June 2016: The lack of rain last winter means that the usual problems (see below) are being aggravated, because the aquifers are low. As a result, the Dimos is having to cut off supplies for long periods to ration the supply in some areas. People are being advised to get a water tank, if possible, to ease the problem

If YOU are without a consistent supply, please contact Giorgos Giatrakos (Deputy with responsibility for water) through the DIMOS◄►LINK email or leave a message at the Water office 27210 73060. with details of the problem, and the EXACT LOCATION OF YOUR HOUSE. Messages will be checked every day at 15.00. Only phone Giorgos( 697 726 4192) if the matter is REALLY URGENT. Giorgos speaks some English.

In W. Mani, we usually get plenty of winter rain, however, there is little collection and storage of winter rain, and the water distribution system is old and full of holes, so a lot of water runs to waste. Also, many people use water extravagantly. The result, some people in West Mani, especially those living in hillside properties, that are not near village springs, are without water for days, even weeks at a time, in summer.

As many people have had difficulty getting information or advice, we are working with the Dimos and others, since early 2012, to provide information about the water supply, on the Parea site. We are adding to this page as we get information.


Cold weather tips for protecting your water supply** If it is forecast for cold below 0 °C - you might be able to avoid your house meter and your water taps & pipes from having a problem. Leave a tap on in each line of your water supply - only a very slight drip will allow the expanded frozen water to push water out of the pipes to leave room for the frozen water - so your pipes should not break.

Make sure your solar water heater has its yearly check - cleaning out the salts from the system, and topping up with the proper anti-freeze for solar systems. Even a short freeze can break a water solar system. (Also cleaning out the salts and changing the rod inside helps have more hot water - greater efficiency - therefore less need for an electrical boost of power.)

Protect your automatic watering system with a covering - heavier market bags, might be ok,  as long as the wind doesn't break the bags. However, a plastic flowerpot cut tightly to fit over the system and pipe, is enough protection to prevent them breaking. Maybe better to have both, if you are in an area at higher altitude, and had more frequent snow, than closer to sea level.  (February 2016)

** Tips from a local resident who remembers a cold spell in Lefkro  when about 600 water meters were damaged, (including ones in coastal areas!) and there was a lot of inconvenience to homeowners without water - because the village mains' valves have to be turned off to allow repairs, as well as many problems with homeowners' systems. 


 WATER BILL PAYABLE ON-LINE (January 2016) You can now pay your water bill by bank transfer.
Recent water bills eg (BILL IMAGE) have shown the W Mani Piraeus Bank account number, but you also need the IBAN.

ACCOUNT NO 6343030022501
IBAN: GR8401713430006343030022501

See below for detailed explanation of the rest of your WATER BILLS (2012).

Poliana and Tsokaiika-Bazigeika supply update July 2015: When work started on the supply, it became clear that the water network was even more complicated than expected, and there are many illegal connections. Because of this, work had to be done on the Kotroni supply, before the Poliana work could continue. It also meant increased costs**. Because of the need to extend the scheme to cover outlying areas of Kotroni, Riglia and Ag Dimitrios, there are many more properties that are/will be benefitting from the new pipe network, but have yet to make a financial contribution. If you think you may benefit from the scheme, please email DIMOS<>LINK with your name, phone number and water meter number, as soon as possible, and they will check if your supply is affected. Nearly 3000€ still needs to be raised from residents, to cover the cost of materials. NB : many properties will be getting their supply from DIFFERENT sources from previously. More in JuneArchive
** This does not include money spent on repairing/replacing equipment damaged by sabotage to the new supply! There have been a number of interruptions to water supplies in Kotroni and Poliana, caused by tampering with valves!

Supply problems (September 2014) : The Dimos is aware that some people may still not have an adequate water supply. The new administration needs YOUR help to deal with the remaining problems. Sometimes, when a main water delivery route is repaired, people on branches of the supply, may still have problems which the Dimos is not aware of, some of which may have been caused by the lack of water flow. eg seized valves, leaks, silt.

If YOU are without a consistent supply, please contact Giorgos Giatrakos (Deputy with responsibility for water) through the DIMOS◄►LINK email or leave a message at the Water office 27210 73060. with details of the problem, and the EXACT LOCATION OF YOUR HOUSE. Messages will be checked every day at 15.00. Only phone Giorgos( 697 726 4192) if the matter is REALLY URGENT. Giorgos speaks some English.

** Not all properties have addresses that identify the house, so please give additional information, if needed, and if possible, your water meter number. In case of emergency (eg flooding), you can contact Christina Constantios(Gaia) 697 238 8217

**The old administration has not passed on any documentation about the water supply system, to the new W Mani Administration, and they do not know the location of many minor pipe runs.

Problems with water supply :(August 2013 ) Following complaints about the lack of response from the Dimos, when people tried to get help, we contacted the Deputy Mayor Vasilis Kyvelos , who gave us the following advice .".....apologies for the inconvenience caused by inadequate telephone service. We experience difficulties with several telephone devices (they are old and weary, some are hard to hear and a few even drop the calls), the only advice I can provide is this: people should be persistent when trying to reach the Dimos by phone ( especially these days, when several people are on leave ) and should always ask for the name of the person at the other end of the line.
The water service telephone number of the Dimos, is 27210 73060 . The person who works there is Maria Kiskira and although she speaks some basic English, it is best if she is contacted in Greek ( she is the lady people make the water payments to ). For English speakers only, please call 27210 64120, which is the number of Matina Soumi , the Mayor's secretary

WATER BILLS : (December 2012) Water bills are issued usually every 3 or 6 months and should be paid at the town hall in Kardamyli. The office is on the ground floor at the far end of the building. The exact location of the WATER SUPPLY OFFICE is in the GUIDE TO WEST MANI DIMOS The most recent bills cover the period July to September and should be paid BEFORE 31/12 . Note that people with unpaid bills exceeding 100€ will have their supply cut . off .
Click on the image to get an enlarged view of the bill with translation
When you hand in the bill and money you will be given an official receipt.

Dealing with water leaks : (November 2012 )
REPORT LEAKS as soon as possible to the Water Supply Office in Kardamyli. You can phone 27210 73060 or email see OFFICIAL LETTER (12845) If you send an email you will get a protocol number for your report, which can be used in later communications, if necessary.
DELAYS IN FIXING LEAKS : Many people get frustrated and angry when they see leaks that appear to have been ignored for some time. Unfortunately, there are a anumber of reasons why leaks may not be dealt with promptly. These include the very old and complex water supply system, the many different water sources, as well as the shortage of funds and staff to do the job. OFFICIAL LETTER (12412)

WATER QUALITY : The main water supply is tested every month, OFFICIAL LETTER (12845) but many villages get their water from springs, which come from the complicated water courses under the Mani. Even now, the flows are not fully understood, but the quality can be reduced because of sea water contamination during the summer. During October 2012, cave divers mapped more of the water courses near Ag Nikolaos.

For people with water storage tanks : ( October 2012 )
If your tank is empty and there is an inadquate supply for filling it, contact the Dimos on 27210 64129 If the supply is unlikely to be restored quickly, the Dimos will provide water using their tank truck, free of charge. Both the water and the delivery is free. OFFICIAL LETTER (11252)

The recent water problems here in West Mani are not only about shortage**, but also about cost .

The W Mani Dimos has had to buy water from Kalamata, and recently, they have not been able to pay for it! Because of this many people are being threatened with cut-offs.

If you fill a swimming pool from the mains, make sure it is metered , so you pay the Dimos for the water. If you do not pay, you are threatening the water supply to the rest of the community. If your supply is not metered, you can pay for a private tanker to fill your pool. Either way, the water comes from the local supply, and pools should, if possible be filled early in the year, before the season starts. There is always some waste water from pool maintenance, (around 30 litres per bather is recommended ), but this can be re-used for watering systems. It will not damage gardens or olive groves

Many swimming pools are only in use for a short time, but do not need to be emptied . Earthquakes can cause empty pools to crack, whereas if the pool is full of water, this absorbs the shock. Also, pools can pop out of the ground if the water table rises! A green pool can be made safe to swim ( with chemicals ) within 2 weeks . However, if pools are left with water in them, they are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which may not be popular with neighbours! A cover can solve this problem.

AN IDEAL POOL : There is a pool in the local area that takes NO water from the local area and the owner enjoys his pool to the full. Water (rain) is collected during the winter months and then used to supply the pool during the summer months. Adrian Hills ( Mani Pools ) can tell you more about this, and other 'good pool management' ideas .

** Although a great deal of water is wasted, when leaks are not repaired promptly, we all have a responsibility to the community. More on the topic of leaks later!



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