On this page ΦOM-MIAO will post messages about LOST and FOUND animals. If one of your pets is missing or if you have found a stray animal please contact Please supply a photograph, if possible.

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Three hunting dogs lost in Lefktron - drei Jagdhunde aus Lefktron verschwunden : FOUND! Message from Eva:-
Dear friends,  we just had a note from Themis Aggelopoulos, from Lefktron: Since Wednesday afternoon he is missing his dogs from his home, two of them setters and one pointer. The male setter is white/orange, the female is white. The male pointer is black and white. Please inform us when you see them! Thank you,
Liebe Freunde,  Themis Aggelopoulos aus Lefktron hat uns gebeten, folgendes zu veröffentlichen: seit Mittwoch nachmittag vermisst er drei seiner Hunde, zwei Setter und einen Pointer. Der männliche Setter ist weiß und orange, das Setterweibchen ist weiß. Der Pointer ist schwarz und weiß. Die Hunde verschwanden von seinem Grundstück in Lefktron. Bitte meldet euch, wenn ihr sie sehen solltet. Danke,   MIAO   (3-6-17)

Have you seen Toni?
Message from Eva :- A Greek named Vasilis Katsampas lost his cat between Kardamyli and Petrobouno. It disappeared on 14.04.  Its name is Toni, it is a very friendly cat that loves company. It is about one year old. If you find it please call Vasilis 698 3427945.
Thank you, Eva
<<< Click on image to enlarge (22-5-17)

Cat missing from Pigi Please keep your eyes open for him and let us know when you find him
. or 6972 775 870
His familiy misses him very much and is very worried about him.
For more details and photos see -   Mani International Animal Organisation ( 3-4-17 )
Rass is missing Rena has lost her little dog in the Proastio area. He is only six months old and wearing an orange collar. Please if someone finds him, can they ring Rena on her mobile 6986042081. Thank you. Larger IMAGE (23-3-17).


MIAO now has had a special Facebook page with details of their current work - in particular, animals that have been abandoned and MIAO are caring for, until they can find permanent homes. With this format available we are now able to show potential adopters, more photos and the story behind each rescue, by using direct links to the relevant POST on the MIAO  Facebook page. Some also in German.
NB For  animals other than those being advertised by MIAO/ΦOM,  messages will be put on the general  MESSAGES page and we ask for a contribution of  €10 towards the MIAO/ΦOMspaying fund

little dog in stoupa
Little dog in Stoupa This small male dog that followed a local man home from Katerinas Supermarket. He was running out into the street so the local man got him onto the path through the olive trees and he followed him the whole way home. Both this little dog & the local man's dog are now playing in his yard now, both seem happy. He's got a brown leather collar but no tags.Please pass this around so we can find his home
See also -  Mani International Animal Organisation (7-6-17 )
Persie from Riglia Persie (short for Persephone, Goddess of the springtime) is an irresistible 6 month old female dog who was found running along the main road near Tremeni Gorge near Riglia and hid timidly in the bushes when approached. Eventually she was coaxed out and she allowed herself to be taken to a safe place. She now lives with her friends Flint and Dottie, two slightly older dogs, quickly making friends with them. Her enthusiastic and trusting nature towards both dogs and people has come to the fore and she now readily scampers up for a fuss and a cuddle when anyone goes to visit her. If you know anyone who would like to love and care for her, Persie needs a home quickly, while she is young and trusting enough to make new, lifelong attachments. - female - born October or Novebmer 2016 - mongral, will be about 15 kilos - dumped beginning of May 2017 in / Agios Dimitrios / Mani / Greece - is be able to move to her forever homes right now - will be vaccinated, treated against parasites, chipped, spayed and will have international papers to go abroad - friendly and open-hearted little girl, no bad experience with humans
For more details and photos see -   Mani International Animal Organisation (16-5-17 )
This is Guy. In foster care for nearly a year... He is the best dog ever! But still no one has adopted him. GUY is a case for an experienced dog lover, but he needs to find a new owner who he can trust 100 %.. He is about four years old and had been chained up all his life. When our Animal Welfare Group rescued him last summer we found out quickly that Guy has to learn a lot about the world and his role in it. He did not even know what dog food was and ate only bread. It took us some time to make him understand that other delicacies for dogs exist, and  now that he has got a glimpse of how good and exciting life can be, he deserves a chance to experience it...He would  be  perfect as a companion and especially as a guard dog  .
For more details and photos see -   Mani International Animal Organisation (10-5-17 )
6 pups in Riglia - 4 girls & 2 boys - "Made in Greece with love" born end of March - Greek shepherd-mix, will be about 25 kilos - dumped April 27th in Tremeni Gorge near Riglia / Agios Dimitrios / Mani - will be able to move to their forever homes in June..- will be vaccinated, treated against parasites, chipped and will have international papers. HOW you can help: 1. you can donate money for healthy food, vaccinations and treatment 2. you can donate special puppy food or toys or kennels 3. you can offer them (2 or 3 or all) a foster home till we found a forever home for them, which we´ll find for sure 4. you can give one or more a forever loving home. They all will be wonderful loving companions!
For more details and photos see -   Mani International Animal Organisation (10-5-17 )
3-legged Haris Maybe you know HARIS, who used to live near Patriko in Stoupa till a bad accident changed everything... :-(  He is looking now for a safe and loving home!
Haris (Harilaos the full name) had a terrible accident and we had to amputate his leg, but now he is happy again and ready to find a permanent home! He is such a wonderful cat....is to sad having to live as a ferral cat and fight for his food with only 3 legs. We wish somebody could adopt this beautoful creature !
For more details and photos see -   Veterinary.gr - Small Animal Clinic ( 10-5-17)

Cookie is about 7 months old now; she is a friendly, open-hearted, affectionate dog who would love to be with a family and other dogs. She loves to walk and is learning so quickly! Just a wonderful companion!
4 little puppies had been dumped by the roadside to Neochori at the beginning of December 2016. 3 of them found already a home, but COOKIE is still waiting for her loving human  You are interested? Get in contact with us!    +30 6972775870 +30 6985986331 +30 6978330816
For more details and photos see -   Mani International Animal Organisation ( 9-5-17)
 Ella from Platsa got puppies. She needs a forever home May 4th is a special day for ELLA... Ella was  abandoned  2x in Platsa / Mani, second time because she got pregnant...
May 4th this wonderful mum gave birth to her puppies and takes care like all best moms do - though they are the reason nobody wants her.
Let us take a minute to think about her and so many female dogs abandoned because of pregnancy.
Only sterilisation can help animals and animal lovers to get out of hardship like this. Don´t hesitate to spread the word, everywhere!
Thank you, in the name of ELLA 
For more details and photos see -   Mani International Animal Organisation (9-5-17 )
Stoupa dog HOME FOUND IN ENGLAND  9/5 There is a young female dog running around in Stoupa.
She is near the bins at Kalogria and gets fed by locals.
Does anybody know where she came from, who she belongs to? ... Please contact MIAO if you know anything
 ( 6-3-17)
Black & white spaniel Home found in Germany 9/5 A black and white adult male spaniel - no collar or ID - was found yesterday morning (March 2nd) on the tight bend on the main road just past the Ano Riglia sign. It was running around in the road and chasing any car that went past. It was very friendly and trusting and came up to us , wanting to get in our car. It seemed well fed but rather smelly. If anybody has lost that dog or knows who it belongs to please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you! Eva
For more details and photos see -   Mani International Animal Organisation ( 3-3-17)
Lost black cat?
This black cat that turned up about three weeks ago at "Sonnenlink", Pyrgos
Burghi says it is clearly used to humans and might have been lost, so if anyone thinks they know this cat, or anyone who has lost a cat, please contact Burghi at Blauel,Tel. +30-27210-78077, e-mail: so it can be returned to its owners. (18-1-17)
Lost in Limeni ?: David and Esther Friedman found a small black puppy with white markings, which they suspect is approximately 10-12 weeks old. She appears to be very healthy, bright, active, smart, playful and friendly. They have two adult dogs of our own, with which she gets along very well, but they would like to see her adopted out to a loving home. In the village of Limeni, where they found her, villagers indicated that she was a stray and did not have a home. Perhaps someone lost her, since she appears in good shape, but she was ravenous when they took her in. She was walking in the middle of the road, in the village, on Saturday(Nov 19th). She appears to be a small terrier mix (?), perhaps part Jack Russell (?).  "Sophia" is the name they have temporarily given her. Contact David and Esther Friedman in Kotroni 6972076372 or 6977220231 if you can offer her a home.Thank you (22-11-16)   
Megan (Scared in Pigi 27/10 ) has serious problems  Has found a home in Greece She can stay at her foster home 9/5  When she turned up in Pigi , she seemed to be well looked after, and was thought to be lost.. She was very frightened and nervous, but thanks to the couple who kindly looked after her, she has calmed down and shows her peaceful and friendly character now BUT... Megan was found to have problems with her knees, which is obvious when you watch her walking, and her condition "...requires very complicated surgery to correct all problems, and months of physio afterwards". Whether she gets help, or has to be put down, is all down to the question of who can look after Megan? MIAO will provide all the help we can and organize transport, for example. We can give money towards feeding Megan and we will(!) raise all the money requested. If you can think of a carer for Megan, please let us know as soon as possible. The full Megan Story
For more details in German, and photos see -   Mani International Animal Organisation (10-11-16 )
Gentle Giant - JOHHNY WALKER   Home found in England  9/5   This beautiful and very affectionate dog is about one year old and has been roaming the streets between Kardamyli, Trachila, Pigi and Agios Nikolaos for the whole summer. He made a lot of friends amongst tourists and locals who fed him and gave him lots of cuddles, but nobody offered a home to him, probably because of his size. Apart from that there is no obvious reason not to love him and take him home immediately: he is so gentle with humans, other dogs, even cats........
For more details and photos see -   Mani International Animal Organisation (September 2016)

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