Youth Team in Action - June 8th 2013

As a finale for their first year of training, the Gaia Youth Team had the challenge of creating a boat from things carried on the fire truck. The aim was for them to have practical experience of improvising a rescue boat, in case of emergency.

Guided by Tony Beacher who helps with much of the youth training, things were assembled on Pantazi beach and the construction began. They used 3 ladders to make a rigid frame. This was then wrapped in a waterproof sheet, and a board secured along the base, so people would have something rigid to put their feet on, in the boat.

So far all work was on shore - now for the test - would it float?

Well, the next test was actually whether they could get the boat in the water! With a lot of heaving and shoving it was finally launched - and yes, it did float really well, for quite a while, and the principle had been tested succesfully.

The last task was to take things apart carefully, and store them correctly on the fire truck.

So what did the youngsters learn from this exercise?

The importance of being able to tie appropriate, secure knots!
All sorts of things can float!
Be prepared to experiment, and persevere if things don't work first time
Be creative in adapting things for new purposes.
The importance of organization and tidiness
And perhaps most important of all, the benefits of working as a team

Many of the skills they had been learning over the year, during their regular Saturday training sessions at the Gaia Base, were brought together in this practical exercise.

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