November 2015 - Still more changes! With the merging of OTE and COSMOTE, their website has been updated and some links do not work. There is a NEW link for easy bill payment  COSMOTE BILL for details of what to do, see April 14 below

June 2015 - More changes! The (April 14) link still works and you can get a PDF receipt again! BUT if you are not registered with OTE, you will now need a websecure access code if you are using a card - for example, see Alpha SecureWeb This is FREE.
If you have difficulty, or just want to pay locally, Hara at Mani Money is very helpful and can do it for you.

April 2015 - On-line Payment just got HARDER!!!!! The link below (April 14) still allows you to pay on-line, BUT, the English is not working, and you do NOT get a PDF receipt . If you want to save a receipt, you need to save the 'payment accepted' page. If you are using Alpha bank, (and maybe other banks) you will be offered a box 'verified by VISA'.You will only get a choice of [register]or [register later]. If you click the [register later] button, payment should go though ok!

The new website is so busy trying to sell you things, the simple matter of paying a bill is hard to find. Under [Help & Support] --> [OTE bill]--> [Payment Methods] comes up in GREEK! (right click in CHROME will allow you to translate)

Methods include:-
• With cash, providing your account in Branch OTE, COSMOTE, Germanos no extra charge, at Post Offices and Agencies ELTA , in contracted with OTE Agencies pro-Po and the partner banks .
• With a single command credit card to Shops OTE or by calling 13888 , free from a landline telephone, daily except Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 20:00.
With online payment in through unity My Bill of My OTE, if you are a registered user constant access to your online payment history, or through the Electronic Payment , no registration required. BUT this link ONLY allows REGISTERED users (ie a dead end, if you do not wish to register with OTE!)

Please let me know if you find things have been improved - - Editor


April 2014 UPDATED November 2015 - Now it really is EASY to pay on line - The site has an ENGLISH option and there is no need to register. All you need is the account number.---->

Click on pay your bill on line : After typing in the account number in the format 12345678-9, you need to type in some verification characters that appear. (This may require several attempts!!!) Just press [continue] NOT [enter]

On the next page, you will also need to click on the small box lower left, to 'accept terms and conditions'

Your bill will appear and you will be asked to enter card details. The CVC/CVV2 entry refers to the 3 digit security code on your card.

When payment has been accepted, you will see a receipt (PDF format)which can be saved and/pr printed.


May 2013 - The OTE website has been updated and simplified. If you go you will be given the opportunity to pay your bill on line by credit card and have your bill every month by email.but this is still Greek only


It is now possible to pay your phone bill on line, and avoid the need to visit a post office. OTE are encouraging this by offering a 2.5 euros discount on your next bill, but it is NOT EASY! (September 2011)

First go to the OTESHOP home page (English)

Then click on the [My e-bill] panel, and this is what you will be offered

Using [My e-Bill] service you can:
- Get informed free of charge about the details of your telephone bill
- Pay your telephone bill, easy, quick and secure, by credit card
- Review your previous bills with just one click (last 3 issued bills)
- View your call details (such as charge per call, usage statistics)
- Receive mail notification when your bill is issued


Step 1 - FILL IN A PRINTED APPLICATION FORM. This has to Faxed or taken to OTE with your ID. Then you will be given an activation key.

Step 2 - REGISTER ON LINE and await a confirmation email

Step 3 - ACTIVATE MY E-BILL by logging on to My e-services and entering your activation key AND your tax number.

If you go to the [Online payment] panel without registering, this is what you will see

Check your last bill
Input your account number as this is printed on your paper form.

After typing in the account number in the format 12345678-9, you need to type in some verification characters that appear. (This may require several attempts!!!) Then you will see your LAST bill (not the current one) and if you carry on with 'next' you will probably be told your bill is overdue EVEN IF YOU PAID IT SOME TIME AGO!!

if you should want to complain, you have to print out a complaint form, sign it and get authentication to say you are the account holder and then post or hand it in to OTE.

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