February 2017: West Mani success with recycling glass! Separate glass recycling (BLUE BELLS -see below) started in W Mani in 2015, when 18 tons were recycled. In 2016, the total recycled was more than double - over 42 tons -a massive 133% increase! Also W Mani provided 26% of the glass recycled by the prefecture of Messinia - second only to Kalamata(64%)
​Και ένα ευχάριστο νέο: Υπερδιπλάσια ποσότητα γυαλιού ανακυκλώθηκε στο Δήμο Δυτικής Μάνης το 2016! Η ανακύκλωση γυαλιού ξεκίνησε το 2015 με 18 τόνους. Το 2016 ξεπέρασε τους 42 τόνους, δηλαδή αύξηση 133% !!! Πρόσθετα ο Δήμος Δυτικής Μάνης συνέλεξε το 26% του γυαλιού στο Ν.Μεσσηνίας, καταλαμβάνοντας τη δεύτερη θέση στο νομό Μεσσηνίας μετά την Καλαμάτα (64%)*.Φιλικά Ιουλία Εξαρχουλέα

December 2016 : A group of local residents, business, community and Dimos representatives have been working on an education program to raise awareness and promote waste reduction through recycling and composting.
SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT IN W MANI  is a translation of the document, recently issued by the Dimos** , that is being circulated in the area. It will also be available in Albanian.
LOCATION OF RECYCLING BINS IN AG NIKOLAOS : This is a map of where to find recycling bins in Ag Nikolaos. It is hoped other villages will produce similar maps
COMPOSTING PROGRAM Citizens who are already composting organic waste, and those interested in learning how, are being asked to contact the Dimos**
  καθαρος τοπος (clean place) is a public Facebook group where people can post news/information about recycling matters

** Ioulia Exarhoulea, Department of Environment and Cleanliness, 1st floor, Town Hall, 2721360907 or

November 2015: Progress in rubbish management in W Mani has been slow over the past year, but there is some GOOD news. For a start, rubbish bin sites have been reorganised for easier collection and are now mostly on concrete bases.

• A large number of BLUE BELLS have been placed in key locations LOCALLY - these are for collecting glass of all kinds, which can then be recycled. Ordinary blue bins should be used for all other packaging BLUE BIN RECYCLING
• There are no LOCAL public collection points for used cooking oil , BUT you can now take used oil to AB supermarkets - there is a collection tank outside many stores ABrecycle oil
• There are collection points for domestic batteries of all kinds in many places, including the TOWN HALL in Kardamyli
• Still no news about a local collection for old electrical goods, but MOST things can be recycled in Kalamata - see KalamatRecycling and RedBinRecycling (for good clothes, bedlinen, shoes etc)
• There will be a CREATIVE RECYCLING EXHIBITION in Stoupa in December 2015, to show what can be done with things that have been thrown away, and to inform and encourage more local recycling.

For the updated summary chart about recycling see WHAT? WHERE? We keep it as up to date as possible, but please let us know of any out or date or new facilities.


January 2014 Recycling News : Unfortunately, for various reasons, the containers for electronic/electrical recycling and paper/cardboard have been removed from Panagiotopoulos supermarket. The Deputy Mayor Vasilios Kyvelos is hoping to get the two big Super Markets to co-operate on paper recycling, because this ensures the container will be filled quickly enough to be economically viable. He is still waiting for the response of the other company ( electrical/electronic recycling ) After having told them that the Dimos is about to dispose of many old PCs, monitors, printers, photocopiers etc, he hopes to get a positive answer. If not, then he’ll arrange an alternative location where the Dimos will place them until either an agreement is made with a different company or until their number reaches a full truck-load, when they will take them to the Kalamata facility - whichever is earlier.

July 2013

The W Mani Business Assoc. put up notices reminding people-  -  not to leave rubbish or cigarette butts on the beaches.

They have also labelled some of the bins to remind people to close the lids so rubbish is not blown about. Sadly, although the notice is in Greek and English, no-one seems able to read!!



November 14th 2011 : We heard that the blue-bin recycling scheme may be under threat in our area  . (see below for blue-bin reports)

West Mani is one of the Municipalities in Messinia that is supporting the national Blue-Bin scheme , BUT West Mani Dimos has arranged to empty the blue bins with their own special truck, rather than have them emptied by the scheme’s trucks. We understand that the Dimos has had some funding for this truck, which can be used for both recycling and ordinary rubbish. The arrangement is for the truck to be used most days for ordinary rubbish and once a week, for recycling. However this involves cleaning the truck thoroughly before using it for recycling materials.

There is a rumour that the Dimos is cuttting back recycling collections to once a fortnight. It has also been suggested that recyclable materials will only be collected from outside Katerina’s supermarket and Blauel’s factory and all other blue bins will be emptied into ordinary rubbish because the Blue Bin centre in Kalamata will not accept the contents of other bins, as it is too contaminated with ordinary rubbish.




Although there is a general feeling that blue bins have been used better in recent months ( ie less inappropriate rubbish put in the blue bins ) ANY ordinary rubbish in the blue bins threatens the recycling program so

1) Please continue to use the blue bins for ALL your RECYCLABLE packaging. (If they are filled with suitable material there is less room for ordinary rubbish!)

2) Spread the word to encourage others to use the blue bins correctly see [ BLUE BIN RECYCLING ]

3) When using a blue bin, check the contents for unsuitable items . Keep a record of where the bin is, the date and quality of the contents as

[A] All recyclable [ B] Mostly recyclable [C] A lot of contamination

If we get evidence we can ’name and shame’ the bad bins and promote the ’good’ bins. Send us your findings


Nov 14 Ag Nikolaos bins (road down from kindergarten) - all empty!
Nov 29 Stoupa (near vet clinic) Over half full [A]
Dec 10
Stoupa(beach side of Ladi) ¼ full [A]
Dec 12
Kardamyli (near sea past primary school) ¼ full [B]

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