October 10th -14th 2016 : Artemisio tunnel restrictions : Traffic arrangements will apply from next Monday to Friday, on part of the Corinth - Tripoli - Kalamata and Lefktro-Sparta branch because of maintenance tasks  These arrangements, designed to allow smooth and safe movement of vehicles, including the section between kilometer posts 138.1 and 139.5 (Artemisio tunnel and towards Kalamata), will affect the movement of vehicles in the branch of the directional tunnel to Athens (Artemision a.), which will serve both directions - one lane each.
Throughout the period of validity of the traffic regulations the transit of dangerous goods vehicles through the Artemision tunnel, is prohibited from 9.00 until 20.00. Tharros

Tsakona bridge on the Tripoli - Kalamata road, now open:
The Prefect of the Peloponnese, Tatoulis said ".. It is an extraordinary achievement and one of the longest arched bridges in Greece, which has been built by Greek companies, and shows their excellent level of expertise.... ' Tharros (11-1-16)



The emergency number on the Corinth-Tripoli-Kalamata motorway is no longer 1866. The new number for this part of the motorway ,1025 is the same number as used on the Olympia motorway.


The number is available 24/7 for reporting vehicle or road problems, anything related to safety or maintenance , and for information about destinations kalamata (4-11-13)



The road journey from Athens to Kalamata has already been improved with new sections of motorway, but there is more to come. We were asked by one of our readers what progress has been made recently, and we thought others might be interested. The map of planned work was published by IMERISIA earlier in the year .

Early June 2012: section Tsakonas - Thouria. This section includes three interchanges.

Late June 2012: Section to Paradisia due - apart from a half kilometer section where a bridge affected by the 2003 landslide will not be completed before Easter 2013.Thus, drivers travelling from Athens to Kalamata will go for about half a kilometer on the old national road and then re-enter the new section. The delay was caused by lack of funding for a complex engineering project, but funding has now been aproved.

Late 2013 : Section Thouria - Asprochoma perimeter and Kalamata (11.5 km). Estimated to be delivered in late 2013.

?Late 2013: Lefktro - Sparta (about 46km)Expected to be completed late 2013. Today it is about 56% complete, but the work has been stopped due to archaeological findings.

Upon completion of the project the route Athens-Kalamata will be take 2 hours and 15 minutes.








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