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K.E.P - Citizen office in Kardamyli at your service !

On the main road through Kardamyli, close to the Community center you can find K.E.P The office is helpful with any question that you have about your life here in Greece. You will always get advice about how to deal with different issuses.

Often, but not always, there is one English speaking person at the office.

Opening hours are between 8 in the morning until about 1.30pm
Tel: 27210 64112

March 2014: (KEP) will offer citizens several additional services as part of a drive to create an online connection between the national KEP network and a range of state bodies issuing official documents, " With just one visit and one application," citizens will be able to obtain a number of documents - including tax clearance certificates, birth certificates and certificates of citizenship, in a matter of minutes" , Mitsotakis said. Citizens currently applying for documents from KEPs generally must wait one to 10 days. Greek

Check validity of your car insurance: The Hellenic Information Centre has launched a website through which everyone can check in real time if their insurance plan is valid.The process is very simple, just follow the guide and check your vehicle’s cover! INSURANCE COVER (Dec 2016)

Traditional Greek Greetings For Every Occasion : XpatAthens has published a 'survival guide' of greetings to enable foreigners to greet Greek people appropriately. While “Χρόνια πολλά!” [chronia polla] “Many years!” is the most common wish that fits almost all joyful events, there are many other special wishes, for different occasions that you can use. xpatathens (Dec 2015)

Scambusters is committed to helping you avoid getting taken in by dangerous Internet scams, frustrating spam, devious identity theft, and other cunning offline and online scams. Useful, practical, and trustworthy information on identity theft, Internet scams, credit card fraud, phishing, lottery scams, urban legends, and how to stop spam. You can subscribe to their free email newsletter and every Wednesday, get the most important news, trends and scams to avoid SCAMBUSTERS (February 2015)

Get UK vehicle information on-line: All you need is the vehicle's make and registration number, to find out - when its current tax disc expires - when its MOT expires - the date it was first registered - SORN(Statutory Off Road Notification) status - colour - engine size - year of manufacture - CO2 emissions - current vehicle tax rate. DVLA (Sept 2014)

Free movies on line : The Free Movies collection is divided into the following categories: Comedy & Drama; Film Noir, Horror & Hitchcock; Westerns (many with John Wayne); Silent Films; Documentaries, and Animation. They also have special collections of Oscar Winning Movies and Films by Andrei Tarkovsky and Charlie Chaplin. openculture (August 2014)

The Greek Ombudsman :  If you are having problems with public services, and many other aspects of Greek life, the Greek Ombudsman may be able to help. There is a website in English, which has details of the agencies that fall 'within the competence' of the Ombudsman, and how to make a complaint .
You can contact the Greek Ombudsman in the following ways :-
213 1306 600 ( Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m ., Wednesdays till 4:30 p.m .)
By fax: 210 729 21 29
Online complaint
By post: 5 Hadjiyanni Mexi St 115 28 Athens ( Complaint form PDF )
By e-mail: (January 2014)

Money transfer to Greece : With World Remit you can transfer up to £1000 using a credit card ( £8000 if you give direct access to your bank accoun t), to a Greek bank account, 24/7. World Remit was named the best European money transfer company by the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) in the 2012 annual awards . (January 2014)

Free WiFi Access : Zorbas Travel has a list of WiFi access codes for establishments in and around the area. FREE WIFI (Oct 2013)

Refuge from domestic violence : The new Women's counselling centre aims to provide women and their children, psychosocial support and counselling, but also to help raise awareness, mobilize and inform the local community with the aim of preventing and treating all forms of violence within the family. Phone 27213 60776, 27213 60897, 27213 60898, fax 27213 60797 and e-mail: (22-8-13) EMERGENCY help line 15900 IS AVAILABLE 24/7 in Greek and English - for more information EIGE

"Buyer beware!" : As the holiday season reaches its peak, Kalamata24 has issued a warning to customers that there are "bad guys" about, who see the summer period as a golden opportunity to exploit the public! The KE.P.KA. - Consumer Protection Centre receives daily, complaints-consumer complaints about the quality of tourism services provided to consumers during the holidays.They advise the public that the best protection is to be vigilant. Check accommodation and restaurant prices and don't be afraid to challenge things that do not seem right. Also return goods that do not do what they claim. By challenging poor quality you will be helping the professionals who are giving a good service! Report any circumvention of our rights to KE.P.KA. - Consumer Protection Centre, Vas 32, 54624, tel: 23102 33333 , hours 9:00 to 14:30 KALAMATA24 (16-8-13)

News of Greek Goverment decisions: The Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance now publishes all laws and decisions issued by Government bodies, on one website (20-6-13)

Low cost OSTEOPATHY treatment From March 4, 2013 and every Monday in the center of Athens, at 19 Herodotus, treatment costs 15 euros . Phone for an appointment: 21072 22401. The site operates under the auspices of the National Association of Osteopathy . The Assoc. members train students and offer the service either by providing the treatments themselves or supervising students.see ΑΡΩΓΗ

Heating Maintenance and chimney sweeping . The Schönfelder family business is recommended by Christina-Maria: , Tel.: 27330 23902, Mob. 6979235997. Also recommended is Kalamata based chimney maintenance service offered by Mr. Cekrezi, , Tel.: 27210 97062, Mob. 6946896872 .(Jan 2013)

The Network Exchange Messinia 'Olive': "This is a network of solidarity, support and sympathy in every human being. In times of crisis and bankruptcy, people are discovering new ways to be able to survive each other and without money, through collective responsibility and solidarity.' ( They held an exchange bazaar in Kalamata on March 10th 2012 .) The 'Olive' aspires to become Internet in order to function as an exchange network beyond the bazaars, enabling its members to exchange between the products and / or services. So if you are interested, give us your email address (e-mail) or phone or contact us at ".

PLANNED POWER CUTS H DEDDHE SA  is constantly striving for the highest reliability of networks and facilities and to improve the quality of energy. For this reason, plan and implement daily maintenance projects, strengthening or upgrading networks, which require temporary blackouts. In the following table, you can check out the locations and times of planned power interruptions.
To check on West Mani , NOW IN ENGLISH (5-4-16) first select MESSINIAS (Νομός ΜΕΣΣΗΝΙΑΣ)  and then LEFKTRON (Επιλέξτε Δήμο / Κοινότητ ΛΕΥΚΤΡΟΥ) on this link Planned power interruptions (30-1-16)

BEAT THE BURGLARS Arsen, a local qualified electrician, can install security lights/motion sensors. ( Recommended by Christiane Morgan ) 6982 436896 any time.

WATCH REPAIR : ΧΡΥΣΟΡΑΜΑ-Α.ΚΙΚΙΤΖΗΕ( ΕΙΡΑΣ 21-ΚΑΛΑΜΑΤΑ) Tel 27210-87672. On the road up to the bus station on the left near Eurobank, and turning to March 23rd street, this little shop offers expert repairs for most brands of watch at very reasonable prices. They speak very good English

SCALE YOUR IMAGES : Even cheap modern cameras produce enormous images by default. These can be handled by program's such as Photoshop, but if you just want to email a few pictures, this program will reduce them for easier transmission. SCALE

Picasa is a program from Google that not only allows you to organise your photographs but also scale them when you want to email. It has many other features that make it the easiest way to manage photographs with just one program.

GREEK YELLOW PAGES - Full search facility is available in English . Just click on for the Greek site and select 'English' ( top right )

DIAL 184 FOR A DOCTOR : 'When the IKA facility is required, by calling 184 (Mon-Fri until 5:30pm) one can make an appointment to see a doctor or a specialist at an IKA Centre. Patients are given an appointment with a doctor or dentist who works for the social insurance. Patients will not be charged . Prescriptions given under this scheme may be taken to any chemist where they are charged 25% of the cost. Visitors should show their EHIC card'.

FREE NHS TREATMENT : For details of who is entitled to free NHS treatment see the Citizen's Advice Bureau page Health - in England In particular note that 'if you normally live abroad, and are receiving a UK state pension, and have lived in the UK in the past, for at least ten years' , hospital treatment is free.

EXPLANATION OF YOUR ELECTRICITY BILL : The ΔEH website has a detailed explanation of your electricity bill in English. See - click link top right for English. The site also has general information and news about new charges.( 31-12-10 )

CAMERA REPAIR If you need advice on camera repairs (any make) the SONY SERVICE CENTRE Makedonia St (by turning to Thermistokleous) in Kalamata will help. Ask for Mr Agelakos - he does not speak much English but the receptionist does. This is the only Sony service centre in the region.

CLOTHES BOUGHT AND SOLD : Jina will buy good quality clothing, accessories, jewellery and old beads for recycling. She is based in Koroni, but will collect from the Stoupa area, by arrangement. Tel:27250 22006 or 69836 26094 or email She usually attends the Fadderfriends Bazaars.( 26-12-11 )

Painting and Restoration advice : Angelo, who has a painting and maintenance office in Stoupa, has started a blog with many useful tips, and advice about interior design and decoration - see StoupasPainting . The blog also includes a lot of information about the Mani, his home area.


Long-term car park at Kalamata airport: Information from Stephan Bartholomä (Zorbas Travel) It is a fenced area right beside the airport monitored 24h per day. Cost for one month is €40. The owner offers even to bring people and luggage by car to the airport. AUTO ΗΛΙΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ 698 7080426, 6979 608398 Details (4-3-17)

Bus timetables, car hire, taxis : Information from Zorbas Travel - Athens-Kalamata bus timetable, can be booked on line, in English RESERVATION This pages also has LOCAL bus times. Zorbas can arrange shared taxi transfer from various airports. TAXIS ( has prices ), or CAR RENTAL . (9-3-14)

Local Bus times : The approximate times for the local bus service are attached along with some excursions offered by Doufexis. Times are subject to alterations once the schools finish mid- June BUSES(1) -- BUSES(2) ( Updated 31st May 2013 )

Athens Airport to/from Kalamata by TAXI : A taxi-share service is offered by Stavros Tsatoumas 69361 01702. Cost 60 euros/head ( September 2012 )

Transfer of vehicle Registration : According to EU law, fees for the transfer of registration of private vehicles are jurisdictions of individual states and not the EU, so fees and rules vary across the Union. In Germany, for example, the transfer of car registration from another EU country is negligible. In Greece it can be very expensive. The EU can do nothing about it!

MAN WITH A VAN for hire : Peter Newton offers door-to-door(including Scotland!) transport Greece to UK. Very reasonable rates for a full load anytime. Sometimes he can offer part loads. Pete and Maggs often have a stall selling English food items at the Fadderfriends Bazaars. Tel: 6982302193 or 27220 26357 (4-9-11)

New regulations for selling a motorbike : Even if you get a buyer quickly, the transfer is now time consuming and complicated! ( 23-6-11)
1)You have to go to the Agricultural Bank in Kardimili( only open on Wednesdays 9 till 1, and T he one in Stoupa is the same bank but doesn't issue these documents, the nearest on from Kardimili is at Kalamata )and pay a amount that's based on the CC of the bike.
2) Make an appointment at the test centre in Kalamata to get a test certificate
3) Then go to KEP with the usual passport/residency/tax number and the vehicle log book to get the transfer documents. This takes about an hour. You need the buyer there too, as they need to fill in all the same forms!!!

IKTEO (In England MOT ) : The nearest centre for MOT is just past IDEA on the road from Kalamata to the airport. They are open Mon - Fri 8.00 - 16.30 and Sat 8.00 - 1.30. You can book an appointment tel 27210 99699 (Testing is required for Greek registered vehicles every 2 years)

BUS TICKETS TO ATHENS can now be booked on-line through the KTEΛ site in English. If the text comes up in Greek, right click and select 'translate page' If you want just EXPRESS buses, select EXPRESS ATHENS as your destination.


'TO STEKI TOU MICHAELIS' in Tseria now open : " We are open every day 8.30am till bedtime! Grilled food, pizza, and some oven food on offer, as well as coffee, beer, wine, soft drinks, salads and appetizers. You will find us near the plateia of the Taxiarchon , in the upper village . tel: 6937936560 WiFi available" <<< Click to enlarge and IMAGE2 (March 2017)

Milopetra is a new Indian Restaurant in Kalamata : Previously a Greek restaurant, now with a new chef and menu, Milopetra is offering a range of Indian dishes throughout the day. Recommended by Christine Homer Address: Mpenaki 6, Kalamata 241 00, Greece Phone: +30 2721 098950      milopetra (January 2017)

Chinese take-away in Kalamata  Restaurant CLOSED but  Aris Christeas is  offering a range of Chinese dishes at reasonable prices, on Thursdays during the summer, at VEZUVIOS in Ag Nikolaos 27210 77291 .(June 2016)

Mαγειο της Δημητρας : Cecile found this little place in Kalamata which has excellent traditional Greek food at good prices Παλαιολογου 62. Only open lunch time. Tel 27210 82821


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