In February 2013, much of the ΔΕΗ website became available in English, but the new e-bill was only in Greek. Now the bill is ALSO available in English. (Aug 2013)

With the new e-bill service PPC, you have instant access to your accounts at any time. Easily, quickly, safely, 24 hours a day.

With the new service you will have at your disposal :-
-- your bills directly
-- print copies
-- archive them electronically to your computer
-- access the accounts of all of your property! (home, cottage, business, etc.)

But before you can use the system you have to register:-

e-bill login

On the right side of this page you are asked if you are already a customer or a new user

User Registration
For registration to the PPC e-bill service, please insert your personal data as well as the E-payment Code ("ΚΩΔΙΚΟΣ ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΗΣ ΠΛΗΡΩΜΗΣ") & Invoice serial number ("Α/Α Λογαριασμού") as stated on the most recent bill.

* Name of client
Phone number
* E mail
* email confirmation

* User name(whatever you choose to use) 
* Password
* Verify password

Bill information
* Electronic payment code(Item 3. in the explanation of a printed bill) [1]
* Invoice serial numberA/A Account(Item 8. in the explanation of a printed bill) [2]
(A/A λογαριασμού )

For a detailed explanation of your printed bill in English, click on ELECTRICITY BILL

The [1] and [2] refer to the numbers on this example of the old electricity bill.




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