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On this page we can display messages from our members. eg Do you need to borrow a cot when relatives visit? Have you any specialist equipment you are willing to lend? Do you have some useful information to share? Do you need help with something? Please email your message to 

Hi does anyone know of a reliable television engineer? Regards Barry. contact (AP 06/11/18)

Message from Pam Garelick:

The official new address if you want to redirect your mail to the new post office in Stoupa is as follows:

Stoupa, 24024,
ΣΤΟΥΠΑ 24024

There are quite a lot of envelopes and letters which have not been collected.  Stathis, who runs the post office is keen to get mail to its rightful owners so why not pop down and look through the mail to check that you've got the right address.  You can also alert the electricity company and phone company of your mail address to make delivery easier.

A very big thank you to all who "signed" the Winter flights petition.  (I hope that I thanked everyone individually at the time) We managed just over 350 names and, as that was from just our area, I have stressed this in my letters that have accompanied the petition. I am sure that in Kalamata and the outer finger there are many more who would support the idea. The recipients of the letters and petitions have been made very aware of this. The letters were posted off on Thursday 1st November 2018. On 19th October the Hellenic Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks announced that there was to be a modernization of 23 Greek airports inc Kalamata 
Apart, then, from Easyjet (as the first airline I have contacted) I have also written, in detail, to Christos Spirtzis, the Minister for Transport et al, as well as the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority who, at present, own Kalamata airport. I have made a solid case that as Kalamata airport is to be modernised and given more of an international status, the fact that hundreds, at least, of people would use flights in winter should that be made possible. The agency gathering information ought to be pleased to receive your messages (I have kept all of your emails in full for the relevant people to read at length). They will also know that there is a solid market for such flights. I did stress the Manchester connection, too though your comments in full were there to be read. Common sense ought to suggest that our proposals should fit neatly into these new plans for Greek airports but we will have to wait and see what happens. I will, of course, keep you informed through Parea-sti-mani, Stoupa Life Facebook Page, carrier pigeon and any other means possible.  Mike Heath (AP 5/11/18)

Can you help: For health reasons I have to return to the UK for treatment & may be away for a prolonged amount of time. Is anyone either willing to foster this mum (who is now spayed)  & her litter or if someone who can visit them daily (I live in Stoupa close to the Bakery) & feed them until my returns. The mother cat Lily, Ginger Tommy,  little Dickie, black and white female Haroula. All know their names. All wormed and front lined. All toilet trained to go in the field or garden  If anyone can offer assistance in anyway please contact Barbara direct on 27210 77838.  (AP 5/11/18)

Easyjet winter flights - I am going to send the petition for WINTER FLIGHTS at the end of this month (October) to Easyjet and other airlines, too, in order to get some sort of service around Christmas, at least. I am making one last push for names of those who live here as well as family members who would like to visit. The Manchester connection will be stressed too, as I have had a biggish response for this. I will make my plea on Stoupa Life and Maria's Magical Mani as well as Parea sti Mani.If you have NOT signed there is still time to do so at my email address (in the article which is reproduced below).


With the ever increasing popularity of this area, year on year, (Kalamata, Kardamyli, Agios Nikolaos and Stoupa not to mention Costa Navarino) and the number of international flights into Kalamata airport, there is a question that needs to be addressed. Tourist flights into Kalamata terminate at the beginning of November each year and do not start again until April the following year. There are a large number of expats who fly to the UK every December for a week or two for the Christmas holidays. This has to be done via Athens which is often a lengthy and tiring way to travel. Whether travelling to Athens by car on a much improved highway system or by bus, it is not the best way to get from Kalamata to the UK. Direct flights would be the answer. We are hoping that Easyjet would consider putting on flights at this time of year. A minimum of two – a week apart or better still four flights around the Christmas period could suffice. In order to demonstrate to Easyjet that there is indeed a desire for this to happen, we are looking for people to sign a petition in support of the idea. Maria from Mani Cars has said that she will garner names over the months at her office at the seafront in Stoupa and hopefully via my email  we can build an effective list of names, too. You just need to email me  directly and I will build a list to add to Maria's work. All of the names will be presented to Easyjet  at the end of the season.  If such flights could be put into effect it would mean that people with families in the UK could have their folks visit them as well as those people who, independently, would like to visit here at Christmas. The petition obviously would be open for them to sign as well. We are not looking for an avalanche of people flooding in, especially as a number of the fine eating places close down during the winter, but it is worth seeing if this is a viable idea. Of course, if the demand does not warrant it we can, at least, say to those who have had such thoughts, that we tried. Mike Heath (12/10/18)

Chasamba is back! There will be classes on Thursday 4th, Monday 8th, Thursday 11th and Monday 15th October. As usual, the classes will be at Maniatiko Taverna at 9.30 in the morning and a voluntary minimum €3 donation will go to GAIA. Contact Sheila at for more info. (AP 30/9/18)

Lost some where in Kardamyli or Stoupa a rose gold bracelet. Great sentimental value. Reward offered if found and returned. John and Mary Cole 27210 78132 or email: (AP 23/9/18)

Hello We found this dog in our garden in Pedino. It seems to be lost or left behind. Do you have a way to put his picture on your site and ask if anybody lost it or knows it?  Thank you Ala and John Van Bilderbeek 2721073952 
(AP 15/9/18)

Winter Let: From 22nd October 2018. Amazing views of the whole of the gulf of Messinia. Completely self contained. Traditional village house . 16k from Kardamyli, 25K Kalamáta, 7k Kitries. Fully furnished, well equipped, Wi-fi, hot water, heating and aircon. 1 double bedroom  Large open plan living area with additional sleeping if needed, dining area and small kitchen Bathroom with bath.  Annex with well equipped full kitchen inc. washing machine plus additional shower room/ w.c. Balconies and terrace. Outdoor furniture. Parking next to the house. Rental depending on duration  3 to 6 months Call Jane Tel. 6942702264  (AP 14/9/18)

Wooden louvered window shutters: I need to replace these on my Pripitsa house - is anyone able to help with a contact either locally or in Kalamata to get some made? - please contact Paul on (AP 11/9/18)

Message from Mara Von Heyden: Dear patients and friends. I will be returning to work slowly after my maternity leave from 17th September. I am also happy to announce that I completed my studies and am now an Ostepath as well. (AP 10-9-18)

Free Easyjet ticket: I have an easyJet ticket Gatwick - Kalamata 05.40 Saturday 25th August that I can't use. Free to anyone for the cost of the name change. Call Jezz 00441483234023 or 00447553463157 (AP 21/8/18)

Winter rental:From October 2018 - we have 2 boutique villas for rental for anytime between 15 October and 31 March. We are 5 minutes from Kardamyli and less than 15 minutes from Stoupa. The villas have kingsize beds, open plan lounge/diner/kitchen and shower rooms. They have small private gardens and access to a shared pool, jacuzzi, large terrace area, barbeque and laundry room. The villas are furnished to a high standard and have fully equipped kitchens. For more info contact Annamarie at (AP 10/8/18)

Housesitter/dogsiiter wanted: We are looking for someone to house sit and dog sit our 7 month old puppy from 15.3.19 to 29.3.19 in Agios Nikolaos. 
Please contact Siggi or Wilma at (AP 10/8/18)

2 adorable kittens looking for a home: they are about 4 months old now.  Weaned and eating solid food.  Wormed and defleed and looking for a good home.  Would prefer to keep them together.  You can What's App me for pictures on 6937676873.  Lydia (AP 1/8/18) 

Message from Ruth Storey: A big thank you for eveybody's kind words and thoughts for my husband Nigel Storey  I would like to thank every one individually but  if I can't then please note that your kindness is in my heart yours Ruth Storey (AP 21/7/18)

Does anyone know of or have contact details for a Water diviner? We are interested in trying to find a water source on our land. Please contact Gaynor & Martin - (AP 21/7/18)

Message from Freda Poulitsis: The funeral for Nigel Storey will take place on Saturday, 14 July at 5pm at the cemetery in Agios Nikolaos. All friends are welcome to come and pay their respects. (AP 11/7/18)

Chasamba classes: Sheila will be running Chasamba classes at Maniatiko Taverna on  Monday 16th, 23rd and 30th July.  The classes are 930am to 1030am. There is a voluntary contribution of €3 which is donated to GAIA.  For further info contact Sheila at or message her through her Facebook page, Dance Fitness with Sheila Chamberlain. (AP 11/7/18)

Problems with bees, wasps or hornets? Contact John Phipps for free advice: (AP 19/6/18)

UPDATE: Help clear the path from Malta to Kardamili. Path Clearing Saturday 16th June - Many thanks to those who worked hard on Monday 11th June. We are now meeting again to finish this section. We would welcome some more help. Same time: starting at 7.30am at the Malta end of the path (call Marina 6937918849 if you need a lift or unsure where to meet). The kalderimi is really looking impressive now it has been revealed.

Help clear the path from Malta to Kardamili.A few people have already been working on this beautiful section of kalderimi and we could use some more help. Please join us on Monday 11th June Start 7.30am - finish around 11am . Meet at the Malta end of the path. Bring tools gloves etc.particularly welcome anyone with power tools: strimmer, brush cutter or chain saw for the biggest trees and bushes.  Ring Marina for more info: 6937918849. (AP 9/6/18)

Looking for new homes for our cats: I know this is a bit of a long shot but am writing this with fingers crossed ! As all of our friends know Peter and I are moving back to the UK at the end of July so I am looking for nice homes for our three lovely cats . Smokey is a grey and white Tom cat who arrived at our house about eight years ago, very affectionate and likes a fuss sneaks in the house now and then but always wants to return to the outside world and snooze on the terrace. Patch is black and white and a female and although she arrived on our doorstep ten years ago is still semi feral she will let you stroke her but only when she wants.  Poppins is a tabby female and the youngest of the three at three years old . Loves a fuss and will sneek in the house if she can but never stays and prefers outside.  The three  of them have been neutered and are treated for fleas ticks and worms on a regular basis. So with my fingers still crossed I thank you for reading this and hope maybe someone can help. Please call me on 27210 77061.  Thank you. Ann (AP 6/7/18) 

Wood stoves: We are looking to get two wood stoves for our house in Mani. One inside our fireplace and one upstairs where we do not have a fireplace. Do you know of anyone who can provide or recommend wood stove(s)?  Thank you Nick Exarheas Email: Mob (+44) 07887 856841 (AP 2/6/18)

Chasamba classes: Sheila will be running Chasamba classes at Maniatiko Taverna on  Thursday 17th May, then every Monday for three weeks. The dates are 21st May, 28th May and 4th June.  The classes are 930am to 1030am. There is a voluntary contribution of €3 which is donated to GAIA.  For further info contact Sheila at or message her through her Facebook page, Dance Fitness with Sheila Chamberlain. (AP 8/5/18)

LOST LOVEBIRD: A lovebird escaped in Platsa on Friday 4th May. Similar to a small parrot, it is green and yellow with a red beak. Any sightings, or capture of the bird, please contact Felix on 0044 7850 134015. (AP 6/5/18)

Fancy badminton?: There is a badminton club which meets each Monday in Kalamata from 17:30 to 19:00.  It is free to residents in Greece.  I will be playing there for the next four weeks.  If there’s anyone out there who can play and wants to come along I can offer a lift.  At present it’s mainly Greek people who play there, but they seem very friendly and welcoming. Contact me at or +447776457453 (AP 25/4/18)

Urgent appeal from Parea sti Mani: As many of our readers are aware, Parea Sti Mani has a support function as well which alongside the fantastic work Gaia does, helps individuals and families in our local community  in emergency situations and times of need.  Gaia has been supporting a family in Stoupa for the last 6 months who are going through a particularly tough time. The Stilla family have lived and worked in Stoupa for many years.  One of the daughters had a kidney transplant 10 years ago (donated by her mother). Unfortunately her kidney is failing and she has been in hospital for 6 months in a very serious condition. Her niece was recently involved in a serious motor bike accident and has been in hospital for 3 months in a serious condition. The niece has 3 children all under the age of 6. The family are desperately in need of financial assistance and we are therefore asking members of the community for donations to support them at this awful time. If you would like to make a donation (no matter how small), please out it in an envelope with your name and contact number and drop it in to Patriko Bar in Stoupa for the attention of Christina or Irene. Many thanks for your support (AP 21/4/18)

Message from Etsi Architects in Kardamyli: We are looking to hire a secretary and would welcome all interested local candidates. The candidate must have proven work experience as a secretary or administrative assistant and must be a native english speaker, with good knowledge of Greek. German language is a plus. It is also essential to have proficiency in MS Office. For further details and the job description please contact Eleni at or 6972849661 (AP 13/4/18)

Message from Ann Sheppard: As Peter and I are returning to the UK to live in a couple of months I'm afraid the April Bazaar we have just had will be the last AB4C bazaar now . I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported me over the years the bazaar has been running . All the stall holders and customers who have helped to make it the social event it turned into and of courses to Ilias for letting us use his garden and covered area in the winter . I thank you all , together we have raised money for a charity that is close to mine and many people's hearts - Cancer Research. Can I just say our time here has been a joy , we love all the friends we have made in our sixteen years here and we will hate leaving you all. But we will return!  Ann and Peter  (AP 13/4/18)

Message from Mara Von Heyden: Dear patients and friends. From 1st of February I will be on maternity leave until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. (AP 14-1-18)


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