Message from Dr Sophia : Next Wednesday 21 June and 18:00 pm at my office in Stoupa (opposite  Kalogria beach) there will be a meeting of the groups with lawyer Spyraou Voula to finalize the constitution of the  "Clean Mani" Assoc. Anyone wishing to become a member and contribute 10 Euros towards  the payment for the foundation, can come or call me at 6977779314     Σοφία Χριστοφιλοπούλου

Here are the texts from the meeting in Riglia establising the Association,

from Dr Sophia Christofilopoulou,  General practitioner, Stoupa

Dear friends,

On Friday, June 9, 2017, we had our first meeting at the School in Riglia, where we announced the creation of an association to deal with recycling, cleanliness, composting, etc. Representatives of clubs and institutions in the region, as well as ordinary citizens concerned about the issue of rubbish, attended the meeting, and most are already active on this issue.

We presented the main goals we believe the club should have. Below we also provide you with these texts so that everyone can study them carefully and promote them to those who were not able to attend. We also send you some photos from the meeting.

Various views were heard in the debate that we have all agreed on, such as the need to present detailed proposals on all these issues, the invitation of bodies or individuals who have experience in the subject and can help us, the addition to the Statute of the possibility of cooperation with municipal authorities, etc. If you read the texts we presented to the meeting carefully, you will see that the framework of these proposals has been included in these texts.

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The main objective of the meeting was to create the club, (which was agreed), as well as the next steps to be taken. We also got more signatures, which are enough to create the club (but we want as many as possible). We also collected about 200 euros for the club, of the 550 total needed to register the association..
The next steps are:

  • Collect the remaining money, and deposit the necessary papers with the help of the lawyer.
  • Before we deposit the statutes, we will call on a signatory to read the deposited memorandum, amend it where necessary and approve it with the simultaneous creation of a temporary Board of Directors, until the legal establishment of the Articles of Association.
  • Once this is done, we will let you know, so that a new meeting will be held, in which we will vote for the board of the association.

Meanwhile, we can inform you that we have already invited Mr. Argyropoulos, who has set up his own recycling company in Sparta, as well as Mr. Fikira Elias, who has a waste management company in Patras. They have agreed to come and speak at the end of June. It is very important that we listen to them and learn from them, because they have already done some of the things we are trying to do too. We'll let you know as soon as we solve some technical details and fix the exact date.

Of all of you, we ask for the following:
1. Promote this message (email) to as many people as you can, to spread the idea of ​​the club.
2. Ask them to sign up, in order to get as many members as possible. Everyone can register, even online, by sending an email to one of the email addresses below, confirming that they want to join the club
3. Ask who can raise some money to set up the club? The name and the amount from each person is required. Note: The list of exact amounts  will be announced, and will be available to everyone, and  relevant receipts will be issued.
4. We look forward to ideas, remarks, suggestions, etc. You can send whatever you want by email, so we can gather ideas that will be discussed at our next meeting. Here is an indication of some issues that might be raised, for instance for the name of the club (for now we are using "Clean Mani"), ideas for recycling, composting etc, proposals for people or institutions that have implemented similar ideas, to get in touch with them, etc. We believe that everyone's ideas are very important and that everyone has something to offer.

Moutzouris Ilias   Tel. 6973934747
Kiskyreas Christos Tel. 6932442551
Katsouleas Evangelos   Tel.
Sofia Christophilopoulou

Below we list the texts presented at the first meeting.

TOPIC 1: Cultural Association of 'CLEAN MANI'  
Establishment of the Assoc.
Activation of Citizens for the Environment
Waste management

"Dear Colleagues, residents of the Municipality of West Mani,
We all know the problem of the uncontrolled production of garbage by businesses and households, and the serious problem it creates for us all. The health impact caused by the pollution of the environment by all kinds of waste, and the contamination caused when it rains, are obvious and tragic. We all understand that this culture deficit will eventually translate into the supersaturation of the environment with waste, and threaten our Tourism economy.  In addition, overproduction of such waste leads to draining of resources from the Municipal Authorities that would be useful for infrastructure projects. Finally, the fines paid by Greece for failing to comply with the European waste management directives are huge, and come from all of our pockets.

Disorganisation and arbitrariness are both cause and consequence of the current situation, which has been created by inconsistency and reluctance to think not only of ourselves but also of the society we all live in. We have an obligation to be interested not only for our own benefit, but also for the common good.

All of the above and more, requires us to take action to address this problem. To awaken all consciences because only then, can we get results. We know that it is not the first time efforts have been made. Many of us, in one way or another, have made efforts. We therefore think that by joining forces in an autonomous association that accommodates everyone, where all ideas are respected, management is democratic, and with no place  for dominating egos, we will all succeed.

The State and the Municipal Authority have their own statutory role and obligations, based on their laws and resources. Our role is about all of us and how we will respond as citizens who produce the garbage, and that is how we will mobilize and work together to eliminate this problems.

Let's note two basic principles.
1st The rubbish is ours (and whoever pollutes has to pay)
2nd The pollution of the environment is also prohibited by European and Greek legislation.
The Greek environment especially, is something unique from a natural and cultural point of view, that we must preserve. Our first decision is to have a conference, by the end of June if possible, to which we will have invited speakers dealing with the issue of waste management and who will share their experiences. They will discuss ideas with  us all, so we can develop good ideas, based on how  things that have already been done by others.

Then, equipped with all this, we will see what we can do in our area. We therefore ask everyone to participate and we appeal to all the clubs active in West Mani so that we can make this event as successful as possible. It is essential that all participate without self interest. The project will be work from all of us. Let us prove that we can beautify our place and secure the future for the survival for our children."

  TOPIC 2: Establishment of the club  

"In order for our movement to progress, to take advantage of NSRF funds, and to be legitimate, it is necessary to set up an association. The more members it lists, the more opportunities it will have to do more. Send in your name, your phone number, your email and your signature to become founding members of this association.

The aims of this association are many, from recycling, information, implementation of composting, exploitation of NSRF programs (of which incidentally, there are many at this time), etc. This  association can achieve great things, as such  associations have already done in other parts of Greece, with great success. We want to emphasize that the association will be democratic, non-profit, with full transparency and purely non-partisan -  these principles will be inviolable.

The deposition of the Articles of Association and the formalization of the Association will be made by a temporary three member committee. When the  association is ready, elections will be held to elect members of the permanent five-member committee (chairman, vice-chairman, cashier, etc.). Please also inform those who are not here today to contact us to join the association , because as we said, the more members, the more power our voice will have, and will also give the opportunity to vote in the club's elections.

Creating an  association has some cost as you will understand. We received offers from 3 attorneys and the most economical proposal was Ms. Voula Spyreas from Kardamili, which told us that it will cost us 550 euros, including all the necessary expenses. That is why we will accept any amount anyone can make available in order to collect the required amount. It is important for us that this effort will be supported by everyone and this effort will be effective for everyone. Everyone in the region will benefit without exception. That is why we have a second notebook, which will mention the name and the amount that anyone  contributes, so that in the end, for the sake of full transparency, the names and the exact amount contributed by each one, will be announced.

Finally, I would like to emphasize the immense importance of each of your views and ideas. Please send any ideas, comments, suggestions, the email that we will be preparing for the  association so that the committee has time to study them, and they can be discussed in the club councils. A first appeal to you is ideas for the name of the club. At present, we are using the name "Clean Mani" (which I personally think is very good and comprehensible), but there may always be an even better idea. We are waiting for your suggestions but because we do not have an official email address yet, please send them to either Christos or Evangelos.

Thank you very much for listening to us, I hope we will get a good result. "

Moutzouris Ilias, Kiskiras Christos

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