October 2014 : Although there have been significant improvements to the main Kalamata-Areopoli road, since Gaia's road safety campaign in 2012, there are still many hazards on it, and other roads in the area, which increase the risk of accidents. Also there are new hazards as roads deteriorate and obstacles such as advertizing signs and vegetation, reduce visibility.

So Gaia is starting a new road safety campaign, and wants to identify the location of the most serious road hazards in the Municipality, with the intention of working with the Dimos, and asking for some funding from the Periferia (regional Government), although it will not need much money to make some of the improvements.

However, whether hazards are small or large, Gaia would like our help to identify where improvements are needed. eg

poorly lit sections of road
sign boards obstructing view at turnings
serious potholes
misleading/unclear road signs/markings
broken /graffitti covered mirrors

Please give the description and location of the hazard as clearly as possible - include a photo if you can.

eg Visibility for drivers blocked by sign boards, at the exit to the main Areopoli-Kalamata road, from the turning to Pantazi beach.

Please email your suggestions to the GAIA email address , and copy to DIMOS◄► LINK, , with the heading ROAD HAZARDS


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