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Europe Direct Information Centres act as an interface between citizens and the European Union at a local level. It is basically a network of nearly 600 offices in Europe, including 17 in Greece, one of which in Kalamata, at 91 Aristomenous street.

Across Europe the mission of the network is to:

- enable local citizens to obtain information, advice, assistance and answers to questions about the EU’s institutions, legislation, policies, programmes and funding opportunities;
- actively promote local and regional debate about the EU and its policies;
- allow the European institutions to improve the dissemination of information tailored to local and regional needs;
- give the public the opportunity to send feedback to the EU institutions in the form of questions, opinions and suggestions.

The Centres are designed to give members of the public local access to information on the role of the EU and how it operates. EUROPE DIRECT UK


February 2016: In Kalamata, the emphasis is particularly on 4 points   

1. Information and distribution of printed and other media - to more effectively inform the public
2. Organizing activities (seminars, workshops, etc.) of general and special interest in subjects that meet the public information needs
3. Daily presence in a friendly place in the heart of Kalamata, where people can come and receive answers to many questions
4. Continuous 24-hour information via the Internet, the Centre's website (Website being reworked: July 2018) olivetreeroute gr Europe Direct Kalamatas (kέντρο Ευρωπαϊκής Πληροφόρησης Καλαμάτας), twitter.

On February 12th, activities of the Centre focused on informing youth about the rights of European citizens, to facilitate their entry to the labor market, study and work opportunities in the EU. In addition, workshops for the general public were presented by EU policies on important topical issues, such as the new CAP, the migration issue, while next March will be held the event on the occasion of the World Consumer Day.

It also planned to have regular briefings, as well as dialogue with citizens on Europe on issues of special and general interest. It should be noted, finally, that special attention is given  to the Central library of  European information and the free distribution points for publications and information forms at the offices of the Centre and the Benaki pedestrian area, directly opposite from Millstone shop. Here everyone can find free information on the actions of the Centres across Europe, and they also operate a lending library.  tharros  

About the Kalamata Centre, and how they can help citizens - Greek video [YouTube]
For details of other EUROPE DIRECT offices see europa eu

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