For our dogs who have found homes in foreign countries, we are always looking for Animal flight escorts from KALAMATA to Germany or Austria! We will organize everything and all charges are for our account! If you are interested in helping a dog to get to it´s forever home, please contact us

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Contacts : Eva Lang :   or 6972 775 870 (German, Greek)
Julia 6978 330 816 (English , Greek) or Chris 6985 986 331(English)  

See also MIAO - LOST & FOUND  on this website and the MIAO website  
Their  page has details of current work and challenges Mani International Animal Organisation

"You can´t buy love but you can rescue it" This album from Mani International Animal Organisation is always up-to-date, so here you find only those animals we currently are looking for their forever home right now! They are all vaccinated, chipped and have their international papers done! And they are - if old enough - spayed, because spaying is the main task of animal welfare.  Please contact us if you are interested to help - with food - by sponsoring one special animal - by donation - by sponoring sterilization - by giving a forever home to one or more of these animals

    Next ΦΟΜ/MIAO meeting will be at 14:00 on  MONDAY  August 8th 2017 at Patriko in Stoupa 

Please come and meet us, and bring your friends, too!  We will be delighted to welcome new allies in our struggle for the rights of animals. For more information please email or phone Eva  and 6972 775870

Report on the  MIAO/ΦΟΜ Annual General Meetingheld January 27th 2017  AGM REPORT 2016


June 2015 : Please check out our own website: It is brand new and by far not perfect yet, but it is there and gets updated by Dagmar (in German) and by me (in English). It has been started by a woman called Christin in Germany who wanted to support us by giving us this website, and I think we cannot thank her enough! Without her initiative we would not be there yet! So, please give us some feedback and keep us alive by supporting our work! Hoping to see you on Thursday, Eva

A few points from the MIAO/ΦΟΜ AGM January 29th 2015:-
• In 2014, MIAO's income of 6087€ was mostly from direct donations, up about a third on 2013.
• Based on last year's spending they are budgeting to spend the bulk of their money on veterinary costs, including 1000€ on neutering. They will continue to promote neutering vouchers.
• Adoption fees: MIAO charge at least 200€ to cover vaccinations, microchipping, caring for the animal and transport costs
Annual membership remains at 5€ For further financial details, see below or contact Chis Spybey (10 € from 2016)
• They have no age limit. Younger members(around 12) are welcome, and will be given a MIAO T-shirt, when they pay their membership fee
• MIAO were asked for help from an Exochori resident who is very concerned about an old woman in the village who is drowning many cats and dogs and upsetting many people.
•There will be a concert for MIAO in May, performed by pianist Maria Garzon. (Full report in German)

How MIAO funds are used to help animals - SUMMER-2014 and ΚΑΛΟΚΑΙΡΙ-2014

November 7th: The popular animal welfare dramas first performed at a MIAO open event last year, by the Neon Juniors, have been made into a film. 'Play Your Part '- 5 short plays about caring for animals, shows the dramas filmed in appropriate locations. It is hoped that the film will be shown in schools all over Greece YouTube

October 8th: (From a report on the last MIAO meeting) Some of the work done by MIAO volunteers recently:-
• Getting treatment for a stray dog with serious mite infestation, and caring for it during treatment >>>.
• Helping to rescue a donkey that had been severely savaged by a dog. Several volunteers are helping to treat the donkey , which is recovering slowly. The dog owner was identified and the Police have spoken to the dog owner and said it must be put down.
• 9 puppies, only a few days old were found dumped in a bag. Sadly there is no way they could be helped and they were put to sleep the same afternoon. Photos of the pups and the bag will be taken to the Police.
• Caring for a kitten that had to have a severely injured leg amputated, and nearly died during the operation - see Mr Incredible
• Helping care for 2 of the 7 pups that were found beside their dead mother

MIAO PHOTO COMPETITION - The names of the finalists and winners of the photo competition are on the MIAO photo comp page. You can see all the their entries in the Flickr gallery

May 15th :(F rom a report on the last MIAO meeting ) New Law allowing Council Funds for spaying and neutering : " Animal Action " has a Facebook page and has been running a campaign to get prospective mayors to pledge their commitment to running spaying & neutering programs if they get elected. While many around Athens and other cities have done so none of the candidates in the Kalamata area have signed. They asked us to talk to our local candidates, but we got that info too close to the elections and nothing happened about it. Apparently there is also a new law that allows mayors to put up to 3 Euros for animal welfare on top of the water bills and many politicians have done so, but none in our area .


'Twenty dogs have been taken care of within one year. For most of them we found new homes, for a few of them not on earth, but in dogs` heaven. And even they were lucky because thanks to our intervention, they did not suffer and die alone but spent their last days and minutes of their lives with somebody who looked after them and cared for them.

MIAO does not run an animal shelter or kennels for various reasons. What we do, is try to find new homes for abandoned dogs. Although it seems to be almost impossible every time, because everyone we know has got one or two or three dogs already, we manage in most cases in the end. Some of the dogs have gone as far as Northern Germany or Austria, but most of them stay in our area - and we see them from time to time. What we need urgently are dog lovers who can take care of dogs temporarily , be it at their own property or somewhere else. This gives us time to sort things out, to find lasting solutions. You can be sure that MIAO will not leave you alone and will assist you. We can provide dog food and take care of the medical part . All we need is a safe place for a found dog for a while, and somebody to look after the animal.'

For details of all these dogs, see DOGS RESCUED BY MIAO You will also see the story of 'Butters' and how with time, MIAO can, against the odds, usually find a good home for rescued dogs. BUT there are 4 dogs still in tempoary homes, if anyone can help with something more permanent.


On February 13th Aris Siaperis gave a talk about Animal Welfare in Messinia, which contained a lot of information and useful advice for animal lovers. For full details of his talk see ARIS SIAPERIS

Ari Siaperis comes from Petalidi . Ari has worked for Animal Welfare in the Kalamata area for more than ten years, has a lot of knowledge of the Greek system (politics, bureaucracy, vets ...), has many contacts to German Animal Welfare groups and is a leading member of KAWS ( Kalamata Animal Welfare Society ) and of FTK (Förderverein Tierfreunde Kalamata ), a German Society supporting KAWS.

On January 23rd 2014, MIAO/ΦΟΜ held their first AGM . It has been a busy year, and a lot has been achieved, but there is so much more to do. More money and members are the main concerns for 2014, but MIAO will remain an offshoot of GAIA for the time being as official charity status has more cons than pros .


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For the origins of MIAO, how it nearly did not happen, and what was achieved during its first year see MIAO/ΦΟΜ 2012_3


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