For more information on Dimos matters, you can email DIMOS◄►LINK

June 2017 : New Telephone number for the Dimos 27213  60901

January 2017 : Reporting dangerous tree branches near power lines  (Advice from W Mani Dimos)
If tree branches are in contact with or dangerously close to PPC cables, you can report directly to the DEDDHE at: 1050, 2721045828, 2721097878.
For details in Greek see  Reporting dangerous tree branches

July 2016: New Plumber appointed: Alexandros Paouris is a graduate and a qualified water Engineer who has recently come to live in W Mani. He has his own business (WATER & GAS 27210 79189 or Mobile 6932 220710 ), but has accepted an 8 month contract with the Dimos, to work on improving water services to the W Mani community, and it is hoped that the contract will be renewed.
However, please remember that there are serious concerns this year, about low water levels in the aquifers, and there may be some rationing. Also, please report leaks to the Dimos promptly. see ABOUT WATER


September 2014: The New Mayor has expressed interest in improving communication with foreign residents, and working with volunteers. With this in mind, a special email address has been set up, to link the Mayor with the foreign community.

The aim is for people to email ideas, offers of expertise, questions and complaints to this address, which wil be monitored regularly, and any issues raised, discussed with the Mayor and/or the relevant Council member, and also reported, in summary, on this website.

However, people will need to be patient. ALL messages will be reviewed, but the W Mani Administration has only recently taken office, and does not yet have its administrative structure in place so it may be a little while before they can get back to you. In the short-term, Christina Constantios will be helping to monitor messages, so URGENT matters can be dealt with.

(VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: If you are fairly fluent in Greek and English and could help with reviewing messages, and providing feedback, please email the address below)

Please keep your messages as brief as possible, WITH ONLY ONE TOPIC PER EMAIL and submit them to

Dimos issues : with the following details :

1. If the matter is urgent , please put URGENT at the top of your email

2. Type of message .

Offer of help/expertize

3. General category


4. Contact information Name, email address, phone number

Everyone who emails the Dimos Link will be added to the Dimos-Link e-mailing list automatically unless they ask not to be.



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