November 2017 :New ticketing system for Athens transport

Update November 6th: A number of the sysyems are not yet fully operational and this has caused some confusion. Tharros has published answers to some of the questions being asked. For a rough translation see Transition problems

Over the last year, Athens has been preparing for changes to the public transportation system.With the new system,  paper tickets have been replaced by paper and plastic smartcards. xpatAthens

athens transport

Starting from November 1st, paper tickets will no longer be available. Please note that fare prices will stay the same.
Electronic cards: There are 3 new types of transport tickets:

The Ath.ena Ticket - Paper and rechargeable. Can be bought at every Athens transport ticket office or on the automatic ticket machines. Rechargeable at ticket offices and automatic ticket machines.

The personalized Ath.ena Card — Plastic and rechargeable w/ card holder’s photo and name. Can be bought from certain Athens transport ticket offices. You can recharge your personalized Ath.ena Card at Athens transport ticket offices, automatic ticket machines, as well as online through a phone or tablet with NFC technology.

The anonymous Ath.ena Card - Plastic and rechargeable. Can be bought from every Athens Transport ticket office. Rechargeable at ticket offices and automatic ticket machines.
After October 30th, passengers wishing to avoid the long queues may apply for a Personalized Ath.ena Card and receive it at home, but to do so, a number of documents are needed. For details and more about the new transport system see ATHENS TRANSPORT

Athens Transport  covers City buses,  Electric trolley-buses, Athens Metro,  Athens Tram, and Athens Suburban railway.
From November 1st 2017, the Athens transport ticket system will only offer electronic tickets. With the new system, the old paper tickets have been replaced by paper and plastic smartcards. Riders of the metro system have to go through turnstiles which have been installed in all stations.

For details about the various transport services see xpatAthens

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