Practical tips for shopping :

Where do I find what I want? On this page you will find shopping tips from our readers. If you come across an interesting shop or product, you can share the information on this page

Our two larger local supermarkets in Stoupa along with 

the supermarkets in Agios Nikolaos now stock Biological Eggs  (Jan 2019

Cheese factory/shop, Kambos (ΤΥΡΟΚΟΜΕΙΟ) : You can buy a range of cheeses direct from the factory on the main road just north of Kambos, by the PV farm. Some available in 1kg sealed packs which will keep. H MANH Kambos, POTIS KARAVITIS and sons Ltd Cheese from pasteurized goat's milk 27210 71574 69590 75605 69758 59812 (January 2015)

How to choose olive oil : The labelling of olive oil can be very confusing . For instance what does 'refined' olive oil mean? Is 'Light' olive oil better than 'virgin' ? To help you understand the meaning of the various labels, an infogram has been produced, and Bläuel have added some additional explanatory notes. Bläuel notes (Note: you may need to download this PDF to get a good view) (August 2013)

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