issued by the W Mani Dimos for consultation, on July 18th 2017

The CLEAN MANI Assoc has been working with the Dimos to prepare guidelines and regulations for the handling of solid waste in the W Mani municipality. The following is a series of translated extracts from the 29 page discussion document (in Greek) which Dr Sophia has circulated to all members of the new CLEAN MANI assoc.I If you would like to see the full document, please contact Dr Sophia on   and register with the CLEAN MANI Assoc. The Dimos prepared the document, but are asking people for their ideas. If you have any good ideas/suggestions, please contact Dr Sophia.

The main priority διμοσ δ μανισof the Municipality of West Mani is the rational management of its municipal solid waste with emphasis on waste reduction, reuse and recycling
The operation of the cleaning service is organized with a view to ensuring the protection of the environment and public health, the service of the citizen, the safety and health of workers, the saving of resources, the fair distribution of cleaning fees and the participation of citizens. The exercise of the responsibilities of the Department of Environment and Cleaning of the Municipality of West Mani is governed by the basic principles and objectives of European and national legislation on waste and environmental protection, and in particular:
- the precautionary principle and the prevention of waste generation, The main objective is the reduction of waste generated, re-use, material recovery and recycling.
- the principle of producer responsibility
- the principle of proximity, according to which waste should, as far as possible, be managed in the area in which it is produced
- the principle of rectifying damage to the environment.
- the "polluter pays" principle, with emphasis on producer responsibility.

The collection frequency is related to the rate of filling of the bins, the available waste trucks and staff, and the possibility of shipment to process and dispose of the collected waste.

Some general points
-- Special mention is made of horticultural products (green waste) such as branches, leaves, dried flowers, lawn rests, soil and stones, the management of which is solely the responsibility of their producers and is carried out in their properties.
-- Municipal solid waste is separated by producers (households, shops, businesses, etc.) into recyclables and non-recyclables.
-- The waste bins should be covered with their lids and remain closed to prevent the entry of insects, rodents, etc.
--  electric lamps (bulbs), batteries, inks used in printers, photocopiers and fax machines and small appliances must be placed by their holders in special bins (in Municipal buildings in Ag Nicholas Health Center and shops).
--The large electrical appliances are to be transported to the special container in Stoupa in consultation with the Department of Environment and Cleaning of the Municipality of Western Mani (tel. 2721360907).
-- shoes are to be placed in the RED BIN in Kardamili (tourist booth)
-- The collection of bulky waste is to be done in consultation with the Environment and Sanitation Department (tel. 60 907 27213) within 10 days of the notification of Environment and Sanitation, during which the bulky waste should remain within the property of the holder. The basic requirement for the collection of bulky waste is
(a) the weight of each piece does not exceed 50 kg; and
(b) the total volume of bulk waste to be collected does not exceed 15m3 / per household or business per year. In these cases the transfer of the bulky waste to the area designated by the Service, shall be the responsibility, means and expense of the person liable.

Information for residents :
The Clean-up Service:
-- Familiarizes local residents and visitors  about the provisions of this Regulation, and the collection programs,
-- Supplies and uses modern equipment
-- Provides awareness programs for residents and visitors with emphasis on children and young people.
-- cooperates with voluntary organizations, professional associations, NGOs, social bodies, etc
-- participates in initiatives to reduce the volume of waste generated and alternative waste management;
-- sets incentives and rewards for groups(schools, organizations, citizens, neighborhoods, companies etc.) to minimize waste generated, reuse and recycle, and to inform and raise public awareness.

The application of the provisions of this Regulation is the responsibility of the Municipal Authority, which may authorize its competent bodies (head, staff, etc.) to establish violations, to impose the foreseen administrative sentencing and bring charges against offenders. Citizens and  organizations are invited to assist the above-mentioned by informing the competent services of the Municipality about the violations that they are aware of in order to take the necessary measures for the more efficient operation of the Clean-up Service

Proposed penalties include
Putting packaged waste outside of bins €20/bin, double for repeat offense
Waste disposal inside the bins without proper packaging. €20/bin, double for repeat offense
Depositing on a road, pavement or communal space, of bulky waste (refrigerators, showcases, etc.)  €100, doubles for repeat offense
Deposit of non-recyclable waste into recycling bins €100, doubles for repeat offense
Deposition of materials for the packaging of goods or recyclable materials in general waste bins €20, double for repeat offense
Connection of washers - sinks - sheds with pipelines leading to public areas or drainage wells €100, doubles for repeat offense
Disposal of any kind of waste on roads, squares, streams, etc. €100, doubles for repeat offense


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