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On this page we can display messages from our members. eg Do you need to borrow a cot when relatives visit? Have you any specialist equipment you are willing to lend? Do you have some useful information to share? Do you need help with something? Please email your message to 

Dog sitting: We are looking for someone to take care of our 2 much-loved, adorable, friendly dogs for about 3 weeks over the Christmas period. Flint is a 10 1/2 year old border terrier who came to Greece with us from England and Megan is a Breton spaniel, approximately 3 years old, found abandoned locally a year ago.
Both dogs are 'house' dogs, very affectionate, well-trained and easy to look after. They love human company and a good walk each day; however, they aren't great with cats (despite the fact we have two!).  If you think you can help us we will of course pay for their care and provide their food for the period. We can be contacted on Home: 27210 74575 Mob: 6980071776 Thanks Les and Jane Neal (AP 6-11-17)

Handbag found: Having read our item on a recent burglary, one of our readers reported that while walking her dog in the olive grove between Stoupa and Ag Nikolaos, she found a handbag with a number of valuable items, but no purse or money.  If you are, or know, anyone who has lost a handbag, please contact Mary    If she does not hear from anyone she will  take the bag to the Police station.(CP4-11-17)

 Looking for a home for 2 domesticated kittens: They were born in our courtyard in June but we cannot look after them through the winter as we are not here.  They are tame and so loving. They deserve a good permanent home and are never happier than when they are sitting on your knee .  They never bite or scratch  and really are  adorable. Click image to enlarge  Please contact Karen at , home phone 27210 74655 or mobile 0044 7624 471858. (AP 21-10-17)

To lovers of classical music recordings - "Gramophone" is a great fund of information about classical music recordings.  I have years and years of back numbers of this in my house in Prastova.  I would love to give to these to a true serious music lover.  If you are interested, please let me know at the following address:  (AP 21-10-17)

Update on the Charity Cricket from Arthur Burgess: I can let you know that the cricket raised a total of 638.99 euros for Gaia. An excellent time was had by all and it was especially pleasing to have two Greek lads playing. Marios and Dennis from The Lefktron Hotel. (AP 9-10-17)

Information about Cosmote charges: Message from one of our readers: I have a cosmote pay as you go phone and been losing money off it this month  I thought it was that I was paying for incoming calls but after ringing the 13888 help line it apears that I have been paying for SMS messages from  193 or 45 numbers and then I get charged 2 euros for each SMS. They can block these calls. (AP 8-10-17)

New book by local author:rampaging roosters The saga of farcical Greek life in the fictional fishing village of Astakos  (Goat in the Meze) continues in ‘Rampaging Roosters’. Quentin’s mother Hattie, the deluded victim of a catfisher, befriends the two old crones and Bald Yannis devises some devious new scams. The Pappas is seduced with a rooster boiled by an amorous widow and the prison protest to free one of the villagers’ results in an international incident. Available from AMAZON Rampaging Roosters     (26-9-17)

Lost Whistle: My friend was swimming at Agios Nikolaos in gnospi cove on 19th September. He left an old fashioned whistle, it's bronze coloured and is about 3 to 4 inches long with a button on the chain. This is very old and has sentimental value. If found please contact Nikki on 2721079144. (20-9-17)

Help requested for abandoned dogs: There is beautiful friendly dog with 2 pups by the side of the road between Milea and Platsa. She is close to death with ribs clearly showing, all we had in the car was water and rice cakes which she devoured quickly, we are going back up there this morning with food and water, we are only here in Stoupa until Thursday and need help. Is there any permanent residents that are looking for a dog or knows someone that could help? Miao cannot help as they are overloaded at the moment. Please get in touch with me if you can help. My email is   or call me on 0044-7984123319. (17-9-17)


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