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5 Messinia schools taking part in «EDUFOOTPRINT» : Five Messinian schools have been chosen to be part of  the transnational program EU funded «EDUFOOTPRINT» which aims to record the environmental footprint left by the operation of schools and to follow the small interventions designed to reduce this. Antonio Zonta said that «EDUFOOTPRINT» aims to raise awareness and educate users of school premises about the effective management of energy consumption for their operation. The program will be implemented at the same time in schools in Attica and five other Mediterranean countries, and when completed, a plan should be developed that can be used in general by Mediterranean schools and other public buildings, always with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and environmental footprint. efxini gr (May 2017)
International YouTube video presentation EDUFOOTPRINT- MESSINI (Greek & English)

Zorbas weathercam is back on line after a year without any connection.  WEATHER CAM  You can also see the Zorbas weather station data  from their private weather station  located in Neo Proastio, Messinian Mani  WEATHER STATION  (Temperature, wind, rainfall, pressure, humidity) (May 2017)

SEA WATER TEMPERATURE -The CURRENT sea water temperature anywhere in the world can be found on this website -  and  weather information. For the sea temperature in Stoupa click on  Water Temp Stoupa TODAY  (April 2017)   

Wins for the planet - March 2017 A video from the Climate Council showing how People power is getting results - improving the environment for all of us.   climate council (April 2107)

New International Cloud Atlas: For the first time, the Manual on the Observation of Clouds and Other Meteors is available to the public, on-line. The Atlas provides a common language to communicate cloud observations, and ensures consistency in reporting by observers around the world. It serves as a training tool for meteorologists, as well as for those working in aeronautical and maritime environments, and it has become popular with weather enthusiasts and cloud spotters." ...We hope this website inspires you to become even more enthusiastic about observing clouds and all atmospheric phenomena! " wmocloudatlas A video explains some of the features. Cloud_Atlas_V3 (March 2017)

Plan to protect the Southern Mani coast : Greece is planning to increase the total area of Natura 2000 sites listed as protected. Currently only 6% of the country’s total sea area is protected by Natura 2000, but the Environment Ministry has recently submitted a list of 100 areas it recommends for inclusion in the Natura network. These are both new sites and extensions of areas that already enjoy protection as the locations of endangered or at risk species or ecosystem. The biggest of these recommended areas is off the coast of southern Mani in the Peloponnese (38,200 hectares) ekathimerini Greek areas in Natura 2000 can be found on the interactive map network viewer (August 2016)


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