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On this page we can display messages from our members. eg Do you need to borrow a cot when relatives visit? Have you any specialist equipment you are willing to lend? Do you have some useful information to share? Do you need help with something? Please email your message to claire4parea\gmail

Woodworm treatment - Advice wanted : Message from Xanthi:-
We need professional help with an ongoing woodworm infestation in our house in Lefktro. We are here for another week then again in June. If you can help please email xanthi_g\yahoo or tel 27210 77910. (23-3-17)

'A Taste of Home' Petalidi deliveries : Gary made his first delivery to Petalidi on March 17th (see 4/3 below), but has decided it is not worth continuing at the moment. However, he has new customers from the area and will be meeting them in Kalamata or at the new Lidl's in Messini, in future. If he gets more customers interested, he will reconsider a regular Petalidi delivery. Note: If you live 'over the other side', please spread the word (21-3-17)

Pete & Mags next OPEN DAY :  witll be on March 29th , from 10:30am onwards  and John Morrall will be here with his bacon etc....
Pete and Mags Newton only bring a few items to the Stoupa bazaars on an occasional basis, but.Pete is still getting a big range of supplies from the UK, and they are available from their home, west of Kalamata. ( Directions to the house - not to scale MAP1   Blue spot is the house-see MAP2 ) If  you want to be kept informed of their plans, you can email Mags at magsnewton\gmail or  Tell 27220 26357  (21-3-17)

Recycling spectacles: In Greece, old glasses(spectacles) can be put in the recycling bins for glass or plastic, or kept until there is a special collection ( around Christmas , a women's assoc. in Kalamata may have a collection) However, if you take them to the UK, according to REDUCEREUSERECYCLE, you can hand them into almost any optician for recycling by Vision Aid, to raise money for their work in the developing world.On average, each pair of recycled glasses is only worth around 3p each. Recycling used glasses works financially because they can recycle in bulk." They are hand sorted in our warehouse in Crawley. Some go off to be recycled for precious metals, others are cleaned and sold on our Ebay shop or to specialist dealers and the rest are recycled for plastic." Note: Added to ***Recycle WHAT?,WHERE?*** (20-3-17)

Editorial help wanted with PsM :Message from Claire:- Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the young man I was training as the new PsM editor, will not be able to continue, as he has to leave Mani. So, once again, I am looking for help. Now I would be particularly interested to hear from anyone who might like to take over as editor of the website next year. I had several people willing to help short term, but I need someone who could make a longer term commitment. There are various ways we could organize 'who does what', depending on the interests/availablity of whoever is helping. If you would like to know more, please contact me initially, by email claire4parea\gmail Don't worry if you are new to the area, or know nothing about editing websites - I didn't when I took over, and the new website is easier to handle than the one I took over!  (16-3-16)

Megan needs care for 3 weeks: Message from Eva :- Les and Jane are still looking for somebody who would take of their dog Megan for the first three weeks in April, while they are away in UK. They are getting very concerned now because no solution has been found yet for this dog, that came to stay with Les and Jane in Autumn last year. They are willing to pay someone to look after her, if it means she would have caring people to make sure she was OK. Please pass this message on to your friends, it is urgent! Many thanks,  miaomani\gmail (15-3-17)

Heart Monitor found: Message from Sandra Panting:- Andrew and I found an athlete’s type heart monitor in the road near our house yesterday (Mar 12th). If you have lost one, or know who it might belong to, contact Sandra on Mob 6942 942 823 (13-3-17)

Home improvements - a cautionary tale: Last November, one of our readers had a central heating system installed by a well respected and reliable company. Unfortunately, three months after the installation started, the system was still not working properly, which caused considerable stress and arguments as to the cause. To resolve the issue the purchaser went to another contractor, and incurred extra cost to get the system fully working. This unfortunate case raises a general issue, that if you have any work done, even reputable companies can sometimes 'get it wrong'. As a safeguard, if possible, retain some of the payment until you are sure the work has been completed satisfactorily, and equipment is working as it should. Note: Although services advertised on the PsM are usually as a result of recommendation, the PsM can accept no responsibility for goods or services advertised.(9-3-17)

The Cyclamen of Greece - Κυκλάμινα της Ελλάδας : The Cyclamen of Greece by Peter Moore and Melvyn Jope, was published by the Cyclamen Society** in English in 2011, and in Greek in 2014. After a recent meeting with Christina Constantios, and being impressed by the work of Gaia, Helena Wiesner of the Cyclamen Society has arranged for a supply of the Greek version to be available for sale through Gaia. Both the English and Greek versions are also available for sale on line, through the Cyclamen Society, for £2 a copy (+p&p). Hara has copies on display at Mani Money, but no English ones for sale (7-3-17)
** Extending our knowledge of Cyclamen and encouraging their cultivation and conservation

60th Anniversary of the death of Nikos Kazantzakis: Message from Stephan Bartholomä:- With works like "The Life of Alexis Sorbas" (Zorba the Greek)(1946) Nikos Kazantzakis became world famous. On October 26, 2017, his death will be remembered for the 60th time. He died at the age of 74 in Freiburg im Breisgau.From 1916 to 1917, with the help of his friend Georgios Sorbas, he tried to dismantle coal as a tenant of the mine in the village of Prastova, very close to Stoupa. Kazantzakis died in my home town and the former resident of the house 'Sourmelina' gave him probably the inspiration for the "beautiful widow" in the novel - in the film (YouTube)Zorba the Greek, played by Irini Papas. I myself have been living in the area for almost 25 years. The name of the travel agency does not come by chance... Exciting is whether and what events this year will happen in Stoupa. I try my best to find out more as early as possible. If you hear something, I am very happy if you let me know.   stephan\zorbas (4-3-17)

All about bees, wasp & hornets : Message from John Phipps:-  I am willing to offer free advice locally to people who have problems with any of the above insects. They would be best to contact me by email, if possible complete with a photo, so that I can clearly see what insects are involved. In the case of a real emergency, e.g. a swarm on their premises, then they should contact me by phone 27210 78089. In many cases very little needs to be done other than set people's mind at rest. iannisphoto\gmail
Note: John is resident in Kardamyli, and author of 'A Beekeepers Progress'  AMAZON (4-3-17)

News from 'A Taste of Home':
1) Gary is adding Petalidi to his deliveries: First delivery to Petalidi, Friday 17th March, 10.30am, Petalidi square. He offers( to order only) a large selection of Traditional English Fare, including various types of sausages, burgers, dry cure bacon, Gammon steaks, raw or honey roast ham joints, Black Pudding, Pork pies, Hazlett, large choice of Traditional British meals and pub favourites, including curries, large selection of hot pies, Roast Beef & Yorkshire Puds Fish & Chips with mushy peas, and many other ready meals. Also old fashioned sweet pies, and desserts. Please email for full product list, and specials for the next delivery.
2) Next delivery to the Mani, will be on Friday March 10th: Specials this week include , Buy any 4 pies, and get a 'Sausage & Mash' Pie FREE and ENGLISH STYLE FISH 'n' CHIPS, with Mushy peas. **SPECIAL PRICE THIS WEEK ** - € 6.50 Euro per portion (normally €7.50)
3) Split portions: any of the 2 portion dishes, can be divided into 2 single portions.......please ask! Any special requests.....please ask!
Early orders, much appreciated. uksausages\msn or telephone Gary for any other info 693 4337768.(4-3-17)

Any news of Patras to Corinth Motorway?: Message from Ivor :- I'm travelling over as usual, in a couple of weeks Ancona to Patras - Kalamata. Can anyone help with news about the Patras to Corinth motorway. Is it now complete? I used the old road a couple of years ago and was suicidal by the time I reached Corinth. I have tried Googling but seem to end up with old news item links. It appears the replacement of the Patras - Pyrgos road is still some way off. If you know the current situation, please email me at ivor.labrum\gmail   Many thanks (18-2-17) DUE FOR COMPLETION IN MARCH 2017  ERT gr (28-2-17)

Rheumatologist in Kalamata: We have just added Dr. Michalis Drogaris to our DOCTORS LIST. He speaks good English, and undersrands German. Johann W. von Krause knows him, and would be happy to tell you more about him. You can email Johann at johann-w\vonkrause
Dr. Michalis Drogaris can be contacted by phone or email michalisdrogaris\yahoo (30-1-17)

VZINE a new venture by Nicola Cairncross : Nicola Cairncross is a successful business author, speaker, podcaster & Internet Marketing Mentor and she loves to mentor business owners to transform their businesses to give them more time, more profits and to better support their dreams. Her latest venture, she ha started from a balcony in Stoiupa, is a weekly VZINE " ..First Video Magazine, Episode 001, henceforth to be called a Vzine. I'm very excited! Likes, Loves & Constructive Comments welcome...warning, it gets a bit loud in the middle - my bad, I was supposed to Auphonic it first but I totally forgot in my excitement! VZINE Episode 001   and Episode 002 (30-1-17)

New Indian Restaurant in Kalamata : Message from Christine Homer :- We have a new Indian resturant in Kalamata and it's great! It's called Milopetra. It's in the old town, only a small place but feels cosy. The food is excellent, no more expensive than a taverna. Their house wine is excellent, all round a nice way to spend an evening. It used to serve Greek food but since the New year, they have a new menu and new chef. All the staff are lovely. We have visited twice and taken friends who agree it's lovely. Also Jazz music playing, which is nice - a really good night out .
Address: Mpenaki 6, Kalamata 241 00, Greece Phone: +30 2721 098950   milopetra     (22-1-17)

Wildflowers of the Mani - a new book by Roger Marchant: The book has a comprehensive coverage of the area with photographs IMAGE(1) and descriptions IMAGE(2) of more than 930 plants, each one illustrated with at least one photograph and information about the flowering period habitat etc. The book also contains background information on the geography and climate of the Mani with maps and identification keys and diagrams and a glossary of terms to help with identification. The book is hardcover with 262 pages printed on gloss paper. The book is currently available on Amazon at £25 +p&p but is also available from the bookshop in Kardamyli and from Mani Money in Aghios Nikolaos. This is the only book devoted specifically to the flowers of the Mani. Roger Marchant - " I have spent my working life as a professional biologist in various universities. I am now combining my interest in photography with a continuing interest in plants and animals to produce volumes of identified plants and animals from locations around the world. ' Wildflowers of the Mani ' has been a labour of love on my part and I am making no profit whatsoever from the sales." For other books by Roger Marchant see blurb co uk (8-1-17)

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