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K.E.P - Citizen office in Kardamyli at your service !

On the main road through Kardamyli, close to the Community center you can find K.E.P The office is helpful with any question that you have about your life here in Greece. You will always get advice about how to deal with different issuses.

Often, but not always, there is one English speaking person at the office.

Opening hours are between 8 in the morning until about 1.30pm
Tel: 27210 64112

The Greek Ombudsman :  If you are having problems with public services, and many other aspects of Greek life, the Greek Ombudsman may be able to help. There is a website in English, which has details of the agencies that fall 'within the competence' of the Ombudsman, and how to make a complaint .
You can contact the Greek Ombudsman in the following ways :-
213 1306 600 ( Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m ., Wednesdays till 4:30 p.m .)
By fax: 210 729 21 29
Online complaint
By post: 5 Hadjiyanni Mexi St 115 28 Athens ( Complaint form PDF )
By e-mail: (January 2014)

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Long-term car park at Kalamata airport: Information from Stephan Bartholomä (Zorbas Travel) It is a fenced area right beside the airport monitored 24h per day. Cost for one month is €40. The owner offers even to bring people and luggage by car to the airport. AUTO ΗΛΙΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ 698 7080426, 6979 608398 Details (4-3-17)

Athens Airport to/from Kalamata by TAXI : A taxi-share service is offered by Stavros Tsatoumas 69361 01702. Cost 60 euros/head ( September 2012 )

KTEO (In England MOT ) : The nearest centre to MOT your Greek car is on the road from Kalamata to the airport.  It is set back on the left, across the old railway line. Testing is required for Greek registered vehicles every 2 years, no appointment necessary.

KTEL BUS TICKETS can now be booked on-line through the KTEΛ site in English -

Mani Cars
Mani Money Stoupa
Vet in Stoupa
Sofia Nikolakea Language Studio

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