For more information on Dimos matters, you can email DIMOS◄►LINK

June 2017 : New Telephone number for the Dimos 27213  60901

January 2017 : Reporting dangerous tree branches near power lines  (Advice from W Mani Dimos)
If tree branches are in contact with or dangerously close to PPC cables, you can report directly to the DEDDHE at: 1050, 2721045828, 2721097878.
For details in Greek see  Reporting dangerous tree branches

July 2016: New Plumber appointed: Alexandros Paouris is a graduate and a qualified water Engineer who has recently come to live in W Mani. He has his own business (WATER & GAS 27210 79189 or Mobile 6932 220710 ), but has accepted an 8 month contract with the Dimos, to work on improving water services to the W Mani community, and it is hoped that the contract will be renewed.
However, please remember that there are serious concerns this year, about low water levels in the aquifers, and there may be some rationing. Also, please report leaks to the Dimos promptly. see ABOUT WATER


December 29th 2015 : WATER PROBLEMS IN RIGLIA AREA - The Riglia pump is out of order and there is also a leak in the supply line. The Dimos are working on it and hopefully the supply will be restored within 48 hours

August 22nd : The DRINKING water supply to the stand pipes and drinking fountains between Ag Nikolaos and Ag Dimitrios has been restored, after several days without a supply. The interruption in supply was caused by leaks and other factors.

August 7th : Despite a continuous high pressure water supply to Kotroni, a number of properties have been without water in recent days. This is because of excessive demand (or unidentified leaks). The supply has been checked daily and the only problem is that water is being used faster than it can be supplied. The result is that first, the pressure drops and then the properties higher up have no water at all. At this point it becomes necessary to turn off the main supply valve from the Kotroni tank, to allow the tank to refill and build up pressure again ( which takes at least 12 hours) Please, will everyone in properties in and around Kotroni (including the Poliana area) use water more sparingly during the next few weeks, and report any leaks/pressure drops promptly. If you do not, the supply will have to be cut off approx one day a week to allow for replenishment.

Please pass this message on. Thank you

Note: This is only likely to be a problem during the high season, while most properties are occupied, and the demand for water is high

August 2015: NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH : At this time of year, the peak holiday season, is also a peak time for thefts and burglaries. There are lots of strangers around, so people with anti-social intent can mingle more easily. We can all help stop crime, by watching out for anything unusual. Apart from being careful with our own things, watch for people hanging around for no apparent reason, or in unexpected places. For instance, there should be NO people in olive groves at this time of year, (except strimmers) and approaching though the olive groves, can be a good way to check out properties. If you see anything suspicious, especially early morning or early evening, contact DIMOS◄►LINK or text 69723 88217 at once, with details of what and where. It may be something innocent, BUT a prompt report could make a difference, and help catch thieves.

June 2nd 2015: WATER SUPPLY NEWS : At the meeting for the residents of Polliana and Kotroni on the 2nd June, the issue of the sabotage of the water tanks was discussed. It was decided to research options for both securing the valves and providing security in the area. In the short term several residents offered to check the Kotroni tank on a regular basis. Consideration is being given to offering a reward for information leading to the successful prosecution of the person/persons responsible for interfering with the water supply.

The residents also compiled a list of work that still remains to be done in Polliana following the installation of the new water main.

Also discussed was how to contact the owners of houses (holiday homes and part built) who have not yet been given the opportunity to contribute to the cost of materials for the improved water supply.

The meeting concluded with the residents thanking both the deputy mayor responsible for water for his efficient work, and Christina from Gaia for assisting the residents.

May 15th: Rubbish update- A temporary(3 month) contract for rubbish disposal has been agreed. Collections should begin again soon.

May 14th : RUBBISH ALERT : We have been informed that currently no rubbish is being collected in W Mani . The contractor appointed in February has quit and until a new contractor has been appointed, there can be no rubbish collection, because the trucks are already full and there is nowhere to take the rubbish.

Urgent meetings are being held with Kalamata Dimos, to resolve the situation. In the meantime people are being advised to reduce their rubbish as much as possible, by composting and recycling, and if possible take recyclable materials with them, if they are going to Kalamata.

May 2015:Water News - Update May 14th - Further problems with the water supply occurred this week because of a rock fall in the Viros Gorge. Also there have been parking problems, where the work is being done to improve the water supply around Kotroni. People are asked to be patient.

On May 8th many places in W Mani south of Ag Nikolaos( eg Ag Dimitrios, Riglia, Platsa ...) had little or no water because of maintenance work on the mains tanks. Work on the new pipe work for improvements to the water supply in Kotroni, Tsokaiika- Bazigeika and Poliana areas is now progressing well, and while they were at it, the Dimos was cleaning and repairing the supply tanks. However, these take a day to refill, which is why there was a reduced/absent supply. The previous week, Stoupa had water supply problems because of the power cut on April 29th. One of the main pumps could not be restarted after the outage, so the tank had to be emptied, the pump repaired and the tank refilled, before the water supply could be restored.

April 2015: Employment News: 5 months of work for some unemployed : The Ministry of Labour and Employment Agency program for unemployed people over 18 years starts from 10 am Great Monday 04/06/2015 and ends on 24:00 Monday 27/04/2015. Those selected will work with contracts of five months and pay 17,27 euro per day and 431.75 per month if you are under 25 years, while for those aged over 25 the fees will be 19.81 per day and 495.25 euros per month. The submission of applications is done exclusively through the internet, the OAED website ( ) using the relevant field "electronic registration applications." THARROS

10 Laborers for general duties to be employed by W Mani Dimos- Interested parties are invited to complete an application, which is administered by the Municipality, and to submit to Human Resources and Payroll Office.Applicants can apply with the necessary documents up to Holy Thursday (April9th), in the Municipality Human Resources Office. Documentation to be authenticated photocopy of identity and affirmation that meet the general qualifications for appointment. THARROS

March 2015 : Delay in water supply work - Because of frequent heavy rain, the ground has been too waterlogged for the heavy equipment to be used for installing the new pipe work.

February 2015: The new modified 2015 technical program for W Mani : The detailed plans(+ cancelled/deferred plans) and budgets for a range of projects in Western Mani are published in 'Mani Voice' by village. Here is the 18 page PDF document in Greek ( source: Mani Voice - click on for what's new)
Note: some of the funding is not from the Dimos, but EU funding for specific purposes(eg for church repairs)

For a rough translation as a PDF, see W_Mani_TechBudget 2015

January 27th - 18.30 at the Cultural Centre in Stoupa The meeting is to arrange the next stage of the project to improve the water supply for Kotroni, Tsokaiika- Bazigeika and Poliana areas. A large percentage of the funds needed,(see below) has been pledged or collected, so the committees can now make formal applications to the Dimos for the purchase of the necessary supplies. All materials will be the property of the committees, and will be made available to the Dimos as needed. The Dimos will supply labour, expertize and some of the equipment needed for installation work - 30/1 the meeting went well, and the application and purchases of supplies is going ahead

December 24th 2014: More on Water plans - regularizing meters: Following a Dimos meeting on Dec 23rd, we have been informed of the Dimos plans to evaluate the state of all water meters. It is so far established that Dimos has 600 old or broken/disfuctional water meters that need to be replaced/removed.(this cost will be covered by a new budget). Also 120 new meters that people have paid money to install and a lot are installed without registration. The rest are still on hold as the Dimos did not buy them. As a result we have meters with no or wrong billing, and extra pipes operating on the promise of temporary use. Giorgos Giatrakos(Deputy Mayor) is going through every building starting from Ag. Nikonas.


At the meeting on December 12th, residents from the Kotroni, Tsokaiika- Bazigeika and Poliana, approved the Dimos proposals in principle. However, the project for installing a new mains pipe, requires a financial contribution from all residents, as the Dimos has very limited funds.

For the new installation to go ahead, an estimated 9,000 euros needs to be raised by residents. This could be covered if all residents make a contribution of about 120 euros per property. Most of the work will be done in the Poliana area and the rest in the Bazigeika area, but the new pipeline should also improve the water supply to Riglia properties.

For various reasons the money will NOT be collected by the Dimos. A special committee for each area, has been set up to raise funds for the installation, and the plan is for these committees to buy the necessary supplies for the work to be done, and the Dimos will provide the labour and expertize. The committees now has the detailed specifications/costing provided by the Dimos, but if anyone can source suitable supplies at better prices, it will be up to the residents' committees to make the final decision on how the money is spent.

The committees would like residents to make their contributions as soon as possible - the sooner they get the money, the sooner work can start! The committees will hold the funds until purchases are made. The Dimos will not be involved.

Please give your donations to one of the committees' treasurers
Elaine Beacher (Poliana) 27210 78153 or email , or
John Parsons (Tzokeika/Bazigeika) .

If you have property in any of the areas affected, you can help by checking whether people who own neighbouring properties, are aware of the plans, especially if they are not currently in Mani.

It is hoped that the Dimos, with help from the two committees, will make other improvements while laying the new pipe (eg secure water valves and water tanks, locate old water meters, record homes with water pools, fix the Poliana road, fill the holes in Kotroni road etc.)
For more information please contact DIMOS◄►LINK



The Municipality of West Mani, in the context of social policy, supports the 2nd nationwide public information campaign on Good Consumption of Alcohol, organized by Intermunicipal National Network of Healthy Cities - Health Promotion (EDDYPPY), under the auspices of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at the University of Athens.

The purpose of this campaign is to inform and raise awareness of the citizens in matters relating to the consumption of alcohol, in order to better understand the consequences of irresponsible drinking and changing attitudes about drinking and driving, thereby reducing accidents .

The Municipality of West Mani is supporting this effort, and recognizing the importance of informing Citizens about Good Drinking of Alcohol, posted on the website of the DRINKIQ. This initiative, which is called "Ask Dionysis".

«Ask Dionysis» ( ) is an interactive site, where every Citizen over 18 years, with very simple steps, can experience virtually, the effect of consuming alcohol.
The English version is "ASk Dave"


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