For many on-line purchases, including paying OTE phone bills, you now need an extra layer of security for card payment to be accepted.

For Alpha Bank the first step is to get a WEB SECURE NUMBER for your card.

To do this, go to the alphabankcards gr for the Alpha SecureWeb page.The next page is Greek only, but translates as

The service Alpha SecureWeb provided by Alpha Bank in collaboration with Visa, the MasterCard ™ and American Express® upon registration, and offer security for your online purchases with all cards Visa, MasterCard ™ and American Express, protecting you from unauthorized use of your card.
Visa cards, MasterCard ™ and American Express of Alpha Bank give you access to the service Alpha SecureWeb completely FREE , so you can make your online purchases safely in thousands of certified online stores participating in the service

The registration process is simple and fast. To verify that you are the rightful holder of the card, you will need to proceed with the import of certain personal data. After the successful verification, you will be prompted to create your user name (Username), the Access Code (Password / SecureCode) and Personal Message (Personal Message), for each card that will record the Service.

The only difference is an extra step in the payment process online:
1. Fill in your card in the shop payment homepage.
2. Your card is recognized as certified.
3. Check the correctness of the Username and Personal Message displayed in a special display Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, or American Express Safe Key certified in commercial services.
4. Fill in your personal code the Access (Password / SecureCode ™).
5. Once it is verified your information, you can continue your transaction safely

At the bottom of the page click on [eisodos] to continue. On the next page you can select English

Step 1 - Enter card number
Step 2 - Card registration - do you have your personal Alpha SecureWeb Number?

Yes [ ] No [ ]

If you select No, you will be asked to fill in a registration form with Card expiry date, Date of birth and an ID number (5 digits)

If you do NOT have an ID for the card, you will need to contact your bank - Alpha Bank were very helpful on the phone, and get a WebSecure number** that way, then continue with Step - 2 and select Yes

You will then be asked to create a User name, Access code$$(password) and personal message for that card

**To get the WebSecure Number you will need to answer a lot of identity questions including passport number, tax number, parents' names, phone number and email

$$ The password must include upper and lower case letters. Be very careful when using the access code/password. If you mis-type 3 times your card will be blocked!




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