FREE Amateur Photo Competition 2014

October 15th :Catherine Lengyel, (the winner of the domestic pets section of our photo competition) finally met up with Chris, to receive her basket of organic products from Blauel

September 17th : Ken Bigrave,(the winner of the wildlife section of our photo competition) at Gregg's for the official handing over of his prize, A beautiful ceramic plate donated by Pandora in Kardimili ..

Message from Chris Spybey :-

We are pleased to be able to announce the winners of our Amateur Photograph Competition at last. We were intending to have the final judging during the recent Summer Bazaar. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, two sets of invited guest judges were unable to attend. There were a lot of photographs entered into the competition, especially in the Domestic Pets section, so for the final Sue and I whittled it down to 12 finalists in the Domestic Pets section and 10 in the Wildlife section. (see below)

Dagmar Genth kindly judged these and decided on the two winning photographs.

Domestic Pets - WINNER Catherine Lengyel Wildlife - WINNER Ken Bygrave

All the finalist photos are in the PsM Flickr gallery

The finalists in the Domestic Pets section were
Andreas Donnelly with 2 pictures of his dogs,
Catherine Lengyel with a journalistic photo of hunting dogs on the back of a vehicle,
Haydn Ebbs with a photo of his dog on a beach framed by a tree trunk,
Heidi Schmied with a photo of a white cat in pink bougainvillea and a photo of lots of cats on a bed,
Hermann Nordhues with a portrait of a black and white kitten,
Judith Nan with a photo of two working donkeys,
Liz Berry with a photo of a kitten playing in blue Christmas decorations,
Niko T with a photo of a dog peering from behind a door,
Peter Moran with his portrait of a cute black and white kitten, and
Suzanne Devenport with a portrait of her cat lying up-side-down.

And the winner is Catherine Lengyel. Catherine has won a basket of organic products from Blauel.

The finalists in the Wildlife section were
Catherine Lengyel with a photo of mountain goats,
Claire Peach with photos of a leopard snake and a small jaywalker,
David Hatherley with a photo of a butterfly,
Judith Nan with an underwater photo of a turtle and one of the turtle raising its head above the surface of the sea,
Ken Bigrave with a close-up photo of a grasshopper, one of a butterfly on pink bougainvillea and a beetle on a yellow flowerhead, and
Peter Moran with a close-up photo of a praying mantis.

And the winner is Ken Bigrave's photograph of the grasshopper. Ken has won an earthenware dish with a glazed dolphins design on it courtesy of Pandora in Kardamyli.


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