Wheeling2help - vol 2 

On September 7th 2016, the second "wheeling2help" event will start in Istanbul. Cyclists will be starting a 1700 km ride to raise money for the single purpose of providing wheelchairs for the disabled. The route will take them through 20 cities where events and celebrations are being arranged, to raise both awareness of the needs of the disabled, as well as money. The goal this time is to raise  19000 for the purchase of 100 wheelchairs, and so be able to give 5 to each city stop, for people with disabilities. Wheeling2HelpVOL2

For info on Kalamata see    Wheeling2Help Kalamata

You can support the project by donating through GIVE&FUND  until the cyclists reach Heraklion on October 9th.

THE ROUTE: 7/9 Istanbul >    10/9 Alexandropouli >  11/9 Komotini >    12/9 Xanthi>     13/9 Kavala >     15/9 Thessaloniki >      17/9 Larissa>     18/9 Trikala >   19/9 Karditsa >     20/9 Volos>     22/9 Lamia>      25/9 Athens>     27/9Corinth>      28/9 Nafplio >     29/9 Tripoli>     1/10 Kalamata>       3/10 Sparti > 4/10Gytheio>       7/10 Chania>     8/10Rethymno>     9/10 Heraklion

Following on from the first wheeling2help event last year**, this year, the bar has risen higher with the the key issue being the disabled, but beyond experiential activities, paralympic sports, introduction to sign language, etc., there will be actions that have to do with the environment, health, sports, creative activities for children and adults, and volunteering generally!

The actions in the various cities may include :-

- Activities related to disability: experiential presentation of the difficulties faced by people with disabilities (mobility, hearing, sight, etc.), presentation of artistic and sports programs for people with disabilities, etc.
- Creative employment for children and adults with painting, construction, gymnastics, live music from various city blocks etc.
- Sports activities: Associations / clubs can bring their equipment so that people can experience the sport, especially children. Examples include mini tennis, volley, 3 on 3 basket, jiu jitsu, Zumba, table tennis, fitness programs of gym, etc.
- Measures relating to Health: There may be mobile donation units, teams can register to volunteer marrow donors bone, and whatever else may be proposed by stakeholders.
- Measures relating to art: visual programs, small theater, can take part street performers and anything valuable we to offer as a city.
- Measures relating to the environment: ecological content programs like games with recyclable materials, handicrafts / constructions from recyclable materials etc.

Comment from Trikala " The wheeling2help vol 2 will be a great celebration of volunteering and sport with the aim of raising awareness of young people to social issues, will take place in our city on Sunday September 18. We need the participation and the help of all."

**The 1st www.wheeling2help in 2015 :

"We are Elpis and Dora, two crazy Greeks with a growing passion to explore the world and make it a better place to live. We are both economics graduates following our dream and our heart! We love cycling, camping, lying on the beach, playing beach tennis, eating, playing board games and TRAVELING  There is nothing better in life than when you combine sports, traveling and volunteering.. And in this concept, the Wheeling2help project was born :)

Since I was already working in the UK, the plan was to cross Europe from London to Athens by bicycle raising money for children with cancer of the ”Floga” organization in Greece. I am not a professional cyclist but I truly believe that if you really want something, you will definitely make it!
On September 5, 2015, I began the trip from London to Athens England - France - Belgium - Luxembourg - Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Greece : 8 countries : 35 days : 2.500 km The goal was to inspire people and companies to be on board for this project and help us raise as much money as possible for these little angels and heros that fight every day to beat cancer. And we made it, we passed our original goal, and raised 15,654€ for the children of Floga :)
Vimeo Video WHEELING2HELP2015


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