuffs to be transferred to the affected areas. The victims are in immediate need of:
• Food (biscuits, bread, toast)
• Medicines (baby syrups, Betadine, Fucidin, gauze)
• Water and juices
• Cleaning supplies: towels, wipes, shampoos and soaps, diapers.

The collection of food and essentials will take place at the premises of the 6th Airworthiness System of Kalamata in the Railway Park in the Skating Area. Detailed information can be found in Tharros (AP 25/7/18)

Chasamba classes raise €200 for Gaia: Thanks to the efforts of Sheila Chamberlain who provides weekly chasamba classes at Maniatiko Taverna during her holidays and the ladies who braved the heat to support this fun event, €200 was raised to support the important work that Gaia does. The next Chasamba classes will take place on Monday 16th, 23rd and 30th July at 930am. Again all proceeds will be donated to Gaia. (AP 11/6/18)

Greek Capers: A farcical look at Greek life. Book 5 in the Greek Meze Series by local author Katerina Nikolas is now available on Amazon. Call me Mel’ takes over Stavroula’s taverna kitchen, with his trusty sidekick Fotini adding something extra to the food. Mail order Masha attracts the eye of an oily Kazakh who’s in cahoots with the corrupt mayor, whilst her old fool of a husband languishes in a coma. Evangelia indulges in a most peculiar hobby whilst stocking the beauty parlour’s new fish pedicure spa with some dubious tiddlers, leading to a village outbreak of warts and fungal foot infection. Nitsa’s unfortunate encounter with bleach leads to a hideous new look and an unexpected twist; and Quentin’s new parrot protection is mistaken for a hazmat suit. Can the tender lick of Onos the donkey jolt Vasilis out of his coma? Will the vile prosecutor send Toothless Tasos to prison for faking his own death? And will love blossom under the watchful eye of busybody chaperones? The saga of farcical life in the backwater fishing village of Astakos continues apace in Greek Capers, the laugh-out-loud sequel to Goat In The Meze, Rampaging Roosters, Olive Virgins and Goatly Goings On. (AP 7/6/18)

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL MONTH OF EVENTS FROM NARTURA: Nartura has held some very successful events during the last few weeks including the trip to Athens to see Nabucco and the cinematic showing of Pillow Talk at Aktaion. Nartura also collaborated with Gaia and the parent association of Kardamyli High School to arrange a talk on spotting the signs of skin cancer. The event which took place on 23rd May was attended by two plastic surgeons, Dr Kastana and Dr Kourakos who talked about skin cancer, melanoma and moles. They advised people to avoid sun exposure between 12pm and 4pm in summer, to apply sunscreen every 2 hours and to consult specialists if they have a lot of moles or if a mole changes shape, colour etc. There was translation in English as well. At the end the doctors examined people free of charge.  Look our for further details of their next event - the 1st Beaufort Festival at Lefktron Castle taking place on 29, 30 June and 1st July 2018. (AP 4/6/18)

FREE HEALTH APPOINTMENTS AT AREOPOLI HEALTH CENTRE: The Areopoli Health Centre has announced a health drive will take place on Saturday 16th June. Doctors will be on hand to examine patients for free in the following disciplines: Cardiology, Diabetes, Orthopedic, surgery, Endocrinology, General Surgery, Gynaecology, Dermatology, Paediatrics, general/family medicine, Gastroenterology, Neurology and Rheumatology. To ensure you are seen please phone the centre to book an appointment. The Health Centre is located on a small road leading off to the left (as you enter the town from the north), just past the AVIN petrol station. Its phone number is 2733 360011 . It is open 24/7 for emergencies, and otherwise Mondays to Fridays from 7.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. for non-urgent matters. It has facilities for x-ray and blood tests. X-ray services are available until 3.00 p.m. every week day, but not on weekends. For blood tests, if you go in on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 7.30 and 10.00 a.m. to have the blood taken, they should normally have the results for you by 2.30 p.m. on the same day. Being in Lakonia, the AHC usually refers patients to the hospital in Sparti, but they can also refer to Kalamata. They accept patients from both Messinia and Lakonia.

With the ever increasing popularity of this area, year on year, (Kalamata, Kardamyli, Agios Nikolaos and Stoupa not to mention Costa Navarino) and the number of international flights into Kalamata airport, there is a question that needs to be addressed.  Tourist flights into Kalamata terminate at the beginning of November each year and do not start again until April the following year. There are a large number of expats who fly to the UK every December for a week or two for the Christmas holidays. This has to be done via Athens which is often a lengthy and tiring way to travel. Whether travelling to Athens by car on a much improved highway system or by bus, it is not the best way to get from Kalamata to the UK. Direct flights would be the answer.
We are hoping that Easyjet would consider putting on flights at this time of year. A minimum of two – a week apart or better still four flights around the Christmas period could suffice. 
In order to demonstrate to Easyjet that there is indeed a desire for this to happen, we are looking for people to sign a petition in support of the idea. Maria from Mani Cars has said that she will garner names over the months at her office at the seafront in Stoupa and hopefully via my email  we can build an effective list of names, too. You just need to email me directly and I will build a list to add to Maria’s work. All of the names will be presented to Easyjet  at the end of the season. If such flights could be put into effect it would mean that people with families in the UK could have their folks visit them as well as those people who, independently, would like to visit here at Christmas. The petition obviously would be open for them to sign as well. We are not looking for an avalanche of people flooding in, especially as a number of the fine eating places close down during the winter, but it is worth seeing if this is a viable idea. Of course, if the demand does not warrant it we can, at least, say to those who have had such thoughts, that we tried. Mike Heath (AP 4-4-18)

Leigh Fermor House to become center for scholars: One of Greece’s most beautiful homes, Leigh Fermor House is set to become a center for scholars and intellectuals.  Athens’ Benaki Museum and Aria Hotels have revealed Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House in Kardamyli will be preserved for people to work in its stunning environs from 2020 onwards. Under the alliance, the museum will ensure the preservation of the house and its contents, and enable the public to have access to the beautiful property. Hospitality services will be provided by Aria Hotels, a hotel and villas company that specializes in the provision of authentic retreats in restored, historic Greek properties. Leigh Fermor House is located in a Mediterranean garden of cypress trees, olive trees, fragrant shrubs with white oleanders and wild flowers rolling down to the sea. It has three stone buildings: the main house, the writer’s studio and a small annex. Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor (1915-2011), universally known as ‘Paddy’, was an author, scholar and decorated war hero. He is also celebrated as one of the finest travel writers of his generation. As a member of the British military, he played a prominent role in the Cretan resistance during the Second World War and was a great admirer and lover of Greece. In the 1960s Leigh Fermor and his wife Joan chose to spend the rest of their lives in Greece and to build their home, lavishing much love and attention on it, in the idyllic coastal town of Kardamyli. In 2016, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation approved a donation to the Benaki Museum to fully cover repair works and restoration.  For more information, visit the webpage of the Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House.. Greek reporter(AP 23-3-18)

"Goatly Goings on" Book 4 in the Greek Meze series has been released:  Katerina Nikolas has just published her latest book in the Greek Meze Series. Book 4, entitled "Goatly Goings On". Quentin and Deirdre, eager to return to Greece and rid their Idaho home of unwanted Greek guests, are embarrassed by the antics of the two visiting old crones who get arrested at the airport on the way back. Over in Astakos a crazed love starved stalker starts squatting, cleaning the houses she breaks into and setting up creepy shrines. Bald Yannis suffers a phantom pregnancy and cooks up a scam to lure Doomsday trippers to the village, while Mail order Masha turns into a sugar binging glutton. Fotis takes Nitsa home to meet his ancient mother, Quentin invests in a guard goat, and Deirdre flashes a randy old goat herder. How long before Prosperous Pedros realises he’s attracted an admirer? Will Pappas Iraklis turn his back on the celibate life and will a rare blood donor be found in time to save one villager from certain death? The humorous antics of life in the fictional Greek fishing village of Astakos continue in this laugh-out-loud sequel to Goat In The Meze, Rampaging Roosters and Olive Virgins. The book is available on Amazon (AP 10-3-18)

1970's Music Quiz at Voulimeneas 2nd March 2018: The quiz was a great success raising 467 Euros for GAIA.  There were 13 teams taking part and all appeared to have had a good time. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and the quiz was contested seriously but also with a great degree of fun. The winning team -  The Four Non Blondes (Lee and Tony O' Connor with Kate Stone and Chris)   scored 187. 5 out of 210 finished a mere 1.5 points ahead of the aptly named Brotherhood of Mani team (Dave and Barbara Antram with Jane and Steve Nicholas). The raffle for which many of the prizes were kindly donated by local businesses and some of the participants, too, helped to boost the final figure to the 467 Euros mark. Mike Heath compiled the quiz and acted as question master. His wife, Sandra, did a splendid job collecting money and organising the raffle. There were rounds for spotting the intro, identifying 1970's movie themes, working out famous acts from photographs, an anagram round as well as a number of general music rounds. A number of people commented afterwards that some of the music brought back happy memories, which was part of the point of the quiz anyway. We have to thank Elena and the staff at Voulimeneas who opened especially to permit the quiz to take place and for their help with setting things up and keeping the contestants suitably refreshed. Having done two 1960's Music quizzes before this one, Mike is pondering the next one – a return to the 1960s, the 1980s or a general one covering the two or three decades. Watch this space! (AP 6-3-18)

Nartura's Person of the Year 2017: The Cultural Association for Art & Nature "NARTURA" has established the title "NARTURA’S Person of the Year", which will be awarded annually during their AGM. The aim of establishing and awarding the title is to express appreciation to this person, highlighting his/hers work and recognizing his/her contribution to art as well as to society in general.The title for 2017 has been awarded to Peter Kraaijmes. Peter was born in the Netherlands but is now a resident of Stoupa. He is an artist working with watercolours and oil, Art with Art Trouve and furniture design. He is also the founder of the Art Club Stoupa in Greece. For more details about this. Visit Nartura's facebookl page for more information: Facebook
"Το Πολιτιστικό Σωματείο για την Τέχνη & Φύση «ΝΑΡΤΟΥΡΑ» έχει θεσπίσει τον τίτλο «ΠΡΟΣΩΠΟ ΝΑΡΤΟΥΡΑ», που θα απονέμεται κάθε χρόνο –μια φορά το χρόνο- σε μία προσωπικότητα, που θεωρεί ότι πληροί απόλυτα τις προϋποθέσεις για αυτόν τον τίτλο. Για το 2017 (έτος ίδρυσης του Σωματείου), κάτοχος του τίτλου "ΠΡΟΣΩΠΟ ΝΑΡΤΟΥΡΑ 2017" είναι ο Peter Kraaijmes, σύμφωνα με την ομόφωνη απόφασή του Δ.Σ.Σκοπός της θέσπισης και της απονομής του τίτλου από το Σωματείο ΝΑΡΤΟΥΡΑ είναι η δημιουργία μιας αφορμής, ώστε να εκφράσει ευρύτερα, την εκτίμησή του στο πρόσωπο αυτό, αναδεικνύοντας το έργο του, και αναγνωρίζοντας τη συνεισφορά του στην τέχνη, αλλά και στο κοινωνικό σύνολο γενικότερα. Δείτε περισσότερα στο: Facebook (AP 22-2-18)

Urgent warning to dog owners: Two little dogs from our area came recently in contact with the so called Processionary Caterpillars.  Vet Kostas Antonopoulos had to amputate parts of their tongues. We want to inform you about these dangerous insects and want to give you advice of what to do when your dog (or cat) licks or eats one of these caterpillars.  
Our vet Kostas recommends to give the steroid MEDROL,  1mg per kilogram of body weight as a first aid measure, when you see an acute allergic reaction caused by these caterpillars. The following three or four days the dog should get half the dose of the steroid. Vet Kostas stresses the importance of contacting your vet because not all dogs react well to steroids and because there could be a million other reasons why your dog should be treated individually and maybe with a different drug.  Kostas Antonopoulos does not know any cases of cats that had to be treated against the allergic reactions from Processionary Caterpillars.  We have included more information and photos on MIAO;s page here(AP 7/2/18)

Happy New Year and request for help from the Editor::
Dear Readers - Happy New Year!
The year has got off to a cold and wet start in most of Greece, although we have had a few lovely days interspersed in the Mani area.
As we start a new year we are looking to our community for help with Parea sti Mani.
As some of our readers will know Parea sti Mani has a support group in place. The group is made up of volunteers who in an emergency situation will help during the first few days with, for example shopping, cooking, taking care of pets, watering plants, contacting authorities, informing families abroad, translating and interpreting should there be a language problem. Over time the support group has dwindled as some of the volunteers have moved back to their original countries or can no longer help. We are therefore asking for volunteers who would be happy to be added to the support group list. Please contact Christina-Maria Sitka if you are interested or would like further information. Her email address is .
We are also keen to speak with individuals who would like to contribute to the website. We do now have an advertising co-ordinator in place, Jacqui Sirs, who will be looking after our commercial advertisers and will soon also be responsible for small adverts as well as adverts for Skills and Services. However, we are still looking for a volunteer to take on the “News snippets” section. Please contact me on if interested.
We have made a few changes to the website already and will continue to refresh as the months go by. A key change that has been proposed by the committee is that we remove the German language website as we do not have anyone to update or edit it and it is now very out of date. Unless we can find any German speaking volunteers to manage the site this will happen at the end of January. Of course, we will continue to publish items in German on the main site (for example adverts) if the text is provided to us.  
Parea sti Mani is a community asset so we are always keen to receive your comments and suggestions. 
Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018!

Winter Sales period: The official winter sales start today 8th January and will end on Wednesday 28th  February 2018 (AP 8-1-17)

Gaia receives an award - Gaia was recently recognised by the Hellenic FIre Service for the fantastic work they do in the Messinia region. Christina Constantios attended the award ceremony in Kalamata last week to collect the Award. Well done to Christina and all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication! Details (AP 1-12-17)


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