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5 Messinia schools taking part in «EDUFOOTPRINT» : Five Messinian schools have been chosen to be part of  the transnational program EU funded «EDUFOOTPRINT» which aims to record the environmental footprint left by the operation of schools and to follow the small interventions designed to reduce this. Antonio Zonta said that «EDUFOOTPRINT» aims to raise awareness and educate users of school premises about the effective management of energy consumption for their operation. The program will be implemented at the same time in schools in Attica and five other Mediterranean countries, and when completed, a plan should be developed that can be used in general by Mediterranean schools and other public buildings, always with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and environmental footprint. efxini gr (May 2017)
International YouTube video presentation EDUFOOTPRINT- MESSINI (Greek & English)

Zorbas weathercam is back on line after a year without any connection.  WEATHER CAM  You can also see the Zorbas weather station data  from their private weather station  located in Neo Proastio, Messinian Mani  WEATHER STATION  (Temperature, wind, rainfall, pressure, humidity) (May 2017)

SEA WATER TEMPERATURE -The CURRENT sea water temperature anywhere in the world can be found on this website -  and  weather information. For the sea temperature in Stoupa click on  Water Temp Stoupa TODAY  (April 2017)   

Wins for the planet - March 2017 A video from the Climate Council showing how People power is getting results - improving the environment for all of us.   climate council (April 2107)

New International Cloud Atlas: For the first time, the Manual on the Observation of Clouds and Other Meteors is available to the public, on-line. The Atlas provides a common language to communicate cloud observations, and ensures consistency in reporting by observers around the world. It serves as a training tool for meteorologists, as well as for those working in aeronautical and maritime environments, and it has become popular with weather enthusiasts and cloud spotters." ...We hope this website inspires you to become even more enthusiastic about observing clouds and all atmospheric phenomena! " wmocloudatlas A video explains some of the features. Cloud_Atlas_V3 (March 2017)

Plan to protect the Southern Mani coast : Greece is planning to increase the total area of Natura 2000 sites listed as protected. Currently only 6% of the country’s total sea area is protected by Natura 2000, but the Environment Ministry has recently submitted a list of 100 areas it recommends for inclusion in the Natura network. These are both new sites and extensions of areas that already enjoy protection as the locations of endangered or at risk species or ecosystem. The biggest of these recommended areas is off the coast of southern Mani in the Peloponnese (38,200 hectares) ekathimerini Greek areas in Natura 2000 can be found on the interactive map network viewer (August 2016)

Effective and eco-friendly insulated boxes: ’From farm shop meat boxes and fresh seafood to cheeses and ready meals, Woolcool is the environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene or polyethelene insulated boxes. Woolcool performs better, is cost effective, easier to store and much better for the environment. If you’re fed up with polystyrene boxes taking up all your storage space and worried about packaging piling up in landfill, wool insulated packaging offers the practical, cost effective solution’. Woolcool (June 2015)

Preventing and reducing smoking waste on the beaches of Messinia - Voidokoilia: The main aim of the project is providing information and creating awareness among users of the coastal zone ( bathers, entrepreneurs, municipal authorities, etc .) regarding the problems posed by the presence of cigarette butts. LIFE AMMOS aims to inform and sensitize citizens to the general problem of marine pollution, affecting the natural environment, ecosystems ( flora and fauna ), human health and the country’s tourism product. Tharros (March14)

How a household can save 300 euros a year: WWF experts estimate that by applying 75 percent of the tips listed on the Kalyteri Zoi website, households can save 300 euros or more per year. Ekathimerini (March14) .

Public can help survey marine litter : People will soon be able to report the litter they find on the beach, thanks to a new mobile phone app developed by the European Environment Agency (EEA). The EEA is launching Marine Litter Watch , which uses modern technology to help tackle the problem of marine litter. Organised groups and members of the public can use the app to upload data on the litter they find on their beach. This data will be used to better understand the problem. The app is currently available for Android devices and will soon be published for iPhone and iPad. eeaeuropa (March14)

Kalamata meterological club: The combination of warm temperatures and dust in the air provided very gloomy condition in Kalamata on January 21st 2014. For weather watchers, http://kalamata.meteoclub.gr/ has a lot of information provided and supervised by Kostas Menounos. Facebook (January 2014)

World statistics as they happen! You can watch the numbers as the population increases, CO2 emissions increase, or people send emails, and many other live statistics! WORLDOMETERS (August 2013)

The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) is one of the most important Greek Research Centres with more than 70 years of history. The Greek Government, in the name of applying measures for the reduction of public expenses, is planning to immediately suppress the annual state funding of HCMR by 30%, with the eventual goal of making it a private institution. If we do not act now it will take several decades to recover and rebuild what we have achieved so far! Having no other ways to protest against this unprecedented decision, we ask you to sign this petition( see link ), supporting us to fight the measures that are in the process of their final approval by the Greek State...... July 2012

The European Environment Agency(EEA ) :The aim of the EEA is to ensure that decision-makers and the general public are kept informed about the state and outlook of the environment. Our vision is to become recognised as the world’s leading body for the provision of timely, relevant and accessible European environmental data, information, knowledge and assessments. YouTube For details see EEA website. They offer an enquiry service and a forum.

RISKS FROM CHROMIUM-6 : Recent tests of bottled water by ecologists here in Greece found that of 9 brands tested, 3 were contaminated with more than the accepted safe concentration of chromium-6, and one with levels as high as 22ppb (a thousand times higher than the recommended safe level of 0.02ppb) . This was an alarming finding, but no details of brands were given, as it was only a small sample. The Government is being pressed to establish controls on the levels of hexavalent chromium in bottled water. Bottled water is not necessarily any better!

CASH FOR TRASH A new waste management company, Laconia Bioenergy , is offering shares to all residents of Laconia in an attempt to encourage more people to have an incentive to recycle. They are also aiming to get local municipalities to buy into the company. Ekathimerini (Jan 12)

LIGHT BULB RECYCLING : Fotokiklosi is a company dedicated to saving energy, reducing waste volumes and generally helping to create higher quality and better living conditions for everyone. They produce energy efficient bulbs and provide collection points for all kinds of old light bulbs including strip fluorescent lights. They have a collection box in the Panagiotopoulos supermarket on the main road by the Stoupa turning ( August 2011 ) .

An alternative way of living : Di and her husband Paul live in a yurt in Megali Mantineia. At the Parea Lunch for Body and Mind on November 25th 2010, Di told us that a yurt is a heavy structure and ideal for permanent living. It is easy to warm up with a gas roll-along heater. It only takes 20 minutes to get the yurt warm in the winter. The circular shape of the yurt also make it safe in strong winds and all weathers. Di and Paul have a composting toilet, a natural grey water purification system which uses ponds with plants to purify the water from the shower and kitchen. They also have a solar system for the electricity. They have very few problems with mosquitoes! They have 3 fish ponds that attract mosquitoes and the goldfish eat the larvae!! Anyone who is interested in this way of life is welcome to visit them in Megali Mantineia. Contact Di by email or phone 69 7003 4533 (27-11-10)

Voula’s Meeting - Clean Energy On October 3rd 2010 Kostas Mourtzanos gave a talk about the way the Greek Goverment is encouraging the installation of photo-voltaic systems, and explained the way such a system can be installed alongside current domestic supplies. Electrical Engineer, Kostas Mourtzanos started his talk by reviewing the causes of climate change and the dangers we face from greenhouse gases, 80% of which result from the burning of fossil fuels.

The Government is encouraging businesses and home owners to install PV systems, by giving substantial financial incentives.

Domestic PV systems are ’internal’ (on roof or walls of a building) and installed alongside existing power supplies. All the energy generated by the PV system is bought by the government at 0.55euros/Kwh. There is NO tax on this income. The size of system usually installed is designed to supply all the energy needs of an average house.100% bank loans are available to fund the installation and a system is expected to pay for itself in about 6 years. For more information contact Kostas on 27210 81247 or see his website solarway

Earth is our home - Is the new film at the ’Tholos’ , the virtual reality theatre of the Hellenic Cosmos, in Athens. Tholos

Gunilla sent us some information about winds , to help interpret weather forecasts during this windy weather.


Wind             Beaufort  Knots     Km/hr     Miles/hr   Metres/sec
Calm 0 1 1 1 1
Light airs 1 1-  3 1 - 5.4 1 - 3.4 1 - 1.5
Light breeze 2 4 - 6 5.8 - 11.9 3.6 - 7.4 1.6 - 3.3
Gentle breeze 3 7 - 10 12.4 - 19.4 7.7 - 12.1 3.4 - 5.4
Moderate breeze 4 11 - 16 19.8 - 28.4 12.3 - 17.7 5.5 - 7.9
Fresh breeze 5 17 - 21 28.8 - 38.5 18.0 - 24.0 8.0 - 10.7
Strong breeze 6 22 - 27 38.8 - 49.6 24.2 - 31.0 10.8 - 13.8
Near gale 7 28 - 33 50.0 - 61.5 31.3 - 38.4 13.9 - 17.1
Gale 8 34 - 40 61.9 - 74.4 38.6 - 46.5 17.2 - 20.7
Strong gale 9 41 - 47 74.8 - 87.8 46.7 - 54.8 8.20 - 24.4
Storm 10 48 - 55 88.2 - 102.2 55.1 - 63.8 24.5 - 28.4
Violent Storm 11 56 - 62 102.6 - 117.3 64.1 - 73.3 28.5 - 32.6
Hurricane 12 > 63 117.7 - 132.8 73.5 - 83.0 32.7 - 36.9


 Renewable energy source available locally :

There is a company in Kalamata which produces briquettes from olive kernels that can be used instead of wood either in a stove or in an open fireplace. The emission of carbon dioxide is 30% less than from wood. They cost *110 € per 1000 kg. They also supply briquettes for barbeques

If you want to know more about it, see their web page klimiscoal .Telephone 27210-69454. Email:

Dimitra and Katharina Kottaridi are very friendly and are happy to answer your questions. By the way - this company won a prize last year for their eco management. Click Athens News to see an article about it - ’Greek company pips green list’

’The European award was particularly welcome given the lack of support the company has received from the Greek government most of the financial return on this green investment has been in foreign markets - the company exports its briquettes to Holland, Sweden and Japan - where consumers are more aware and keen to buy environmentally friendly products.

In order to reduce its impact on the local environment, Kottaridi said, the company has made considerable investments, including an extractor for the control and reduction of dust as well as measures to reduce noise.’

 ΚΛΗΜΗΣ Πυρηνοκάρβουνο Ασβεστοποιΐα - Ασπρόχωμα, Καλαμάτα - Τηλ: +30 27210 69454

* 2010 price



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