European channel EURONEWS promotes Klimis: In January 2016, the European Business Planet channel EURONEWS, telecast to153 countries, a film about EMAS (European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme): Combining competitiveness with environmental performance! (doing more with less) .. Klimis is featured as a success story and example to others, helping to promote Kalamata as well as the successful transformation of (olive) waste into a raw material .EURONEWS +VIDEO . Greek info kalamatajournal

NOVEMBER 2016 : Despite serious flooding and losses during the storms on September 6th/7th and increased taxes, the price of Klimis ecofuel (logs and briquettes) is the same as last year. People can buy direct from their factory near Kalamata. The logs(in 10kg boxes) and briquettes (in 25kg bags) are easy to handle/store.

They have a website in English klimiscoal .

They now export their BBQ briquettes to many coutries through their partners in Germany, France, Canada & N America, and Netherlands


NEWS OF KLIMISCOAL DECEMBER 2012: The long awaited 'LOGS' are now available! they cost just 3 euros a box which weighs 10kg. They can be used instead of wood either in a stove or in an open fireplace. The briquettes are available in 20kg bags for 6 euros. The emission of carbon dioxide is 30% less than from wood.

If you want to know more about it, see their web page klimiscoal .Telephone Dimitra on 21072 43400 or 6932 700040 or email It is a family business and they are very friendly and helpful. you can call in and buy direct from the factory.

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Dimitra, with the 'logs', speaks good English. The boxes of logs stack easily and the logs can be combined with briquettes to give an excellent fire (see above)

NEWS OF KLIMISCOAL NOVEMBER 2010: From the new year, the fuel will be in 25kg bags rather than 40kg, which will be much easier to handle.

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After reading the article on Klimiscoal we were very interested in the eco-fuel they produce from olive pips, at their factory near Kalamata*, and decided to find out more, by visiting the factory. We were impressed by what we found - a family company doing its best to encourage the use of more environmentally friendly fuel. We bought a 40kg bag of the briquettes to try. They are suitable for both open fires and wood burning stoves. We tried them in an open fire and Karin and Staffan tried them in their stove. We were all very pleased with the results.

The briquettes are clean to handle and easy to store in 40kg bags, although unlike wood, must be stored in a dry place. They took a little longer than wood to get started, but once they got going, burnt steadily and gave out a good heat. We all feel we would like to use this fuel to replace some, if not all of our fuel next winter.

The 40kg bags  can be bought directly from the factory*. The company will deliver to the Stoupa area, but the minimum order is 1000kg (25 bags of 40kg) which currently(Jan 2011) costs 110€ plus a delivery charge of 150€!

The BBQ fuel is more like charcoal and is available in 3kg. 5kg and 10kg bags. As this requires a two stage process, it is more expensive than the fuel for fires. It costs about 1€ per kilo, depending on quantity.

* The factory is in Asprochoma close to the road from Kalamata to the airport, about 1km before the airport. It is quite difficult to find, so if you are in the area, it is best to phone for directions 27210 69454. I have put a map from Google earth, in the gallery under 'other activities'>'maps' . If you have Google earth, I can email a place mark. (37o03'00N 22o03'32E)


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