Solid waste management in W Mani

December 2016: In recent months, the huge volume of solid waste, with nowhere to dispose of it legally, has led to 'a state of emergency' being declared in W Mani. There are regional plans for waste management, but they will not be implemented for some time. However, in the long term, a large part of the solution is to REDUCE the amount of waste produced. This is starting NOW! A group of local residents, business, community and Dimos representatives have been working on an education program to raise awareness and promote waste reduction through recycling and composting. The document below is a translation of the one that has just been issued by the Dimos** . It will also be available in Albanian 

** Ioulia Exarhoulea, Department of Environment and Cleanliness, 1st floor, Town Hall, 2721360907 or

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