Street( Farmers ) Markets to go ahead in Kambos and Ag Nikolaos

According to a press release from the Dimos on January 27th 2014 (GREEK), the markets will initially be for agricultural products. Agricultural producers are requested to apply for stalls to sell their products between Tuesday, January 28 and Friday, February 28, 2014 ( during business hours ) to the Municipality of West Mani (information : Ms M. Makris , tel : 27210 64123 )

Required Documents
1. Application - Affidavit
2. Certificate of Supervision Committees of section 6 of PD 51 / 06 , as applicable
3 .Certificate of residence
4. A copy of the tax return (Form E1 ) of the previous year
5. A copy of the original declaration estate (Form E9 )
6. Proof of payment of the special levy for ELGA for sale products
7. Booklet OGA ( stamped )
8. criminal Record
9. identity
10. two photos

In Early 2012 a petition for local/farmers markets, initiated by Voula Kyriakea and signed by about 500 people, was presented to the Dimos .
We the undersigned residents of the area hereby petition for the organisation of a farmers/local market to be held in Agios Nikolas. We believe that said market would not only be advantageous to everyone in the area, but will also encourage more local people to grow and sell their own produce in order to assist everyone in these difficult economic times."
The Dimos promised to discuss the matter and to ask the Periferia ( Regional government in Tripoli ) for permission to hold a market.

In October 2012, we heard that permission had been granted for markets on Saturdays in Ag Nikolaos (carpark area near Neriedes ) and Wednesdays in Kambos ( behind the old town hall ). The planned products would be mainly agricultural products, flowers and fresh fish.


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