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On this page we can display messages from our members. eg Do you need to borrow a cot when relatives visit? Have you any specialist equipment you are willing to lend? Do you have some useful information to share? Do you need help with something? Please email your message to 

OTE now accepting applications for fiber optic connection.
Message from Chris Hodgson:-  OTE are now taking applications  from the Neohori area for connecting to the  fiber optic network.
You ring customer services and ask for the application form to be sent to you via email. Make sure they've got your correct email address as they sent mine to the wrong one! You need your tax number. They email the form, you sign it and fax or email it back to them.   Hopefully, we will be connected soon (30-6-17)
Note: OTE Contact options

New On-line Art Course: Information from Gill Tomlinson:-
'The Black & White Journal - A Minimal Approach to Artful Journaling : Kiala Givehand, the curator of the course, has brought together seven teachers from all walks of life – to share their love of art and art journaling, in order to start (or reconnect to) a simple creative practice.  This course focuses on using simple tools and techniques to fill a journal, art journal, bullet journal, or sketchbook. From simple mark making, to elaborate Zen doodles, value studies, and one drawing a day, this class is all about how we can use simple tools and techniques to document life and build a creative habit.'
One of the teachers is artist  Gill Tomlinson, who runs art courses in the  Koroni area. For more about Gill's art, see her June Newsletter (30-6-17)

Message from Eva:- In the early morning hours of June 23rd, a dog in our area fell very ill. The owners tried to contact all the vets they knew in Kalamata, but could not get through to any of them. Sadly the dog died at about 5:30. "Our" vet Kostas Antonopoulos contacted me when he learnt what had happened. He apologised for not answering the phone at about 4:00 in the morning - he simply did not hear it, he was asleep. Kostas says that he cannot be available 24 hours a day, as much as he wants to help and tries to answer emergency calls whenever they come in. This one he missed. In cases like this he recommends a veterinary clinic in Athens, called Αττικό Νοσοκομείο Ζώων, Attiko Nosokomeio Zoon, which works 24 hours a day. "Just call them in an emergency, or put your pet in the car and drive straight to them", is his advice. You find them under, and their phone numbers are 210- 66.40.552 - 555.
Please take a note of their address and phone number, just in case!     (25-6-17)
Note: This emergency vet information is also on out ANIMAL WELFARE page, reference section

Change to delivery point for 'A Taste of Home ': Message from Gary:- ' I have changed my delivery place from the Bakery cross roads, Stoupa, because of the new, no parking yellow lines on the main road.  So, on June 23rd... I will be in Katerina's car park, at the far end,  from about 10.20am until about 10.45 am, but still at Neohori junction from about 10.50 until 11am.'  Anyone interested in Gary's product list can email him  on    or call 693 4337768. His list for June 23rd includes several NEW items including Jamaican Goat Curry, Tandori Butter Chicken, and  Liver, Lincolnshire Sausage & Onion Casserole  (16-6-17)

Getting an English will approved in Greece: Message from Margaret Birtles:-
"Has anyone  any experience regarding successfully getting an English will approved through the Greek legal system after a British national has died here (or any other non-Greek will for that matter)?. We are dealing with this situation and struggling, as the legal people we are talking to, don't seem to know the process" .  If you can help, contact Margaret by email    Note: There is a lot of information about coping with death  issues in Greece, on our DEATH in Greece page  (9-6-17)

---- HOMEMADE--- products can be ordered from Anne Sauer:
Anne's --- HOMEMADE --- products are often available at local bazaars, but you can also order them, simply ask.
If you would like to know what, when and where Anne's products  are available, please email Anne    and she will add you to her mailing list. An example of the offer list is HERE  (7-6-17)

Foxy's Salads at Niriides cafe
Made fresh to order, with local,** seasonal ingredients
<<< Click image to see menu details
Every day 12:00 - 16:00
** From BIO G.I.S. where young people with learning difficulties are now being employed as part of the LYSO's Garden project. (31-5-17)

Goat In The Meze: A farcical look at Greek life : A new book by local author Katerina Nikolas, and illustrated by  Roy Brittan. A hapless American couple who are stranded in the bonkers backwater Greek village of Astakos are befuddled and bemused by the antics of the villagers who charm and outrage them with their quirky ways.The elusive underwear thief is busy plundering the local washing lines hoping his identity will never be revealed, whilst the Pappas is up to his neck in nefarious schemes. Mail order Russian bride Masha is indulged by that old fool Vasilis in her passion for plastic surgery, and Stavroula plots to extricate herself from her marriage to the supposedly dead ToothlessTasos.
Local review ".... It's a funny light-hearted read without any whiff of an ex-pat."  Available online through Amazon Goat in the Meze    (27-5-17)

Change in PsM policy about advertising animals for re-homing: Message from Claire:-
Whilst we are always pleased to hear from the general public, about stray animals they are caring for, there is a problem if we are asked to help re-home such animals, or their offspring. Apart from the legal issue of animals over 6 months needing to be micro-chipped, before being advertised, we do not want to detract from the animals MIAO/ ΦOM is trying to re-home. We feel that MIAO animals should take priority as they will have had health checks and been spayed. As MIAO is being burdened with an increasing numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens, and we have been getting more private requests for re-homing, we have decided to ask for a €10 contribution, for 'private' adverts. This money will go to MIAO's spaying fund.(24-5-17)

Allegri Choir, Kalamata, looking for singers: - Message from Johann v Krause:-
Angeliki Lazarou, , a Russian pianist and music instructor in Kalamata is leading  a small choir of singing enthusiasts coming from nine different nationalities, singing international classical and traditional songs and choir pieces. Rehearsals every Wednesday at 19.30 at the German Women's Club Kalamata, Iosif  Androusis 3 (Γούσιφ Ανδρούσις 3), Kalamata. New members, preferably with some choir experience, are welcome. For information please call Angeliki at 694 4927714.  (JvK20-5-17)

Kayakist wanted,  to share trips : Kayakist ( 63 years ) living in Mani looking for experienced kayaker with his own equipment to share long paddling trips along the peninsula. Speaks French - English - Greek and German. No beginners. Contact André at   or tél. 27210 64 878  
Kayakist (63 Jahre) lebt in Mani sucht erfahrenen Kajakfahrer mit eigener Ausrüstung, um lange Paddelfahrten auf der Halbinsel zu teilen. Sprechen französisch - englisch - griechisch und deutsch. Keine Anfänger. Kontaktieren SieAndré unter   oder tél. 27210 64 878
Kαγιάκιστ (63 ετών) απο την Μάνη ψάχνει έμπειρο σύντροφο με τον δικό του εξοπλισμό για να μοιραστεί μακρά κωπηλατικά ταξίδια στην περιοχη. Μιλαιε γαλλικά - αγγλικά - ελληνικά και γερμανικά. Οχι αρχάριοι. Επικοινωνήστε με τον Andrεα στο   ή τηλ. 27210 64 878. (17-5-17)

Unused bank accounts are being frozen without informing the owners! Message from Claire:- If you have a Greek bank account and do not use it regularly, it is likely to be frozen. This means you can't withdraw money, transfer money to another account or close the account, until it has been reactivated - a lengthy process!  Like for opening a new account you now need to produce passport, tax number, AND evidence that you have paid all the necessary tax both here and in your home country, is you do not pay any tax here, and proof of income. You may also need to give details of your phone, and produce utility bills. If it is a joint account, you both need to sign various documents. We had kept a sterling account at Alpha bank for some years in case of emergency - fortunately one never arose, because now there is no way we could have got at the money quickly! (28-4-17)

Charity Cricket Match - Roller wanted: Message from Arthur Burgess:- Last year's event was very successful and by popular demand we are going to try and hold it again.  This year we hope it will be on Wednesday October 4th.  Alex Tudor the former England Test cricketer has just confirmed that he is 90% ok to come and play.  The format will be much the same as before. If anyone is interested in knowing more please contact me.  We are in need of a roller for this event and if anyone knows of one that we could borrow please let me know.  Alternatively if anyone with a truck or large vehicle is going back to the uk, B & Q apparently, do them for £24.  Any queries let me know. Arthur Burgess: Telephone: 01424 714961
Mobile 07801 016060   (21-4-17)

Long Term Rental Project: After living in a Neochori rental house for over 3 years now, we want a more stable situation. AND we think it is such a pity to have so many semi-finished houses sitting around, deteriorating over time and not earning their owners any return on their investment. The Win-Win model we propose is: We contract and pay the rent for an unfiinished house for 8-10 years up-front as a down payment. The owner uses the cash to finish his house and has somebody to live in it. After the rental time it is all his, and the house is easier to sell or to continue renting. We are looking for a bigger house (3 bedrooms, spacious living room plus storage/garage/workshop) in a quiet area with a nice view. If this idea appeals to you or somebody you know, please call Johann at 6978029196 or mail to     (7-4-17)  .

60th Anniversary of the death of Nikos Kazantzakis: Message from Stephan Bartholomä:- With works like "The Life of Alexis Sorbas" (Zorba the Greek)(1946) Nikos Kazantzakis became world famous. On October 26, 2017, his death will be remembered for the 60th time. He died at the age of 74 in Freiburg im Breisgau.From 1916 to 1917, with the help of his friend Georgios Sorbas, he tried to dismantle coal as a tenant of the mine in the village of Prastova, very close to Stoupa. Kazantzakis died in my home town and the former resident of the house 'Sourmelina' gave him probably the inspiration for the "beautiful widow" in the novel - in the film (YouTube)Zorba the Greek, played by Irini Papas. I myself have been living in the area for almost 25 years. The name of the travel agency does not come by chance... Exciting is whether and what events this year will happen in Stoupa. I try my best to find out more as early as possible. If you hear something, I am very happy if you let me know.   (4-3-17)


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